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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Time sure does...go by fast...out run us...is gone in the blink of an eye...and sure does fly by! I am not as loyal as I would have, could have, should have been to the Spark friends I like to follow and read about, or to my weight loss, improved health, journey. I am not getting to know 'Sparkers' as well I would like. I am staying isolated and watching instead of getting involved.
Shame on me. I am doing some self analysis here and want to understand why I go through the changes and fluctuations in my routines, , commitments and such. I am, of course, a emotional human being but I know that there are people who can maintain self control and manage their time and follow through better than I am and I just want be better at it. I don't want to be a quitter! I want to get to build relationships and get honest, encouraging feed back and support. I want to be consistent with my physical health needs, my emotional control, decision making and follow through.
I think that if I kinda stay on the outside rim and just watch, listen, read but not jump in that I can back out anytime. And I did just that. Lost contact for about 8 whole weeks! What a slacker I am!
Well, I am going to try again and proceed moving forward and take little steps. Again. This is one of the hardest or maybe the hardest thing I have had to do in my lifetime....weight control and exercise. Well, I need to loose weight first, then controlling the weight lose comes next. One hip hip hooray for me is that I am exercising three times a week; I joined a gym. My neighbor invited me and I joined. I know she was an answer to a prayer because I didn't have the get up and go to join on my own. This is my 5th week and I am really enjoying it...I feel stronger and my endurance is better. I am now going to get back to eating better and being better to myself. Welcome Back!
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    So happy to know you and to travel this journey together. I look forward to seeing your posts as well as exchanging some ideas. Always use positive words about yourself. We can captivate our minds in this way. I can post my name beside each lowly comment you made about yourself. I do the same thing and I have to catch myself. That is why I am giving you this biblical advice. Whatever is good, right, pure, noble, if anything is praiseworthy, think upon such things....

    So how do we apply that in practical ways?
    Let's rethink and rephrase some of your blog comments...Again these are things I would also write so keep on top of me too.

    1.You wrote "Shame on me".. but it should read, "Good for me"
    because here you are and you are back. Focus on what you are presently doing not on failures of the past. The past is just that..PAST.
    2. A slacker? really c'mon! "You my dear are a Chooser" It was you that chose to come back and participate, and you that choose to join the gym and you that stuck with it for five weeks. And that is an empowering choice that YOU made. Be proud girl!

    3. A quitter..You don't want to be one, and you are not because again here you are. My mother told me once (only once) in my life that I was a quitter and it has stuck with me to this day.

    4. Your HIP HIP HOORAY is right on! You are doing a great thing with exercise and five weeks to boot.
    You can reach any dream you choose to, remember to be positive about all you have done. Have those HIP HIP HOORAY moments often. And focus as well on others so that you can help them with these great strides you are making.
    Welcome Back! Jewell emoticon
    3913 days ago
    That's good that you're going back to the gym. Sometimes we need to step back and take a vacation from our routines and do something different so we're more ready to focus and get on with things. Hang in there with the gym and you'll be back on track soon. emoticon -- Lou
    3914 days ago
    You're not alone, I just did the same thing. Pulled away for about 6wk and am now trying to get back into the swing. Sometimes it seems like I use any slight disruption in my ideal routine as an excuse to fall off the wagon. It is hard for me to live the truth that good habits help us get through disruptions. Even though it seems so, we are not going through this alone. We can do it.
    3914 days ago
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