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I Ate An Egg

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Ok, peeps. I ate an egg on Sunday. A boiled egg. Why is this blogworthy for me? Because I'm a vegetarian, one of those veg-heads who doesn't eat meat or eggs for ethical reasons more than any other. The flip-side is that my diet is pretty darn healthy and oh-so-clean.

Anyhoo, one of my goals this week was to increase my protein to an acceptable level, so in a moment of panic, but true panic! - I was envisioning my muscle mass withering away with each tick of the clock - I ate an egg.

Just one word, ok, two.... Yuck! 'Toopid!!

Just needed to admit to the world that I actually compromised my morals and ingested an animal for the sake of my own health. And this, Spark Buddies, opens up a whole new blogworthy subject for me, which I will explore some other night as I am exhausted from the whole egg-protein debacle, and must go to bed now...

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    I'm surprised you could eat the egg--and hard boiled at that. DS9kie gave you a nice list of other sources of protein, so I won't pretend to be able to surpass that. Good luck with your protein intake.
    3444 days ago
    Totally hysterical and I am sure the universe forgives the egg-y transgression.

    Are you really this adorable? I can't wait for the egg follow up blogs... They will be egg-cellent :)

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    3444 days ago
    I do love eggs, but not hard-boiled. Dull and rubbery! Or maybe that's my lack of cooking skill.

    There are plenty of options out there for protein, some easier than others. I sneak beans into as many dishes as I can. The Hubby doesn't like them, so I have to hide them or keep the servings smaller than average, but it's still protein (and, I think, calcium) so I've become quite fond of beans.
    3444 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    Eat an egg or don't eat an egg, just don't eat an egg cause you think your low on protein, because there is protein in alot of plant foods. I just read that kale has more protein than meat does and its better for you than meat.

    Here is a list of several good sources of protein:

    Kidney beans
    Black beans
    Vegetarian baked beans
    Pinto beans
    Black-eyed peas
    Lima beans
    Textured Vegetable Protein (TVP)
    Peanut butter
    Whole grain Spaghetti or other pasta
    Sunflower seeds
    Whole wheat bread
    Almond butter
    Brown rice
    Hemp Seeds
    Sea Veggies

    Here are a couple of sites:


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    3445 days ago
  • SUMITH2008
    Why not just take Whey Protein (or Milk)? No eggs in there. Quinoa is high in protein as well.

    My dad is also a vegetarian, and he is sooo skinny. I don't want to recommend anything to him because of his very strong religious beliefs. He believes humans were never meant to eat meat by the design of our teeth. If you look at Dogs, Lions & Tigers they have teeth that are designed to hunt, shred meat etc. We don't even talk about the topic of meat because he will start criticizing, and i don't really want to argue with him on the subject.

    3445 days ago
    Hi I wouldn't get all worked up over protein, you don't really need ask much as some say, you will get plenty just eating plenty of fruits and veggies. The sparks level are high
    3445 days ago
    You have a good egg-cuse for the extra protein. Maybe lower fat cottage cheese may be a better karmic choice for you. Sometimes tofu just does not do it.
    3445 days ago
    Eggs are very healthy and contain a lot of minerals as well as protein, but then I have no problem eating eggs or meat but respect those who do not. I don't think your muscles will wither that quickly. Sounds like you are struggling with protein and there is good sources like Organic Peanut Butter, legumes and some squashes. Just follow the 3 sisters (Native American Cuisine) and it will be a good way to eat. Also oils like Olive and Flax oils provide good source of protein as well.
    3445 days ago
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