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Friday, June 11, 2010

First of all, I want to apologize to everyone for "disappearing." For example, I joined a challenge and completely dropped the ball. It didn't start off as my fault, but ended up that way. I don't know what my problem has been since the beginning of the year. I just stopped logging onto sparkpeople as much and I miss it. I miss everything about it. I keep saying that I need to get back into it and then I slack off again. I can come up with a lot of excuses, but that is what they are--excuses. I haven't dropped the ball on my weight loss luckily. I am 2 lbs. away from my 3rd goal (and the last time I'm going to change it!) My total weight loss is 106.8 lbs. Can't quite believe it. When I was at my heaviest, I would look in the mirror and wonder if that was really me? Now I look in the mirror and I am happy to see me. I call it "the real me" (as compared to the "fake me"--the fat person who stole my identity for too long. ) I feel like I've taken my identity back. It is exciting to be excited about life.

The past few months I've kept thinking "I should try Zumba." I just kept saying this over and over. Two days ago, I wondered just how long was I going to keep thinking that I should try it? Why not just try it? (Gee, what a concept...) So I went to the local recreation center and bought a 4 session pass and am going to go tonight. By myself. Social anxiety and all. If you happen on the class, I will be the one in the back doing what the rest of the class is not doing, or just rolling on the floor laughing because I'm not doing close to what everyone else is doing. But I'm going to go anyway. It should be very interesting. Surprisingly, I'm really looking forward to it. And I want those Zumba clothes! How cute are they??!! Pink or purple cargo pants? Sign me up!

Well, as some of you know, I bought a new car on May 1st. Well, on June 4th someone backed into it in a parking lot and left. Luckily, there isn't too much damage and I suspect whoever hit it (probably some sort of SUV) had no idea that they even hit it. But I felt really, really sick to my stomach. I got an estimate of $750 and am claiming uninsured motorist. In Texas, it is an automatic $250 deductible for uninsured motorist, so I'm having to cough that up next week in order to get my new car looking new again. I'm blessed to be in a position where I can afford to do it; it used to not be that way and I'll never forget being there. Not that I like to have to pay $250 for what someone else did (I can think of many other things I'd rather spend that money on...) but I'm adament that I want it looking like it did pre-accident. I got a lot of people's opinion (some solicited, some not) and ignored a vast majority of them (the ones who said that I should just buy some touch-up paint, which wouldn't hide the little part that is buckled outward...) Now, knowing my luck, something will happen where I'll need that $250 for something else (isn't it always something??) but I will just deal with it then. I'm not given more than I can handle supposedly, so I'll roll with that.

I had blood work done a couple of weeks ago. I was prediabetic for a long time (blood sugar level of 120) but it has gone down to 91. I've gone off my blood pressure medication, but it may just be temporary. I took it the other day and it was over the 135/80 limit that my doctor gave me. I'm going to test it again tomorrow, and if it is still high, I'll start taking the medications again. It's funny--people tell me "wow, you look so much younger than 48" and I say to them, "genetics is a wonderful thing!" Well, with blood pressure and cholesterol problems, I say sarcastically, "gee, genetics is such a wonderful thing..." My bone density test (again, genetically I am doomed) came back slightly abnormal, but will be checked again in 2 years. My doctor is just as pleased as punch with me right now. He says it is just too rare of a thing nowadays to have a patient that has lost weight the old fashioned way: diet and exercise. I even had a doctor ask me, "Did you lose your weight with lapband or gastric bypass?" I'm like "noooo.....I ate less and moved more" and they were shocked. That was a very funny moment to me and I love telling people that story. Cracks me up everytime. People are constantly asking me how did I lose weight? I tell them that surprisingly it really does work to eat less and exercise more. Go figure. Luckily they know my sense of humor and it tends to be dry and sarcastic, so nobody has punched me out yet from being a wise-ass (excuse the language...)

I bought 2 teeshirts from One says "100 Lbs. I'm a Loser" and the other says in huge script letters (with a butterfly) "I lost 100 plus pounds" One person asked me what my shirt meant when I wore the 100 Lbs. I'm a Loser one. Hmmm.... I thought it was pretty self-explanatory, but evidentally not. I will worry if someone asks what the other one means as it is literally spelled out. We'll see. But I love these shirts.

Okay, I guess I'm done babbling. I have an hour before I am to leave for Zumba for my comedy hour. I'm glad to be here on sparkpeople. Life is good. Etc.... (or should I say yada, yada, yada....)
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