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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Well, I finally got my bum (wide but still cute bum) back to the gym. Why so long an absence? Besides the obvious of not really liking to exercise and liking my sleep, I realized there were other issues while talking about it with my friend Deb.

First, after being gone for so long I know that my endurance levels have gone way down, possibly to even before I ever exercised or worked out. It’s so depressing to have start back at the basics, knowing I had built up endurance and strength. That alone is depressing enough to keep me from starting…yes, that whole vicious cycle thing again….
Second, whenever I do go back to the gym (and my relationship with the gym has been so on and off again that it’s a soap opera) I can’t help but think “What if I hadn’t stopped? Where would I be now?” I wonder how my shape would have changed, how much I would be able to run, how much I could lift on the arm machines…and that is also depressing. I get angry with myself knowing my progress would have been great, and I just shut the whole operation down.

So, I have lots of reasons for skipping the gym. I’m not saying any of them are good, they are actually quite selfish and even a little egotistical.

I have never been good at setting goals….wait, I’m good at setting them, just not following up or completing or doing any of the necessary steps to get stuff done, you know – the simple stuff. But so far, 2010 hasn’t been too bad in this aspect. I’ve set a few goals and actually achieved some! I do love a good list, and being able to cross an item off is so fulfilling to me….one of my nerdy tendencies. Maybe the universe just got fed up with me and decided to make it easier, I don’t know for sure, but something seems to be behind me pushing me. So maybe it’s time to make some actual goals in regards to working out…I could list all my goals for the year, but maybe we’ll start small, with just fitness related ones for now…I’m sure you all would just love to know everything I want to accomplish, but you’ll have to wait. Besides, it’s good to want.

It’s a new month, always good…almost summer, also good….and I need to break out of my stagnant lifestyle, so there is reason #3 to set some goals. And if anyone reads this, please feel free to check in with me at the end of the month to see what I’ve accomplished. I need to be held accountable!!


Work out at the gym at least 4 days a week – right now I’m doing 20 minutes on the treadmill, walking with an incline, then spend about 10-15 minutes on the weight machines, alternating legs and arms each day. I need to track the weight and reps of each machine so I can see some progress. Also possibly need to incorporate the elliptical and bike. Perhaps one day we’ll see about starting running on the treadmill.

Take the stairs at work after lunch – 7 flights, 140 stairs total. I’d like to time myself also, and perhaps time how long it takes me to get my breathing back to normal, so I don’t scare people when they come up to my desk and they think I’m going to pass out.

Tracking calories – oh, this is a big one. I absolutely hate tracking my food. I find it tedious and boring, and I also hate that I have to see in print how much I’m consuming. Yes, exactly the reason I need to do it….it just really goes against my whole love of denial. If I track, then I have to make adjustments and make an effort…that’s just HARD. But yes, I’ll do it. I need to stay in the range of 1800-2000 each day….crikey.

Take a fitness class – I always envision myself as one of those fit people happily skipping to one of their great yoga classes or whatever…where that image came from, no idea! I am not one of those people and probably won’t ever be. But, I can still take a class and benefit from it. My gym offers free classes, so I definitely need to take advantage of at least one of them. (I am taking a dance class which is challenging, but that’s more for fun, so I won’t count it.)

Ugh…is that enough? I think so, I really don’t want to overwhelm myself. And I can always had new goals next month depending on how I do on these….oh joy
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    Thanks everyone...I'll keep you all updated!
    3791 days ago
    Gettin_Svelt - i am taking a beginning ballroom class with my boyfriend and my brother and his girlfriend. We've had one class so far, and we were all sweating at the end of it!
    3791 days ago
    Oh my gosh, fun is the best form of exercise!
    I love taking classes at the gym when I'm with friends. I recently moved to a town where I don't know a lot of people, so classes are more intimidating. But if you have a friend to go with, you can make any class fun.
    What kind of dance class are you taking?
    3792 days ago
    we are in the same place here. i swear most of what you wrote, i could have (or probably did at some point) written. and i hate that jerky little voice in the bad of my mind that asks what size i would be if i wasnt a big ole quitter.

    you can do this! and don't write off that dance class, thats exercise too. i know fun cant equal exercise, right?

    we can do this when we learn to get out of our own way.
    3792 days ago
    Great goals!!!
    3792 days ago
    Good for you- looks like a good list. Keep us all updated!
    3792 days ago
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