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And I Haven't Slept Yet

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Okay, so maybe I had a little too much fun. This whole being responsible for only yourself (being relieved of all care-taking duties of others) while regaining a sense of self is very freeing. It resulted in some weirdness because the crowds were not out last night (speculation says due to university graduation the next day)...and my chosen company.

Lets review the cast of characters. We have The Flux (dj friend), Beauty School Knockout, Guatemala Girl, and The Film Student. New people include The Wanderer (The Film Student's friend that I kept seeing before I saw TFS) and Ms. Fake. The annoying person of the night is Ms. Fake. (Oh how fakeness bugs.) I encountered Ms. Fake last week...who I call because of not only her fake appearance with pounds of makeup, dressed like a flapper of all things usually, but mostly her fake personality or lack thereof. Ms. Fake also has no sense of personal space and has or threatens to spill her drinks on me regularly, and oddly seems to constantly find my whereabouts and track me down somehow, even though she never actually speaks to me. She just is always there...being rude and obnoxious. By rude, I mean sitting at our round table in a chair too close to mine she refuses to move and places her back to me. Nice! Or the best one of last night was wedging herself into the circle (uninvited, while we were in mid conversation) between me and Guatemala Girl, standing on top of me, waving her beer around, and taking over the conversation. Turns out she knows The Film Student. So we made our exit and I hugged him goodbye and explained that I seriously can't stand her. Anyhow, thought I would explain now because she will appear in more blogs I am certain since she keeps appearing like my recurring nightmare searching for a personality to call her own. (I know! I am not usually like this, which tells you how much she does to grate on my nerves.) Okay...back to my night.

As I said, it was not exactly crowded or filled with the usual suspects, which made people watching minimal and boring. There was an incident where Guatemala Girl got groped, and that is one girl you don't mess with because she is like 6' tall and will take you down verbally and possibly physically. So that was some excitement...which drove us to the semi gay bar next door for a bit. (I say semi because technically it is, but it is always filled with mostly hetero peeps and serves better drinks. It's just the music sucks.) Disappointedly, Beauty School Knockout only saw her wish-for-guy pass by (she sees him all the time and talks to him, but somehow have never gotten to the point of dating), and couldn't get near him fast enough before vanishing. And so goes the revolving doors of life. But Semi-Gay Bar is where The Film Student appeared, with The Wanderer who I kept seeing all night and now finally met. I know, I know. Young, fun, and extremely not going anywhere...hence the fun. He has become my art accomplice and we are working on a short together. We had just finished our drinks though and were headed to the better music with The Flux, so we left TFS and TW. And then I was bumped into again by Ms. Fake, which made me lose my earring as it rolled across the floor. (If I ever get drunk enough, she better watch out. She'll be my freakin' target with all of her unfortunate issues with me.) So then there was some dancing...and some wandering outside...and some random decisions about what to do because boredom was growing, as The Film Student appeared as he tripped over The Wanderer literally, and kind of rushed to recover cooly. LOL (It's cute...he's like my puppy.) They wanted to stay and hang out at the bars...BSK, GG, and I were done with scene. Plus, GG was tired and needed to head back to her 1.5 hr drive. (Everything in Cali is a drive.) So we walked Guatemala Girl back to her car...and I realized I was starving at 1:30am. Hello Denny's! (I was okay on calories and made a good choice. ;) I also received a text from TFS at the same time wondering if we were returning. I said food, want to come, got no reply quick enough for me, so texted back C'ya. BSK and I were off. At some point, TFS realized what had happened, said something about an after party, and said to catch up later. Maaaayyybeee. ;) What can I say? He's fun to be around. And I am kind of an attention whore right now. lol Eventually I took BSK home (close-by) and got a text from TFS that said party canceled, hanging around town, was I around. Was I? I didn't know if I really wanted to be. I was reverting back to my art school days of beer drinking on a parking structure roof under the stars...Yep. I did it. Like I said...he's fun. (And apparently a dual major of biology, which is odd, but interesting.)

Yeah, yeah, so then what your asking? Talking, music...and stuff. No, no, nothing seriously serious! If I had, I would be sorry. And I am not sorry for anything that happened. And, its not like he doesn't know about Art Guy...and I don't know about his recent ex...or its going to go anywhere else than my art accomplice free thinker. But, what's the point of this blog if I am not being honest. So honestly, I had a decent night of attention with friends and TFS (who is a friend, but knows more than the others at the moment). So not the same as Art Guy or anywhere near it. No chance of falling for him...AND I was fair and honest with him. He knows what I won't do and what I am not etc. I have no interest in being anyone's girlfriend. Just company. So, I had fun. Lots of laughing with everyone that night. I just happened to stay up through the next day hanging out with someone. The end.

Alright...let me have it. This was a really random blog that went all over the place. Lack of sleep maybe? lol

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    3205 days ago
  • LISSA1976
    The correct term for me is panther lol but I think I actually have to do the deed to qualify. ;) So...I don't know what the heck I am....anyone, anyone...Bueller?
    And funny you should mention a haircut...although not this one. ;) Thinking about having BSK cut some bangs...
    3208 days ago
    Your too funny! First I'm going to say I'm glad you had a good, fun, carefree night and second it's totally okay your all over the place I do that a lot too. I know one of those "wanderers" sorta grew up with her but never liked her it was a friend's friend whenever we'd go out she'd be there and she DRIVES ME NUTS. You have all the fun you want with this film student. LOL you cougar jk you deserve to have fun and be happy. At least your out having fun instead of sitting home and having a pity party. ttyl By the way I think this haircut would look good on ya lol emoticon Business on top and party in the back
    3208 days ago
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