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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I did day one of my wife's 30 day shred yesterday. It was surprisingly tough. I woke up this morning with my calves extremely tight, so I decided I would have an easier workout today considering I am completely new to exercise at all. We went swimming for a bit, but instead of grabbing a floaty, we just used noodles and tread water for a while. I love swimming, but I don't love seeing minnows bouncing around in front of us fearing a bigger fish getting hungry!

The discouragement came from me hopping on WiiFit this morning and seeing that I've gained 5 pounds since last week. After working out and doing a great job tracking for my first day, it's a little sad to see that on the Wii. I ate 10 lbs. of nachos the other night, so I really shouldn't be so surprised.

I bought hot dogs and buns the other day (fat free/wheat) thinking that would be a good lunch for me calorie wise. It might be eventually once I can handle only eating one opposed to two, but a bologna and cheese sandwich today was half the calories, allowing me to eat more of something else to feel more full. I threw away a liter of soda yesterday because tracking helps me make better choices now. Why drink 180 calories of soda when I could have a snack that will reduce my hunger.

I have a million things to say about this whole new lifestyle change, but I think I'll just segment it into a few blogs rather than one novel!

Thanks again to all those who are encouraging me!
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    Wow! I'm impressed! You're off to a great start! Scales are encouraging when they're down but they seem to be much more discouraging when they're up, or even the same. Don't let the scales determine your outlook on your new lifestyle! The scale is not always your friend! emoticon
    3331 days ago
    Just stick to it. I find that results usually follow a week or so behind the effort.
    3331 days ago
    Oh that dreaded scale! Don't listen to him! I see lots of people here getting frustrated because the scale isn't saying what they think it should. The truth is, there are plenty of other ways to mark your success. It took me a while to see a change on the scale, but I noticed an increase in energy and desire to be physically active almost immediately. I used to come home from work every night and spend my evening hours on the couch watching TV and playing video games. I still make time for those hobbies, but they no longer gobble up all of my free time. I love the way that feels.

    Look for the little things that are changing that make you feel better about your life. Maybe you will learn to enjoy cooking new healthy foods. Maybe you will find joy in incorporating a new physical activity into your daily life. Are you joining your wife in running? When I started training for my 5K , it was by accident. I joined a class through parks and rec and had no idea that I was going to be expected to run 3 miles at the end of 7 weeks. But I stuck to the program, at first because I paid for it and wanted to get my money's worth, but it was also encouraging because I was able to see myself progress very quickly. On my first day of class we only went a mile and I struggled to run half of it. 8 weeks later I ran 3 miles and smiled the entire time.

    Focus on the things that make you feel good and healthy. The scale will come around. Keep in mind that 1 cup of water is half of a pound. If you had recently eaten a lot of salty food (nachos) your body may be retaining quite a bit of water. Coach Dean has lots of great articles about fighting with the scale. But I love his quote, "...losing weight can't do very much except make me weigh less."
    3331 days ago
    regarding the wiifit, I used one to weigh myself too and the weights were always a little off. Apparently two things can happen- over time the plastic may warp and bow a little skewing results, or if you have any amount of carpet under it that the bottom can feel that can throw you off too.

    Also, if you are drinking more water than you have before, its possible you have a lot of that still hanging out with you.

    Hope things get better for you! Good luck!!!
    3331 days ago
    Plus, our bodies sometimes gain weight right away after starting to workout. Weigh in again in a week or so and you'll see a difference, I know!

    I had fun swimming with you! I think we burned at least 150 calories, and it was fun! We should stay out longer next time if there are no hopping minnows.
    3331 days ago
  • ADANA2009
    all those small steps will add up! dont get discouraged! emoticon
    3331 days ago
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