Fighting Back. Those Same 5 Pounds.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

All right!

You guys know my struggles with this ridiculous stubborn scale at 199, 199, 199... since March mind you. I dream of the 180's...you have no idea...(lol).
So, I took note of everyone's advice from my last blog which was an overwhelming declaration of the same things.

#1 - Lose the scale.
#2 - Don't go under calories.
#3 - Change up the routine.
#4 - And measure, measure, measure. (To track other successes)

Ok, so I heard it loud and clear. Thanks to everyone for their encouragement!
#1 - The scale is gone until next week. I shall not reunite with it until 6/6/10 I tell you! I shall not! That's hard for me. I'm a daily weigher-er. And it's not obsession, it's for knowledge. Knowledge of your weight fluctuations is very powerful in simple, daily decisions and goals and so I use it as a tool. But during this absolutely, RIDICULOUSLY crazy plateau of mine (199 since Mar 9th of this year), I shall take everyone's advice and let it go. Remember, Kevin James in King of Queens??? "I do it for you!" ... And if it gets too hard, I might just do a ALESHABEE and stash it in the trunk of a friend's car... Good tip by the way lady...(lol).
emoticon emoticon
#2 - After MELANIE19877's pointing out going under my calories, I went back into my tracker that week, and I was indeed under for about three days by about 200-300 calories. Could your body's starvation mode really kick up that fast (which makes you gain weight)?? I have no idea, but all I know is that shortly after those calorie-short days, my scale went up, fast. So lesson learned. My plan of action? I've already stocked up the fridge with some protein shakes to drink at night when I know I'm under and I don't want to eat anymore. My favorite? Muscle Milk Light, Vanilla Creme. Good stuff. A little bottle is just 100 calories and packed with protein... so it is just light enough to make a difference.
#3 - Exercise? Maybe need to change things up. Dually noted. I have released the elliptical machine and I am now run/walking on the treadmill. And MISSJEWEL1 says that she believes everyone inside is a runner (and walker/weight lifter) of some kind. Plus she also said that if I start running, I'll probably drop the weight smoother. So I'm thinking about taking it up, maybe signing up for a 5k. More on that to come. (Thanks MISSJEWEL1! I was listening!)
#4 - I took my measurements, and while it's not much, as I've said before, I'LL TAKE IT! (lol) I lost 4.75 inches all over. But mainly my stomach and behind...(thank goodness)...three nice inches! No wonder why my skirt is hanging a little low lately.
emoticon emoticon emoticon
Don't worry, I'm almost done everyone! Sidenote: why do I write so, so much? I swear, I don't even talk a lot...(lol).

#5 - I'm adding a #5 to the list. Especially for SHALLEN225. We're both doing mini goals for June because we're both stuck like chuck on the same 5 pounds...(lol) right Shallen? Anyway. For June baby! I'm going to keep it at just two pounds a week. SHALLEN225, you said you're doing one pound a week right? Keep me posted! I'll be checking on you. My mini June goals are below and will live on my sparkpage. I've already started crossing my fingers....
Week 1 [Goal: 196 lbs] -
Week 2 [Goal: 194 lbs] -
Week 3 [Goal: 192 lbs] -
Week 4 [Goal: 190 lbs] -

So with all that, I'm also going back to the olden saying that is still relevant today.

"If at first you don't succeed, TRY TRY AGAIN."

It is my course of action... What's yours?

And everyone have a happy, happy Memorial Day weekend! emoticon
Remember to hold tight and share your appreciation to all your friends and family and neighbors who have given their service to this country. They are due a great deal of gratitude and appreciation.

Oh! And also, don't forget to plan ahead to make good decisions at all the barbeques this weekend. Everyone knows that's my weakness... :P

emoticon...for reading. Leave me a note... I love that! emoticon

"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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    Lady you have it pat down!! Success is on your behind girl...I know June is your month! I can just feel it..btw thanks for the mention, emoticon . After losing, well really NO WEIGHT (cuz I started at 154, went to 156, went back to 154, lol) I really emoticon because it did not show the over 8 inches I lost on my body and 3% body fat I lost. That pesky scale I tell ya emoticon
    3719 days ago
  • no profile photo CD5483846
    I hope you hit the 180s soon. :) When I was on a plateau, I did the zig zag plan. Here's the link:


    The thing with our body, once it gets used to a certain calorie level, it will hold on to the weight. To "trick" it, you need to zig zag your calories. The tool above will give you more info. Sometimes, the calorie range is higher than SP's recommendation, but it works for me... I am steadily losing weight. It took me 2 weeks of eating more to get off the plateau. Good luck!
    3723 days ago
  • no profile photo CD6572876
    I always thought it was if at first you don't try ... you wont ever succeed .. so your already there.. I know you will reach your goals .. go get em!!! emoticon emoticon
    3723 days ago
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