So how am I doing?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

On my list from yesterday, let's see how I'm doing so far:

All I know is that I have a plan of action:

1. Talk to DH about my theory re: self-sabotage. emoticon
2. Do ST tonight at home so that I don't feel like I didn't do anything physical today. **** I actually did a couple sets crunches and pushups at work*** emoticon
3. Finish my mission to get the house in order (items other than a to be completed over time - ok actually tomorrow I want b and c to happen as well)--
a. Clean the bathroom tomorrow morning. ***NOT YET***
b. Pack away cold-weather/toowarm clothing ***Put a few things aside***
c. Create a space for sweaty workout clothes to air out - specifically! emoticon!
d. Pack the kitchen items that will not be used before we leave.
e. Pack other items that will go into storage while we're w/ the in-laws
4. GO RUN TOMORROW! emoticon
5. Make a grocery list tonight/tomorrow to be completed shopping on Thursday. Goal - use up pantry items as much as possible between now and when we leave.

So.... I still have:

1. Grocery list tonight shop tomorrow!
3. Clean the bathroom
4. Pack away clothes I won't wear between now and moving day
3. Pack the kitchen items not used between now and moving day
5. Pack stuff that's not coming on the move with us

See what I did there? I accomplished running today but I gotta run tomorrow so it stays. HAHA :D I also prioritized my list by how soon I want things done between now and moving day.

Tomorrow I WILL wake up EARLY to beat the heat for running! I will get my run done EARLY at the arboretum and then go grocery shopping like on one of my favorite days last week. :) Then before I shower I will clean the bathroom. Tomorrow's my last day of work this week and then my sister will be here visiting - HURRAH! I definitely don't want to have chores to do while she's here so that will help motivate me to get everything done tomorrow.


Talked to the DH last night. It felt good to tell him about how I was feeling. I think getting things accomplished around the house has really helped me to feel like I'm Getting Things Done, if you know what I mean. Yes, capitalized. You know that feeling! ACCOMPLISHMENT! SUCCESS! :D hahaha. My failure ANTI-drug! :) He seemed game to go w/ me to the park sometime at night, but he brought up how fun it'd be if we had a dog and I could run a lap w/ the dog and then drop the dog w/ DH for a rest break and then take him w/ me again, etc. And we got sidetracked and just looked at pictures of doggies for adoption and videos of cute puppies for like an hour. HAHAHA. *sigh* sad.

I did NOT do any ST at home last night - BUT! I suspected I might not and to help pass some time at work I did some crunches and girl pushups. I HATE doing girl pushups now. I hate my knees on the ground. I'd much prefer do an angled pushup full length or use my Freestyle Trainer for some deep chest presses or something. It feels so much more effective for the muscles I want to hit without being a pain for other areas (like my wrists and knees). But I did it. Stacking up achievement of small goals to create that upward spiral like it talks about in The Spark! :)

I also ran today - not the 4 miles on my training plan but ..... it was MISERABLE. Absolutely the worst run I've had in a while. My hip/butt was not happy w/ me for sitting all day at work the day before. It was feeling SO GOOD after a weekend of not having to sit here at work. :P I can't wait till this is not part of my daily routine anymore. I need to make sure I get up and move around and stretch throughout the day so that doesn't happen. Plus the heat and humidity were just SMOTHERING me. Tomorrow's run WILL be better.

Thanks for all the great comments on my blog yesterday.

I can do this.
I will trust myself.
I will be good to myself.
I will learn to love myself and realize I deserve both love AND being fit and healthy.
I don't have to be broken to be loved.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I'm so proud of you! you really have it all figured out. Clean environments DEFINITELY destress me... I'm sure you'll feel better with less clutter.
    3480 days ago
    You hang in there; I'll do the same! Funny, we're both struggling a bit at the moment with weight/food/maintenance (andbelief in self) issues.
    3482 days ago
    It looks like you've been doing a lot of thinking, reflecting, planning, organizing, etc. I know you know from your successes already that this is SO key to continued success. And yes, any sort of accomplishment or sense of success you can give yourself just tends to breed more of those things. I make myself to-do lists every day--and sometimes the content is like super lame, but I still do it--because I find it helps me to keep trucking and keep feeling good about myself if I get to check off the things I've managed to get done so far.

    Keep puzzling through, and keep striving. You're right--you DESERVE both success and love!
    3482 days ago
    Congrats on all you got accomplished!! Love to see all those thumbs up icons! :)
    Haha...re: your comment on my blog, my DH is a carnivore too. He would definitely NOT join me in my vegetarian week.
    3482 days ago
    Getting the shopping done took care of so many things on my list including self sabotage-- when you have your foods you will eat right! Looking forward to the next few days of deliciousness!
    3483 days ago
    you rock dana. that is all i have to say.
    3483 days ago
    Glad you're making so much progress towards your goals. Hope your tomorrow is as productive as your today!
    3483 days ago
    emoticon on getting so much done yesterday and having a great plan for today and tomorrow!

    Keep up the good work! emoticon

    - Karen
    3483 days ago
    "I can do this.
    I will trust myself.
    I will be good to myself.
    I will learn to love myself and realize I deserve both love AND being fit and healthy.
    I don't have to be broken to be loved."

    Amen, Dana!
    3483 days ago
    Another GREAT blog! I love making lists! You are so organized - that is the first step to actually getting things done! Then you get to cross stuff off the list!

    I love that you and DH got off track looking at puppies. Every time the BF and I have a serious but uncomfortable convo, the kitties break any tension!

    Sorry to hear it was a bad run - sounds like tomorrow will better - early before the heat!
    3483 days ago
    Bouncing back as ever...Go Dana GO!

    Hey, sharing a shout-out from another terrific member and her (4A-HEALTHY-BMI) recent blog about maintaining:


    This is just FULL of insights for maintenance!

    3483 days ago
    Conrats on getting your list together & prioritizing!
    3483 days ago
    Lots that you already GOT done! Great job Dana--- keep pushing forward.
    3483 days ago
    Love the affirmations at the end....
    3483 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Glad you ticked a few things off your list and had it out with the DH. Sorry the run didn't go as well as you'd like, but at least you gave it a try! And I think crunches and even girl pushups count as strength training!

    I agree...
    3483 days ago
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