Rough day!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Today started out great. My best friend wanted to begin my birthday celebration (actual BD on Monday) so he took me to the ocean for a run. It was a beautiful day (which has been rare because we have had 28 out 31 days of rain). The run was amazing and watching my dog romp in the water even more so.

Now the bad part breaks down. We called around the car repair shops were either closed or busy till Monday.

Since the day had been so great, we were trying not to let it get to us. We decided to walk two miles to Starbucks and Blockbusters.

Now the really bad part... on the way to starbucks we have two guys that are obviously strung out on some type of drugs start yelling towards us. We ignore them and keep walking. A couple of minutes later we realize they are still behind us but walking faster and faster. We begin to walk faster and so do they. They start actually chasing after us until we duck in to a store. At which point they stop and actually look around to see where we have gone. Thankfully we stayed in the store until they were gone.

Glad we are safe at home now, but still shaken up by the day.

Although it's 8 pm here. I'm off to bed and praying that tomorrow is a better day.
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