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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I mostly blog when I'm at work and was off between Thursday and now so... HERE I AM! :D haha.

The weekend had it's ups and downs fitness/nutrition wise... Thursday night my sister came and we had fun together! :) Fun activities included: running 2 miles and playing with my freestyle trainer, a big shopping trip to find some great jeans for my sister, eating at a new (to us) hole in the wall BBQ joint, and watching "Easy Virtue". Good times!

The weekend included some mindful and "good" eating and also some overeating. Overall it kinda balanced out -- I am coming up on TOM and I'm not at my recent high, I'm kinda in the middle of where I've been fluctuating so I'm ok with that.

I tried on a lot of clothes while shopping with my sister and discovered that while I am on average 1 size larger than I have been in bottoms - I seem to be finding a lot of that in a great butt and when I tried on some kind of... almost legginglike jeans, my legs looked so freaking fabulous cause you could see my calf muscles and everything. Although they were too small for the butt/hip area although the waist totally would have fit if I could have gotten them any higher up! HAHA. In short - while I'm not in love with my stomach right now (and honestly may never be because of it's weird fat/looseskin lump over the belly button) - in general I was kinda smoking hot. HAHAHAHAHA ok. That is a bit of an exaggeration. But I was honestly concerned that trying on all those clothes might depress me a bit but overall I felt fine and in some cases great! :)

I also confirmed that I DEFINITELY have a longer torso than the average Jane, and it MIGHT be in proportion with my height, but it definitely ruined my attempts to try on a dress that might otherwise have been just a bit snug. The widest "hip" part of the dress happened KINDA around my waist and it snugged up around my hips and butt in a very awkward way. *sigh* dresses will forever be a bit of a challenge for me. I found some jeans that fit like gold but I wasn't shopping for me. (no $$$ for anything that wasn't super cheap and I just wasn't feeling anything in that price range for me that much.)

Still a very fun outing and we successfully scored the perfect jeans for my sister! :)

"Easy Virtue" was kind of a good movie! I ended up really enjoying it even though the end was kind of sad... and good... at the same time. :) Essentially Jessica Biel is this modern American racecar driving firecracker and she marries a modern young man from a stuffy English Family that lives on an estate in the country and she has to go meet the family etc.etc. I think it's set in like... 30's? Not 100% on that... Just guessing by the clothing as I am not so good with historical event references. :) haha. Jessica Biel has a phenomenal body. I think it's fantastic to see a Hollywood Heroine with MUSCLES in her shoulders ya know? Not just soft and skinny.

Saturday I took off of running because we had such a marathon shopping day I decided all that walking deserved a bit of a break. Saturday night before I went to bed I did my favorite yoga podcast - "Lunar Cycle" or something... I love it. Very relaxing and good for the hips.

Sunday I finally got in my 7 miler! WOOT! 7.16 miles to be exact. I've been trying to hit that distance as my "long" run for a few weeks now and have been cut short for various reasons so I'm glad to hit that.

Another thing I've realized with my running is that I was NOT running as much as I thought I was before I was done with that regatta and all the extra rowing.

Mid Jan after I finally got back to running post marathon until I did the Mercedes Marathon relay in Feb I had a few weeks of 11 miles each and then WITH the marathon relay a week of 15 whopping miles!

Then it dropped drastically: My running miles went to 2, 8, 8, 9, 4, 5, FIFTEEN! (in 3 runs - 2.39, 5.23, 7.44 miles), then down to a 2 run week of 7 miles, then it was like 13, 16, 17 (includes 15 miles at the Relay for life!), 14, 20, 20, 16, 15....

So...... honestly I thought I was regularly getting at least 10-15 miles a week before I decided to build my mileage up... ok maybe I thought I was getting at least 15 honestly. And then when I started building I still wasn't getting in as much as I thought because a lot of runs got cut a bit short still... well I've recently had a couple of 20 mile weeks and then the past two have cut back a bit -- but on each of the 20 mile weeks I ran 5 times and the past two I only ran 4 times.

