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Wendy's Ladies Only Triathlon.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

As of today, I can officially call myself a triathlete. Although I plan to use the term "loosely" for the present time. My preparations actually started on Friday night. I can't believe how much STUFF you have to have for a tri. Very different from a "run only" event. I got myself to bed before 10 which was a good thing as I was planning on getting up by 5 the next morning. The alarm went off, I showered, double checked all my gear, ate breakfast and headed out to our local beach. Okay, I live in Ohio so you can't really call it a beach but it is the closest thing we have emoticon

The morning was overcast to partly sunny, about 75 with humidity about 80%. I was just grateful that the T-storms had passed. I meet my friend Colleen and she gave me some pre-race tips I happened to hear a couple people talking about the water temp. I tried to ignore them but I could not. The water temp was going to be a brisk 69 degrees. I decided not to get in ahead of time. I just waited until my wave start entered the water. I quickly adjusted to the water temp but not the idea of open water swimming. The many months of training in the pool in NO WAY prepared me for today. I was easily swimming over a mile in the pool. Today it was a struggle just to swim a quarter of a mile. Swim, did I say that. Maybe I should have called it swalking. Thank goodness my friend Colleen had advised me to make my first triathlon one where it would be shallow enough to touch bottom if needed. Here are a couple pics of my swim leg.
Yes that is me swalking. Me attempting to swim (the one with her head above water). Still was sucking in a ton of water even with my head sticking out. My husband said he could hear me coughing and hacking up on the beach. Boy, I hope he was kidding.
This is my happiest photo as I was finally about to get out of that blasted water that had just totally humbled me and kicked my booty all the way to the curb. Now I will say I was surprised with the amount of walking I had to do that according to my watch, I finished my swim leg in about 11 1/2 minutes. This is considerable faster than my pool swims. I think because I felt like I was struggling so much and was thinking that there couldn't possibly be anyone left in my wave start behind me, I might have been pushing myself a little too hard. Maybe that is one reason I was struggling so much.

I was extremely disappointed in my swim. By the time I got out of the water, I was tired, upset and somewhat shell shocked. I really thought my transition from swim to bike went pretty quickly but I was assured that I sat there for a long time while other ladies came and went.

Once I got out onto the bike, I felt pretty good. The ride was 12.1 miles. There was only one moderate hill towards the end that gave me a little bit of difficulty. My average mph was faster than I had done on any ride to date and I passed quite a number of people.

My legs felt a little bit like jello when I dismounted from the bike. I ran my bike back to the transition area. Now I KNOW this transition was quick. I literally threw off my helmet and gloves, changed my Garmin to running mode (as I was running) and grabbed my hat from my hubby (long story) on the way out.

The run was 2 miles on mainly gravel and asphalt. There was a little bit of grass that we had to run through to get to the trail and with all the rain we had, my feet were soaked and muddy by the time I got there. The first mile was a gradual uphill the entire time. On tired legs I was really feeling it. My first mile was a little slower than what I had been doing in practice but considering the sun was shining by then, the humidity had kicked up and the course was uphill, I felt like I did okay. What comes up, must come down. The second mile was a nice gradual downhill and I was able to kick up the pace a notch. I finished strong and according to my Garmin finished my run in just a little over 17 minutes. Gotta be happy with that emoticon

No official results yet but according to preliminary results my finishing time was 1:24:07. I finished 11 out of 23 in my age group. I am anxious to see what my split times and transition times were.

There will be another tri in my future. I am planning on registering for one in August. This will be a longer tri with a swim double the distance I did today. The water will be deeper and I don't believe I will be able to touch. I have made great strides in the pool over the last couple months. I figure I can make great strides in the open water from now until August if I put my mind to it. I really want redemption emoticon Don't get me wrong, I am extremely proud of myself but I know I can do better. I really want to say that I am a swimmer. emoticon

EDIT: Jut got official results.
Overall Time~ 1:19:52
Swim Leg~ 11:48
Transition~ 3:35
Bike~ 46:00
Transition~ 1:11
Run~ 17:21
Age Group Placement~ 11/24
Overall Placement~ 45/123
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • AMCG2002
    You are awesome!! You kicked some serious b-word, as my kids would say! 69 degrees for the water temp? Even on that day it had to feel a bit chilly. I'm so glad I finally got to read your blog; we were talking about you Saturday...
    3199 days ago
    You work on those transition times girl. Keep up the cross-training and you'll be in the top three.
    You'll be a CONTENDER!!!!!
    emoticon emoticon
    3199 days ago
    OMGosh!! I'm looking at your times and all I can think is "YOU ROCK"!! Your splits are fantatstic, your transitions are smoking fast (even the swim to bike - that's a hard one!) and your times would rank you way higher out here... If you were middle of the pack in this race you must have had some very tough competition!

    I am really excited for you, and I want you to realize just how well you did emoticon

    Amazing. Simply AMAZING.
    3205 days ago
  • -AIRYN-
    That is so awesome!! Congrats!! My aunt did one in my city a few years ago and I went and watched and thought how much work and effort goes into it!! If you are looking for another one, there is one or two at Lakeview Beach in July and/or August.

    emoticon emoticon
    3206 days ago
    That is SOOOOOO AWESOME! You did great! Congratulations!
    3206 days ago
    3206 days ago
    WOO emoticon HOO emoticon HOO emoticon !!!!!

    Congratulations, Molly! That is so awesome! I am so proud of you. A triathlete--WOW!

    3207 days ago
    You are amazing! Thanks for the awesome detailed report! You did great.
    3207 days ago

    I've been told many times not to put too much pressure on myself for a first-time event, but come on. We're all competitors at heart and want to "Kick @ss!"

    I'd say finishing as well as you did it really good for your first time. I'm sure the swimming will kill me as well, but I've got to get started; NOW. I hope that the water is a bit warmer come September.

    Hope we can all ride together again in the future!
    3207 days ago
    Molly, you are a ROCK STAR! I am so proud of you! I remember asking you last year if you were thinking about doing a tri because you had been talking about working with a swim coach. You said, maybe some day. Well, my friend, YOU have made SOME DAY happen! I am so excited for you. You are so my race idol!
    3207 days ago
    emoticon Outstanding blog. I feel like I was there as an observer. Thanks so much.. Fit Buckeye Fans Team is so very proud of you. emoticon emoticon Hoorah!
    3207 days ago
    CONGRATS! Way to go!

    3207 days ago
  • TRICIA0623
    Way to go rock star!!

    You are a swimmer!!!

    Really proud of you..as always!
    3207 days ago
    Great job!!!!!
    3207 days ago
    Great review of your race! I am really interested in doing a triathalon, but a half marathon is my first priority, and that is in November so maybe a tri in 2011.
    3207 days ago
  • AUNTIE65

    Molly - Congrat's on completing your first ever tri! I am confident that by August you will be peforming to your expectations!!

    Take a well deserved rest and enjoy your evening!!
    3208 days ago
    Great blog, Molly! Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I'm sorry the swim was rough for you! The important thing is that you finished a tri and that your time and placement in your age range was pretty good, too. At least to me it is , but then I know nothing about triathalons! lol But now you know what you need to do for the next time. There is no doubt in my mind that you will make great strides in the open water between now and August and kick butt(or should I say legs and arms lol) in the next tri you do!
    3208 days ago
    emoticon You rock! Congrats on your first tri! I think you're times sound really good. I've heard so many people talk about their first swim in a tri and laughing b/c it was so much harder than the pool. Something about no lines on the bottom of the lake. hehe

    Congratulations again! Well deserved!!!!
    3208 days ago
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