Drastic times, calls for drastic measures

Friday, June 11, 2010

So, I'm about six months into my journey and I feel like I've come to a grinding halt. I started off with all of this steam and took off. Now I find myself slowing down and I'm afraid that I'll lose my momentum altogether.

This is my second semester and it's slightly different from last semester. This semester, my younger brother (24yr old) just started college as well. He doesn't have a car and is not at all independent. He and my mom live next door, so he has to ride with me everyday to and from school. Our schedules are completely different, with his schedule starting as early as 8am. We live about 40 min from school, so I've been having to get up at the crack of dawn to make sure he's at school on time, even though my first class doesn't start until about 10. Then I still have to hang around after my morning class is done for another couple of hours, for his class to be done, before I can go home. Adding to that, after I bring him home I have to be back at school for night classes. (I know... I'm whining)

ANYWAY....It's wearing me out. My schedule is so whacked out, what with him and schoolwork and other obligations that I can barely squeeze in workout time. Since I haven't been getting my workouts in like I'm suppose to, I have little energy and even less willpower. My eating habits have been bad. I feel like I'm losing control. I weighed myself on Monday and I'd gained a pound and a half (granted, TOM was here, so i'm hoping that was the reason) It's just frustrating.

So...In an effort to bring some order back to my crazy life, I decided something drastic. I've been wanting to try the P90X for a while, but I wasn't sure if I was ready physically for it. I'm going to dedicate myself to doing it. I heard it's intense not only because of the level of fitness, but also because it requires about an hour 6 days a week. But maybe it's exactly what I need. Maybe I've been making excuses for not being able to work out. Whatever the reason for my present lack of drive, it's time to nip it in the bud. Enough with the excuses. It's time to hold myself accountable.
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    Wasn't sure how the blog would end, because it started off with lots of frustration, but I was encouraged to see that you motivated yourself to do what needs to be done. Congratulations.
    3612 days ago
    Wow! I love your resolve! By the end of writing this blog you motivated yourself! Keep digging deep because that's where your power is and don't give up, look back, beat your self up, or give it a second thought. Take a serious look at yourself! You are 30 pounds less... that's good stuff! I agree, I think you should consider working out on campus! I used to jog/run when I went to college. I'd do it between classes and felt great. I look back at it now and I can't believe how far I used to run and how much I enjoyed it....I started out walking around the campus, maybe you can start there too? I like that you are investing in your mind (school) and your body (exercise) it'll all come together for you! I know it.
    ' emoticon emoticon
    3644 days ago
    Hi! I can definitely sympathize with having a crazy schedule! Is there any way you could get some exercise in while you're waiting for your brother's morning class to finish? Even if you don't have a gym on campus, is there any way you could just walk around for an hour or so? I'm always surprised at how many calories simply walking burns. Granted, it won't be as intense as P90X, but it'll add up! Good luck!
    3645 days ago
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