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Cookie Face-Off

Thursday, June 10, 2010

He told me I could have a cookie too. Drat! Now what? Do I want the cookie? - Yes. Can I afford the cookie (calorie wise)? - No. If I have it, I'll go over for the day. But it's there, and it's chewy and delicious and he offered it to me for free...

This is what's going through my head tonight at Roly Poly as I'm standing in line to get my dinner wrap. I had a Groupon for $10 and since I'm staying at the theatre late tonight to see a show, I figured it would make for a nice, healthy dinner. (Side Note* if you don't know about Groupon and you live in a fairly metropolitan area - you should. Google it right now!)

I selected my healthy wrap (a California Hummer with added chicken - yum) and a bag of Baked Lays. Perfect. Within my calorie range for dinner and a nice little treat since I haven't eaten out all week. And then comes the bad news...

"You can have a cookie with the $10 Groupon as well."

Oh Lord. I love their cookies. Fresh baked. Chocolate Chip, White Chip Macadamia, and the chewiest Oatmeal Raisin ever.

"Thanks!" I say, eyeballing the cookie pile. Get out - leave now, go far, far away. I retreat to the other side of the restaurant with my chips and my beverage to wait for my sandwich order. I opened my bag of chips and started to snack on the salty goodness. See? - there. You don't need a cookie. The chips are doing the trick. BAH! You SO want a cookie. Yes brain, you're right, I so want a cookie.

I finished my chips and paced, nervously. Finally my sandwich order was up. I saw the guy behind the counter, the one who made the cookie offer, look at me as I walked to the door. I thought he was going to yell after me - "You forgot your cookie!" But he didn't. He just waved goodbye as I walked out the door.

No - I didn't forget my cookie. This time, that cookie is staying in the basket.

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