Monday, May 31, 2010

I gotta be honest this whole being sick thing is getting really old. ugh! It didn't help matters that we had a super busy weekend. Our good friends from Seattle came down for the weekend and on Saturday we had a housewarming party with about 20 family and friends. But now that everyone has gone home and hubby is at work I finally have some time to just sit and enjoy peace and quiet.

So since last Monday I have been fighting a nasty cold that I am pretty sure has turned into a sinus infection. On Wednesday the left side of my face and neck started feeling like someone injected me with novacaine. It wasn't numb, it just felt that way. It is still feeling a little weird but seems to be getting better. Add to that a few weeks ago I started having a tightness/discomfort in my upper left chest. If I have a bra on I dont notice it, but the minute I release the beasts I can feel it and it is starting to really bug me.

Add to all of that the problems I have been having for almost 8 months now. Back in September I started to feel a weakness in my left leg and hip with lower back pain. Doc diagnosed me with Sciatica and sent me on my way with muscle relaxers. Months past and I was still having issues coming and going and eventually started feeling the same weakness in my left arm with pain in my left shoulder. Not weak in the sense I have muscle loss just a general weak feeling. Add the weird sensations in my face and the tightness in my left chest I feel like I am going crazy. Since all this started back in September I have been to the doc numerous times. I have had blood tests, cat scan of my brain, mri of my brain and spine. I have had to visits with a neurologist and had a full neurological work up. Still no answers. So who knows maybe I need to get back to the doc and have them do a full workup on my heart.

Yeah yeah whiny me I know. I am just frustrated. Feels like just when I am ready to get my butt in gear and turn this thing around my body doesn't let me. So either I am crazy and it is all in my head or something is actually going on in m body. Either way I am tired of feeling run down and tired of feeling like I just can'r catch a break.

Ok, pity party over.
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    Oh girlfriend,

    I'm so sorry your're hurting. I'm sending emoticon your way!

    It's terrible feeling so bad and not knowing what is causing this. Don't give up. Keep pushing the doctors. Go to specialists. If you have a University hospital nearby, go there. Epecialy if it's a teaching hospital. They LOVE finding stuff that no one else can find. Besides, they usually have the best experts there.

    Please keep us posted so we know how to pray for you!

    3926 days ago
  • AIMEEM77
    I understand the feeling...I too have been battling weird illnesses but it's actually been going on for a year or more now. For me, something FINALLY showed up in the bloodwork and I actually have an appointment later this week with a rheumatologist so hopefully they will find out what is wrong with me.

    I know it's tough when you feel bad. In the past year I've had severe joint pain, an elevated SED rate in my bloodwork, and several autoimmune disorders such as-granular anuloma, eczema, and uticaria. Furhter, they put me on an anti-inflammatory for some of my joint pain and after taking it for 2 months I finally realized I was allergic to it after my throat swelled shut...lol.

    I also just received treatment a couple months ago for pre-cancer cells in my cervix-I had cryo surgery to fix it. In addition i battled some chest pains a couple months ago that ended up being something costochondritis-an inflammation in the cartlidge around the sternum.

    All that said, believe me-I'm feeling your pain. Just keep smiling and push through it and eventually you end up on the other side. Don't allow yourself to lose the momentum you have built.

    And for goodness sakes-feel better soon!
    3927 days ago
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