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Wednesday, June 09, 2010

okay. soo.. i didn't get the job. i interviewed last wednesday. they had me wait all weekend and sent me a very general, form-letter type email at the start of my shift on monday stating that they were "going with a candidate that had more experience/background dealing with this field of customers" ... very disappointed. frustrated. wanted to cry, but didn't. my boss took me off the phone and said, hey, this will test you. but don't let it bring you down. i'll help you make a move this year. go for a walk and kick the curb or let out a yell or somethin. you're entitled to do so. and i was like, yea. this sucks. i REALLY wanted that job. he says to me, well, i didn't tell you, but i knew some other candidates that were applying for the position and they had experience with that customer base before, and i didn't tell you because i didn't want you to think that you didn't have a chance, because you had a great chance, you're amazing at what you do, and i wanted you to go into that interview shining. i was like, okay.. so they clearly had an edge on me seeing that they've got that background. he's like, yea. but it's alright. we'll keep checking the job board and trying to move you up. so, i mean, i'm thankful for my boss. he's a good guy, he looks out for me, and he wants to see me succeed. so i'm thankful. and i got another interview under my belt, which is ALWAYS a good thing. but yea, monday was a not so good day, but i was proud for not crying, and not eating things just because i was upset. i was strong. and yesterday i had a great workout. today is my day off and i plan on having a crazyyyy workout. (legs/shoulders/abs/cardio) and i'll be leaving the house shortly for the gym, but i wanted to get a blog in real quick. i get so excited about training legs and shoulders on sundays and wednesdays. i feel like such a badass. it's hard work. that's why a lot of people skip legs. they're sore for days. my legs start quivering like jello. i'm dripping sweat everywhere. my face is red. there's no playing around when it comes to workin legs. lol. and i can't wait to see what they'll look like in august. 2 months from now.. with the hard work and good nutrition.. i'm sure they're going to look pretty different. i've also been noticing some shoulder definition that i've never seen before and THAT is exciting. i've always wanted defined shoulders. i was out the other night, wearing a tank top, and i rubbed my bicep without really noticing it, and my friend jess goes, "OMG your muscles are huge! where did you get big muscles?! what do you do?!" i couldn't stop laughing. it made me feel good. even one of my guy friends was like, "you have a good peak on your bicep" in my head i was like YESSS!!! haha. but yea, i'm feeling good, staying positive, and toning up. hope all of you are having a great week so far! can't believe we're already past the 1st week of june... wow.

much love,
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    keep up the positive attitude, only good things can happen with an attitude like that!

    Good for you on your transformation also.
    3701 days ago
  • KACOSTA42105
    Sorry to hear about not getting the job you wanted, but at least you are keeping a positive outlook and good luck on the upcoming interview!!
    Don't you just loooove when people compliment your muscles... I finished P90X in May, shortly after my hubby and I went to Cozumel and met a few other couples vacationing there and not one of them could believe I had 2 kids! They kept comlimenting my arms and how I looked "buff".. It feels so good for all the hard work to show!! It even felt good when my kiddos walked in one afternoon and I was doing pullups and they said "Wow mom, you are strong"!
    3703 days ago
    I am sorry the job situation didn't work out. I am in a similar situation right now and it hurts because *you* know you could've done a kickass job at that position if they had given it to you.

    Congratulations on the compliments, very well deserved!
    3708 days ago
    I'm sorry you didn't get the job! I am sure you'll find something better soon! Hang in there!
    (I can relate to the job situation, I have been applying for something new for quite a few months... and keep coming up empty handed! :(

    You are doing amazing with your workouts! Keep it going!
    3709 days ago
    Everything happens for a reason. I know you wanted that job, but that just means a better one will come along later. Good luck with your workout!
    3709 days ago
    Keep on keeping on.
    3710 days ago
    Aww...I am sorry to hear about the job but I really like your positive attitude. Just dust y ourself off and look forward to the next opportunity.

    I love working my legs until they are sore for days! fact this week it's taking everything out of me not to walk funny at work becuase they are so sore!!!
    3710 days ago
    There may be a better position for you in the future, keep trying. emoticon
    3710 days ago
    Sorry you didn't get the job--but your boss can obviously see the potential in you and that is a great thing! I applied for my current position three different times. Careers are very similar to our weight loss journeys---if you want it bad enough you don't give up on it! So stay in there and keep working at it.

    Great job on getting your attitude back in check and handling the disappointment.

    Good things come to those who wait!
    3710 days ago
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