Left the Plateau Behind..Finally!!

Saturday, June 05, 2010

I tell you what, there is nothing like a plateau! I think mine was about 2 months. I lost like 3.5 lbs during that time. Then I thought to myself, okay what am I doing, or not doing, that could be limiting my weightloss efforts? Well it stared me right in the face because I decided to be honest with myself. It was Pepsi, yep there it was! I had gone on a business trip, and had some pop and that got me back to drinking it.

In the last week my body has taken a flying leap off the plateau place and is skiing downhill fast. I lost 4. 4 lbs in the last week, woohoo! heading toward my next goal of 80 lbs. and i know i will get there fast. It feels great to know that what I have left to lose, is less than what I have already lost. whew!!! I finally got over that hump.

I am back in focus, I am off plateau place, and I am headed towards my ultimate goal. Thats it, its about me and how I am going to get to where I am going! I can't and won't let anyone stop me know. (especially since I have my weight loss skis on) LOL

80 lbs here I come, get ready!!
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