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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Quiters never win, Winners never quit!
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    you have an awesome attitude!! you know what to do, just be patient, you know it will happen!!! yay for you!! loved this blog, so honest. i haven't lost any weight for over the last week and a half, i do hope it's because i'm building muscle mass, (i've been working out like crazy), but is discouraging, but i do stay hopeful. best of luck to you!!

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    3412 days ago
    Oh Dear!! Hun thanks soo much for posting this becouse OMG I feel the same way! I worked so hard for those 3 weeks and last week I fell once again.. But I assure you i'm done cheating! I am now reading Susan Powters and wow let me tell you i've learned sooo much.. I fell becouse I wasn't losing it I got angry and food was what I ran too! I am here to say it wasn't worth it at all! I weighed yesterday on DANELLE'S NEW SCALE! Thanks to you :-) And unfortunately I gained 5 lbs! BUT! I started my menstrual cycle yesterday evenening so thinking I might be carrying some water weight anyways you are right it doesn't matter what that stupid thing says we are doing the right things and it can't make us gain so I would rather be a WINNER THEN A LOSER! Always love your BLOGS KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! emoticon
    3412 days ago
    I was reading something today that said sometimes when you work out your gaining muscle witch is heaver then fat . So basically your loosen weight but building muscles.
    3413 days ago

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    First I want to say BRAVO for not giving up on yourself! That is the mindset that you want to have. You even said yourself that you have had a yo-yo dieting in the past and that never helped.

    If I may - from my personal journey - a couple of things happen when you change your lifestyle. You are right about your body is going "Whoa there! What's going on?" You need to get some initial measurements on your body. There are a lot of times that the scale doesn't move but your clothes start fitting differently. I had a WHOLE MONTH that the scale didn't move. Talk about being discouraged! A week was nothing. I just kept at it and sure enough things started moving again. There WILL be plateaus and even ups to go with the downs. Don't worry - if you are eating right and getting exercise, it will happen. As many say - it didn't go on over night or even in a week so it's not going to come off that way. Oh - and watch the sodium when you are finding your foods. Additional sodium can retain some of those 8 glasses of water you are drinking a day (you ARE drinking your water, right?) emoticon

    Keep up the determination that I hear in your voice. You CAN do this and you WILL do this.

    Oh - and I had to laugh about your comment about "old age" and over 30. Try being like me and pushing the 1/2 century mark! If *I* can do it as the old fart that *I* am, then a spring chick like you can do it too.

    Be patient with yourself and I think you will be amazed at what you can accomplish.

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    3415 days ago
    Thanks for the kind comments. I should clarify that I have not missed a period.I have in the past though. I don't really track my period month to month, but think it may be coming. It's a possibility. I definitely do eat enough and track everything through my nutrition and fitness. Feel free to see what I eat using the link at the bottom left corner of my home page.

    This blog for me was about trying to accept that the scale doesn't always reflect your bodies changes the way we expect, but to keep at it. Thanks for all the support emoticon
    3415 days ago
    skipping a period totally means that you are stressing your body out. Are you sure that you are getting enough calories? Don't worry though, i have been dieting for a week and i'm in my early 20s and I havent lost anything either. But I was menstruating, it actually showed a +2 GAIN! but i'm not letting myself get discouraged, and neither should you. its going to take time, we didnt get to where we are over night and we arent going to get back overnight either.

    If you are finding it hard to stick within your calories, I recommend for your first week to eat the same things for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Every day I eat the same breakfast because it took me awhile to get enough calories and good things into my breakfast. Then the 2nd week you can change things around a bit, but try to stay within the same ranges, it will make the eating a lot better. :)

    hope this helps! good luck!
    3415 days ago
    I do like this blog and i think it will help others thats going thru this. I had only lost @ 15lbs since December 4 so hang in there. I am doing 1200 calories a day because i can't exercise and on alot of medication but i have decided lose or not i am here and eating healthy and feeling better. So don't give up if i can help in anyway let me know!
    3415 days ago
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