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Too Fat For Cute Exercise Clothes

Thursday, June 03, 2010

Warning: PMS Rant

It's official. Today I reached a milestone: I've now lost 25 pounds since I joined SP. So why am I not ecstatic?

I have been exercising a lot. I could use some new exercise clothes (especially sports bras) but have been waiting until I lost some weight because, when I got outfitted in February, I could not fit in any of the women's clothes in my neighborhood sporting goods store and had to buy XL men's shirts. How sad. Well, this morning when I passed the 25-lb threshold I thought it might be a good time to revisit the store because, as I said, I'm in need of some exercise clothes.

What a mistake! The stupid store barely carries XL tops for women and the few I could find among the racks and racks of adorable, colorful, and feminine clothes were black. Yawn. Oh, wait! But fat girls LIKE black because it makes them look THINNER! Therefore, the store is doing us fat girls a FAVOR! What do they have against larger women? Can't a fat girl wear cute clothes? Apparently not. So I go to a changing room with XL black shorts and XL black sports bra along with a few cute pink items that I HOPED might fit. But, no. Black it is. On top of that, trying to squeeze into the cute pink items and seeing myself all lumpy and jiggly was just too much. I feel like I've come a long way, but I have SO far to go and I still can't walk into a store and find cute and feminine items in my size.

I was so irritated. So I asked the sales guy, "What's up with the lack of larger women's clothes?" He tells me he doesn't understand it either. Apparently, I'm the second woman in a week to ask him the same question. He told me that for each item, the store gets a ratio of something like 3 S, 4 M, 4 L, and 1 XL. ONE! Should I stake out the store on delivery day? Give me a break! The funny part is the sales guy actually said that I'm "not obese or anything" so I should be able to find clothes that fit. Actually, technically, I am obese, but I agree with your point Mr. Sales Man.

What will I wear to exercise in tomorrow? Oh, yes. Black shorts, black sports bra, and a men's XL shirt. Bleh.
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    Take a look at
    2904 days ago
    I'm emoticon that you weren't able to find exercise clothes other than black when you had your hopes up for something different! I haven't read the suggestions others have given, but I would suggest going to a few other stores and seeing if you can find a better variety. And, then, those stores that don't have nice clothes for those of us going through this wonderful transition in our lives, let them know how you feel about the LACK of choices they offer and how you were able to find a better variety elsewhere. As I'm writing this, I'm wondering if this wouldn't be a GOOD market for future sales?! emoticon

    emoticon on your 25 lb. loss . . . we are "twins" in this "department!" emoticon Keep up the emoticon work!
    2911 days ago
    I agree about the clothes!!! And tell me what person that can fit into a 3 or 4 needs to exercise anyway!!!
    2911 days ago
  • WINDEE52
    Ugh! How frustrating! Maybe you can find what you're looking for online? I know you can't try it on so shipping costs might be more (unless you try amazon with their super saver shipping). Good luck and don't let this get you down, you're still 25 pounds lighter!!!!
    2912 days ago
    way to go on the weight loss
    but I so feel the frustration on workout clothes

    I need a REAL XL workout top, walmart, target, etc - that XL is like maybe a medium, if that

    So I am making do still with my curret one (yup, BLACK)
    2912 days ago
    Poor thing... I understand your disappointment. It's not fair. Maybe you could order the XL item you fancy if they haven't got it when you go to the store. Have you had a look on the internet to see whether some shops specialized in those sizes? I'm sure it must exist with the fun colours you're looking for.
    Keep smiling and keep up the good work! I want to give you big emoticon
    2912 days ago
    Congrats on the 25 lb loss! I agree with the poster who suggested WalMart. I don't personally shop there but there is a lady at my Zumba class who always has cute workout clothes on and she gets them at WalMart.

    It's really silly that they don't provide cuter clothes for us plus sized ladies to encourage us to work out. Target clothes slay me, they have no sports bras in anything bigger than a 38 and my Target only has about three racks of plus sized clothes. They have 72 racks of regular size but only three that I can fit in. I don't think I've ever bought clothes from Target.

    I agree with Jenny, let's all take our lawn chairs and just wait.
    2912 days ago
    You might also try Ashley Stewart's. They have cute and fashionable clothes in plus sizes.
    2912 days ago
    I too have lost 25 pounds and felt the same way you do so I went online to some of the plus size stores and bought several cute/colorful shirts. I bought capri workout bottoms at Target but look out for the fit. There's "fitted" which does not look good on me but semi fitted is fine and then there's loose but that's not the proper name. Bras are another story...I get my pretty ones at Lane Bryant and I decided to get a sports bra there but they start one size higher than I am...ironic that I've lost enough weight to need a sports bra and now they don't come in my size. I don't the the ones at the regular stores will be big enough. Keep up the good work...25 pounds is awesome!
    2912 days ago
    Hey ! Congratualtions on 25 pounds of weight loss! Yeah!

    Why don't we all go with you on the morning the shipment of clothing comes in. We'll sit outside the store with our lawn chairs like people waiting to get hard-to-find tickets or something. Then, we'll pounce as soon as that ONE XL comes in! That may be the only way to get those clothes. emoticon

    2912 days ago
    Sherryl, you messed up on your title. It should read, "Too cute for fat exercise clothes!" That suits you better!

    In reply to your point, they make exercise clothes on a different sizing system. They have all of those skinny mini's who are so into exercise that they can't find any normal size clothes and have to shop at children's stores. So, in order to make them feel like attractive women, they moved the sizes down so what would have been an xxs or xs is now just called "small." An exercise outfit in an XL is really equivelent to a medium or if stretching it, a large. It's all a consipiracy really to make those really tiny people feel socially accepted and us normal sized ones to think we don't fit in normal size clothes...I am sure once they realize the poor business nature of this arrangement, they will expand their sizing system and may even change how they are labeled. I can imagine something like "Olympic," "Super active," "moderately active," "active," "increasingly active," and "potentially active."

    As far as the black, you are taking it way too personal. It is because black matches with everything. You know how unfashionable it is to have your running shoes NOT match your clothes? Well, with all of the wild colored shoes and sweatshirts, that exercise clothing manufacturers are marketing to a broader audience by not facilitating any "clashing."

    emoticon That is my very creative interpretation...

    ..I feel your pain!
    2912 days ago

    Comment edited on: 6/4/2010 12:36:08 PM
  • LEASIM1231
    Nice rant :)
    2912 days ago
  • GINNY1215
    Been there. There is never anything in the XL departments in exercise clothing. I guess we don't exercise. I am like you I can get into larges now but I feel like shows some "fat back' I do not want emphasized! Again, congratulations on the 25 pound loss. I guess we can get in the habit of staking out stores on delivery day.
    2912 days ago
    Rant or not, I love your blog because it says it all. I feel this way about all women's clothing, especially bras! Why can't I wear cute colored lacey bras? They are either nude, black or white and are NOT pretty. Anyway Congrats on all your hard work, 25 pounds is quite an accomplishment and you should be proud of it whether the fashion industries wants to or not! Keep up the awesome work!!
    2912 days ago
    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS on the great weight loss. Second, phooey on the industry. I have actually found some cute exercise clothes at Wal-mart. You might try this site.

    2912 days ago
  • PAROO1
    I feel your pain. The only place I've been able to even find clothes to fit, much less look attractive is in the Champion catalog. It's not exactly inexpensive either. Congratulations on the 25-lb loss so far. Hang in there! emoticon
    2912 days ago
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