losing slooooowly.....

Friday, June 04, 2010

ok So I officially turned 30 last week. I'm ok with that..really. Lots of people when they first meet me don't realize i'm like 13 years older than i look. i've always been that way too lol! though when i inspect my face closely in the mirror, i've got creases in my forehead and some wrinkling around my eyes.. fair enough. better moisturizer i say! LMAO!

My weight is under 170.. and holding! actually i'm at 168. though i've not been working out regularly..and i should. i think i shall start up the wii tonight and play tennis against the computer :D i've actually always liked tennis..not sure why. i think i'll get up early tomorrow..before it gets too hot and do an interval run. i've not done one in a month..i'm slacking. if i just push the exercise more now..i know i could break loose the weight even faster!

I've decided that i will be going back to school this fall. i've applied for my first set of financial aid through FAFSA. i go monday for my placement testing. then ill see how much if any more ill need to pay for school.

thats all for now.
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