To WEIGH or NOT TO WEIGH; that is the ?!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Weigh in was today. I lost 1 lb.
I lost 2.5 last week.
I lost 2 the week before.
5.5 in 3 wks is good.

I was not happy with just losing 1 lb this week though!

It hit me today that is is silly to be unhappy with this.

I am still working on mentality and changing my way of thinking. I keep having to remind myself this is a journey to change your habits, to get healthy, to get fit.

I kept thinking this is not a race or a journey with a FINISH LINE; the sooner you get this in your thick head the happier you will be.

I set goals in my head that say lose 2 lbs every week. (YES I KNOW… previously I said on a blog 1.5 lbs lost per week was my goal) but secretly I expected 2 or more from myself~!

I realize today that I am struggling with this crazy way of thinking!
Yes goals are good but the scales are not the only way to measure success. AMEN!


-I move easier
-I bend over easier
-I pick stuff up that I drop allot easier
-I can get up off the floor or out of a chair easier
-I can play with the grandchildren easier
-I have more stamina walking across the parking lot at Wal-Mart or the yard
(before I would huff and puff and then couldn’t talk if I saw someone I knew, LOL)
-My jeans from 5-24 that were tight are now baggy and I have to wear a belt and the but just sags on me.
-The 4 inches I have lost since 5-24 have been so very noticeable in my gut. I still have a muffin top but nothing like it was 3 wks. ago
-I can feel HIP bones!
-I can press on my stomach and feel to the core the hardness of muscle that is underneath my belly fat.
-My bras fit better and I have less “spillage” on the outside edges!
-My face doesn’t look as puffy as it did 3 wks. ago. (probably from giving up the Mtn. Dew)


-My mind is more clear now (not foggy or dazed feeling) coz I have really laid off the junk food and processed food 90% of the time I eat fresh and clean food.
-I feel more confident about myself when I go somewhere because although I am overweight I know I am making life-changing choices that will create a new me.
I wonder if just measuring inches weekly makes more sense because I have discovered I STILL let those silly scales hold allot of power. I am aware of it and I don’t like it!
I want to use them as a guide but I have to admit they still DEPRESS me or at least set my mood!

What do you guys think…? I guess different strokes for different folks!
I can relate to VOICEOFTRUTH1 on this more and more!
GORDIESMOMMY recently posted a blog that really spoke to me also. Here is the link to it:


Join the 8 wk Battle # 9 and let me encourage you as a team mate! I am so excited to be part of it! Deadline is fast approaching! Sign up ends in a day or so. If you are looking for something serious and challenging to KEEP you on track or GET you on track, this is it!
In just a few short days I have found the leaders to be "NO NONSENSE" with a mission in mind but super supportive and friendly!
Don't let the rules and information overwhelm you like it did me 3 mos. ago when I looked at be honest I think I was just kinda being lazy and thought... oh.. this looked too hard... but now I know
THEY EXPECT YOU TO CHALLENGE YOURSELF and GROW on your journey... I am ready for that now!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
  • JGMK55
    Congrats on the 1 pound loss - more importantly, congratulations on regaining control and making lifestyle changes. Way to go!
    3415 days ago
    Giving up the nasty MOUNTAIN DEW was HUGE!!! You're doing great....Keep up the good work. XO MaryAnn emoticon emoticon
    3416 days ago
    A slower loss is a healthy loss; and they say you are more likely to keep it off. Don't worry about only 1 pound. You are doing good. Our weight goes in fits and spurts as it chooses with a lot of things affecting it. It's great that you are looking at non-weight signs of progress. There are lots there to see. Good job.
    3416 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/12/2010 12:43:00 PM
    keep at it and it will come off. I went two weeks working my butt off and no results. The third week I lost 8 lbs. Weight seems to have a mind of it's own.
    3416 days ago
    I have another challenge that is taking quite a bit of my focus and I love it otherwise, Id' join you. But don't you worry none - you already motivate and encourage me!
    3416 days ago
    1 lb. is great! You've accomplished so much in the past few weeks, please don't let that get you down! I know it's hard--I've been there. Just keep measuring and thinking about how much better you're feeling. emoticon
    3416 days ago
    Well, you know my story, LOL!!! My favorite way to measure is through clothes. I love wearing a tight pair of pants on a Monday (or whatever) and really taking note of how they fit... then wear them again a week later and note the difference. I hear ya on the scale!!! This is exactly why I weigh once a month. For me it is easier and less stressful. I'll bet next week you will see a pretty good drop!!! Keep at it!
    3416 days ago
    Thank you for keeping us in the loop and the invitation. Keep up the great work and motivation! I am smiling for you sunshine. emoticon
    3416 days ago
    Oh ya, I had weeks where the scale was up 2lbs, but my focus was on not starting over but moving forward, and not letting the scale rule me as I know in a day or two it would be back to where I was....our weight can fluctuate A LOT, so the scale is just a tool and some weeks in the month (hormonal) may be up a pound or two, but believe in yourself that it will go right back in the other direction..::))
    3416 days ago
    What I found is that I have given away my old way of thinking and have found that slow and steady works best for me. 1lb is one pound lost..I have lost 32lbs with a lot of 1lb weeks, or every other week...BUT, I don't feel deprived this way. My goals have changed to be healthier. For some of us, feeling deprived or hungry causes us to feel as though we are on I hope you can rejoice in 1lb, or even .5lb losses, you will reap the benefits in the long run and not even realize you are there before you know it. Great post!
    3416 days ago
    I know what you mean I went in to weigh and gained a few pounds and got upset then i measured myself and had lost 2 inches off my waist, hips, and thighs. I am really beginning to hate those scales.
    3416 days ago
    You are doing emoticon !! I don't weigh myself but once a month other then that I ignore the contraption called the weigh scale I hate that when I do step on it it controls my emotions and I won't have that any more because I can get so depressed that I can end up binging or not working out for the day or both. So I don't weigh myself very often I do take measurements and measurements don't lie. emoticon You my friend are doing great. Stay away from that scale it is no friend. emoticon
    3416 days ago
    I still think your doing a awesome job. Staying positive and motivated and being the wonderful person you are. How can you go wrong with all those things going for you.
    I think you have done a great job so far and there will be times you don't lose as much as other weeks but hey you did not gain weight at the same rate either. Great job. Sandy emoticon
    3416 days ago
    That's great. Yes we have to measure our successes in other ways then the scale. I have to also remember that.
    3416 days ago
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