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Thursday, June 10, 2010

That is how I finished my run today!

So -- I ran about 2 miles today, took 5 min of that walking warmup - did some hip flexor stretches at home to see how that felt - felt good. Nearing the end of my run I took of my shoes and went for it. It's a paved path - some asphalt some concrete - and at the end that I did barefoot I had also a bridge with wide smooth wooden boards and a short set of stairs. :) FUN! It felt really good. I think I will incorporate more and more on my shorter runs. I'd like to get some vibrams just so I'm not totally barefoot, but I have to admit it was pretty convenient to just slip my shoes off, pick em up, and keep on rolling.

I don't think I will ever run barefoot all the time, but we'll see. I do believe it will at least be a good tool in my basket of tools! :)

Then the shoes went back on for my Freestyle Training - while I love the idea of running in the grass, the only place I'd feel comfortable doing that is also in places where people walk their dogs. And I'm not loving the idea of accidently running in poo. And I don't want to go on ground that's more brambly. The path was good for me today, but where I was setting up my Freestyle Trainer was in dirt and twigs and dry grass tufts or whatever the heck and yeah - I wasn't getting my feet in on all that. HAHA :D

Freestyle Trainer workout was good today - so fast, can move from exercise to exercise so easily... if something is too hard you merely adjust your body angle to make it easier and continue (or vice versa) - so no delays of changing out weights etc. I just love it. Today I started with some assisted piriformis/glute stretches, then assisted squats, back extensions into overhead rear delt presses, rows, chest flies, bicep curls, tricep presses, standing oblique twists, and a couple of single arm rows w/ a twist. I think that's everything... yeah and that took 15 min with two sets of 10-12 for each item.

Looking at the river and the trees w/ the breeze blowing - who couldn't love that?

Last night was a bit of crazy eating. My DH - trying to be sweet and lovely - brought me dark chocolate and licorice and I ate it ALL. I mean, YES I love those things. YES I sometimes want it more during TOM. Could I have had the control to eat some and stop? Yes. But I didn't. I chose to eat it all. I know there was a part of me saying - if you eat it all, then it won't be around to tempt you anymore. SO STUPID. That reasoning is ridiculous. If I can remember that I will be able to have more later, I can have some now and it's no big deal, why should it bother me that there is some there that I am not currently eating?

The questions are still there, but I don't want to never have certain foods in the house. I have successfully had chocolate and licorice in the house before and portioned it perfectly. At the time I was tracking my food and fit it in my ranges. I need to learn how to transition that kind of mindfulness into a non-tracking setting. If I can learn to do this it will literally FREE me. I will be able to travel, go to parties, eat out, etc. and not overeat. And what better place to learn than at home? So no, I am not going to scold my husband and tell him never to buy me treats. It's not like he got me something ludicrously unhealthy like a Krispy Kreme bun bacon burger that's been deep fried or something. He didn't get some crazy processed foodwannabe abomination. That I would have just been like - uh, why? hahaha. :) FOOD is not bad. Eating is not bad. Overeating of any kind of food is detrimental to my physical and emotional wellbeing.

So moving on - this morning I had a lovely breakfast of greekyogurt w/ oats (that I left in the fridge to soften while I ran and ...trained) w/ a cut up nectarine and agave nectar. Then I had some PB and pretzel sticks.

Then I stopped.

:) YES! I DID IT! HAHAHA. A little voice inside said, you could go get more PB and pretzel sticks... you could keep eating... and another voice said - yes, but am I hungry? And there was no answer. So I pondered and waited and the answer was no. I am good. I am satisfied. THE. END.

So I was very happy with that success this morning! :) I know I ate a reasonable amount of food - I covered carbs, protein, healthy fats, and fresh produce.

So my affirmations again!

I will eat mindfully.
I will treat my body well.
Food is good!
Eating is good!
I will recognize my hunger and satiety.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Again, going back in time, I now that you decided to stick with tracking for awhile, whatever works! I feel like we are in psy-ops all the time being surrounded by enticements to eat all the time, and not to eat real food, but junk.

    I just finished some oats with greek yogurt, yum!
    3460 days ago
    splat. sharon saying about slipping in the poo made me laugh. sounds like you had a great workout!!! woo hoo for trying something new. i am glad you are enjoying your new trainer. i can't have absolute favorites in the house or i have no control. i can have chips in the house and be ok but if they are one of my 2 favs then they are gone in a few seconds lol. like a drug addict with crack.
    3463 days ago
    I'd like to try barefoot running, too, Dana. I've heard many good things about it.

    I love the affirmations! Have a great weekend!
    3464 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/11/2010 11:35:12 AM
    You did it!! How long was the barefoot run do you think? REI has Vibrams, but I want to try them on before I think I really want 'em! Way to be mindful of a free future! \PS, Licorice? My mom loves it, I can't stand it! Ha! Isn't it funny how different we all are?
    3464 days ago
    I love black licorice (the good stuff not twizzlers) and dark chocolate..hmmm maybe I ought to dip licorice nuggets in dark chocolate...
    3464 days ago
    Those vibrams sure sound like they would be SO cool...!

    Just LOVE being outdoors and soaking it up, YES!

    And have I ever "been there, done THAT" re: eating up ALL those tempting foods so I don't have to obsess about 'em being around the house...talk about shooting ourselves in the foot...lol!

    Great thoughts...thx for sharing!

    3464 days ago
    Glad you got a chance to try out barefoot running today! You'll have to keep us updated on how barefoot running is treating you.
    3464 days ago
  • 250STRONG
    Sounds like a great day!
    3464 days ago
    I know the feeling. I lost the battle to Dunkin Donuts yesterday but I'm still winning the war!
    3464 days ago
    Way to go on barefoot running! I would have run in the grass myself! :)
    And way to go on your attitude - I am with you on not wanting to "ban" any kind of food, and I have managed to have opened packages of treats lasting more than a week, which isn't too bad in my book. Keep practicing at home and I am sure it'll get better!
    3464 days ago
    AWESOME progress, Dana! It is HUGE to realize that just because the food is there, you don't have to eat it! It's sooooo freeing to have chocolate in the house and to choose to eat it or not! Nice job! And good on you for realizing that what happened last night was last night and has absolutely ZERO bearing on today!

    BTW, I think that stepping in dog poop while running could be like slipping on a banana peel!

    3464 days ago
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