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Sunday, May 30, 2010

finally figured out why my diet worked at first and isnt working now
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    haha i am so focused i think its a problem, Im almost too focused. Now when I look at the things in my cupboard Im just thinking- i could eat this- but it has lots of added sugar......or i could eat that bread! Its whole wheat! But it has high fructose corn syrup in it and bread shouldnt have its kinda a battle to figure out what I should add. I think Im getting plenty of fruits and I dont want to over do those because too much sugar and I gain. So the trouble is going to be finding things with carbs that dont have added sugar but just have them naturally.
    2883 days ago
    I am 65 and had no trouble keeping my weight to 120 lbs while at home with my children. Started back to full time job when I was 42. Kept up the gym and went regularly and likely started to gain 1 lb a year for 20 yrs. Lost 15 lbs then gained it back along with a few more lbs. I feel I have no metabolism anymore and everything I eat goes to my middle which is a problem for most women once they reach my age. I do weight training once a week, pilates once a week, a cardio class for my age group and walk twice a day for 45 minutes at least three times a week and once a day at least twice a week. It is getting a little frustrating that I can't loose ANY weight though my body is in good shape as to toning and muscle for my age. I do not eat junk food, eat lots of veg and fruit thought could likely cut down on the protein I consume. I would say eat no or very little processed food. I likely eat most days fewer calories than recommended for me or correct calories. Just can't seem to loose those lbs. emoticon
    2883 days ago
    You can do this!! Re-focus and try 1200 healthy calories and see if you body responds. Good Luck!
    2883 days ago
    I have dieted myself all the way up to 244! I know this for sure in my journey: slow and steady wins the race. Track those calories, stay away from processed crap, get in the fruit, veggies and protein. Carbs are not your enemy, but do not overload. I know the biggest loser peeps never eat carbs at night.

    Jillian Micheals focuses on the last 10 pounds in one of her hard videos. I don't know which one, because I am not there YET!
    2883 days ago
    Thank you very much for your response!
    Im considering doing what you have reccomended. Im one of those people who is afraid to ditch what i have been doing once it has worked even if it is no longer working, haha. Ive thought about spacing out my food so that i am eating the same stuff I am no but just every couple hours- but even then Im still coming in under my calorie and nutrient allotments.
    Ive also thought about replacing 1-2 oz of my protein at lunch with almonds or pistachios so that I am meeting my 1200 calorie limit.
    The diet im doing was reccommended to me by my mothers friend who said that there is something about this diet that works and she has managed to lose 20 pounds off of it no problem. But no wonder- your starving yourself, lol. Plus, she may have had more weight to lose than me.
    I too have a heavier frame, I have a broad frame. Im at 131 right now, and would love to be at about 120. I have a very slow metabolism and my fear with adding less nutrient dense calories and such is that it will stick. Im like, terrified that if i add in bread (even if its whole wheat) or even the weight watchers ice cream that my body will hold onto it and I wont continue to lose weight.
    2883 days ago
    Personally, I say toss the diet, and eat normally. If you are tracking, you can make sure that you are on target with carbs, protein, and fat. You can still make sure that the choices you are making are healthy ones (whole grains, lots of veggies, etc) which you are already doing. Unless you have problems with uncontrolable binging, adding in some sugar and less nutrient dense calories is not going to hurt anything, and it may make your diet more satisfying. Also, you may try eating 5-6 meals a day (or you may call it 3 meals and 2-3 snacks), so that you are eating every 2-3 hours. Our bodies like this steady stream of nutrients, just don't graze in between the planned snacks.
    These are my thoughts, for what they are worth. You really sound like you have the determination to stick to whatever plan you outline for youself. I wish I had it that figured out at 19. I also have a heavy frame, but had never really found the desire or willpower to do anything about making the best me out of it until just a few months ago. It's a lot harder at 27 after 2 kids, but I know it would only be harder if I waited any longer.
    Good luck in your studies and in your life. It is telling that you not only can make a strict plan for you self and stick to it, but that you are also willing to re-evaluate that plan if it turns out that it may not be the best thing for you. Keep your eyes wide open and on your goals, whatever part of your life they are in.
    emoticon Carol
    2883 days ago
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