Anyway -- on the one hand it makes me realize I have a lot more work to do, on the other hand it makes me realize HOLY CRAP no WONDER I've been finding it so hard to get in the miles I thought I should be running right now... I mean rowing is great crosstraining but it's not the same as running those miles and I should take it slow. So I've been a lot more accepting of myself taking it easy and doing whatever I need to do to get the run in, if it means it's shorter then so be it. That way I can build up how my body needs to and not on a plan that was more ambitious than it should have been probably. I'll catch up to the plan eventually.

I just need to have my long run at 8-10miles by minimum 6 weeks before my half marathon in September... so.... by the 2nd week of August basically. I have plenty of time considering I can already run 7 comfortably -- so I figure I can work on getting the rest of my mid-week runs built up to consistently longer than 2-3 miles (if I can get in 4 5 mile runs then with an 8 mile "long" run I'm getting 28 miles a week so I should be in my aimed range of 25-35 miles per week going into marathon training later on). SLOW AND STEADY!

And lots of stretching and icing and glute and lat work and whatever all else I need to do to deal with the issues I've been having w/ my hip and piriformis and whatnot.

So that's running stuff...

I cut my hair. Just kinda cut off some dead ends - added some layers to get rid of some dead ends that have been following me around since my short hair cut. I'm not sure what I think about it yet - I'll take some pictures. :) haha. I also have a few pictures I can share from this weekend when I get the chance.

I also submitted a bunch of job applications this weekend. So hopefully I can just continue adding applications and will hear something in the next couple of weeks.

Monday I took off of running because I decided I wanted to try my Tue-Thu + Sat-Sun running schedule again and I was going to run in the evening but then my DH ended up not needing to work on his dissertation just then cause he stayed up late and worked on it the night before so.... we hung out and had fun spending time together and it was definitely worth it! :)

I'm planning to do yoga more regularly and really work my freestyle trainer.

Today I got in 2.4 miles - 3 0.8 mile loops w/ the 1st and last being kind of a warmup and recovery/cooldown loops and the middle being a speedier loop just to change things up and I ran the mid loop at what extrapolates to just under a 10min mile pace so I am very happy to know that I can still do that even if it's not for as long as I used to be able to. I had a good time with my freestyle trainer and picked up a few groceries, our prescriptions, and a new NON COTTON SPORTS BRA! FINALLY! hahahaha.

So..... megalong blog. That's it for now. I was scared to continue on with my nontracking experiment right now but I'm still within that same little range so I'm going to try to work on trusting myself!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Glad to see you are still here. I hope that sometime you are happy with yourself. You sound like your body is great. You have achieved so much. Be happy. I say that because I just want to be happy.
    3468 days ago
    sO much info, I dunno what to say....can't wait to see the pics; jessica does have a hot body; glad you enjoyed your time with your sister; good luck on the job applications.....

    It was just great "hearing" from you.
    3468 days ago
    Wow, you needed to blog! Heehee! I think your running sounds reall, on track for September. Honestly, you are getting miles in and if you keep it up you will have an easy 8 miler long run by then! Congrats on getting the 7.16 down! Wahoo!! Sounds like you are on the ball getting ready for the move, yeah! I hope you get a great job!

    3468 days ago
    I love the way you are learning to appreciate strength and muscles in others and most improtantly in yourself....isn't it a wonderful thing to see the changes in your body? keep having fun!
    3468 days ago
    emoticon on the running, and the fun time with your sister, and the balancing act with your food, and the hanging out with your husband, and the new NON COTTON SPORTS BRA! Whew! emoticon

    Keep up the good work! You're doing great!

    - Karen
    3468 days ago
    WEll.....My friend, I think you are doing great with the balancing act and......
    I happen to think you really ARE .....SMOKIN' HAWWWWWT!
    Loved your blog and catching up with you and what you've been up to. XO MaryAnn
    Rawwk on, darlin'!
    3468 days ago
    Agree that Jessica Biel = hottie.
    3468 days ago
    I'm so glad to hear you had a good time with your sister, and that the shopping trip was not traumatic! I find shopping traumatic, but because of money (I am a HUUUUUUGGGGEEEEEE tightwad thanks to the way I was raised - blame everything on mom and dad! - but that's the subject of another blog!)

    anyway, someone just asked me to do something here at work! GAH! So I have to make this short, but good job with the running... slow and steady wins the race! :D
    3468 days ago
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