Motorcycles + Marriage = Stress

Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Stressed is how I feel. arghhhh My hubbie bought a motorcycle about a year ago. He didn't asked if I wanted to ride, just that he wanted one. I didn't really care because I wasn't going to ride it. Well, every since he got it, it's been all about why I don;t ride. I don't ride because I don't ride roller coasters, rides at the fair, I don't ride because I worked for a group of anesthesiaologist (they put you to sleep for surgery) for 19 years and I saw all the deaths, broken body parts, etc from accidents. It's not that I don't trust his driving, but just like in a car you can't trust everyone else. I just don;t want to ride. I thinkg of things like if you break your leg at the very least - well no working, no running, surgery, pain, rehap, and on and on. Problem is EVERYBODY else thinks I should. I get so stressed out from being asked about it. You would think I was a three head alien or something. Tonight he was going to meet a group that my sister and brother in law below to. He is going to join this group. He wanted me to go meet them for ice cream. I know how it goes, I am tried of the questions. I went last month with him to the motorcycle party and everyone had to ask the same old questions, bla, bla, bla. Of all the things he has done while we have been married I think this is the thing that is going to end this marriage. It really stresses me out because I know he really wants me to ride with him. We get in a fight, he gets mad, I get stressed. arrrrrrr. I just don't understand why he just can't ride it and enjoy it and leave me alone.
Sorry for the rant, but I just needed to let it out.
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    Not fun

    Why can't that be his thing like the exercise and fitness is your thing. You don't try to get him to run do you?

    Maybe you guys could find something together that you both enjoy.

    3917 days ago
    It sounds like your husband found something that brings him joy and he wants to share that with you. Of course he should understand your perspective and your life experiences, but right now he is caught-up with his nice shinny toy.

    It could be worse, he could want to bike with all the biker chicks and want you to stay at home, excluding you from his new life. You don't have to like the bike or the biker world, but if you love your husband you have to accept him and his life's desires.

    So go to the icecream parlor, listen to the boring stories, answer stupid questions and when you want to do something he'd rather not, remind him of the sacrifice's you make emoticon .
    If you don't want to ride, draw the line in the sand and don't ride. But the biker does have an all inclusive club that includes riders and non-riders.

    Sorry your feeling stressed emoticon
    3917 days ago
    I don't know why but when people rant in their blogs it makes me laugh. Is that bad? Your blog; although I understand you are very stressed about it and I am not trivializing that one bit, made me laugh. I guess it's because I think of myself and how worked up I can get about things that I'm upset or passionate about. I think it was the part about you not riding roller coasters that I thought was funny. Anyway, I agree that motorcycles are dangerous and it sounds like you have seen alot first hand to solidify that fact. Men like their toys and it sounds like you're doing the best that you can to be supportive. Hang in there. Tell him that you don't want to go have ice cream because you don't need the ice cream ... then it has nothing to do with his motorcycle. :-)
    3917 days ago
    It's good to vent here. We can listen and are not emotionally involved in this subject. Sounds like you are getting a lot of pressure to "conform" to his idea of fun. Hopefully you and your husband can find a way to compromise on this or at least amicably agree to disagree. Hang in there.
    3917 days ago
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