Black bean brownies

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I had come across a black bean brownie on the 101cookbooks website and I was intrigued.

As per usual the photos looked good enough to lick the screen, but after checking the ingredients I realised I did not have agave nectar etc, so I set out to find another recipe. The answer came from (and I would have found a pretty similar one on Spark if I had looked there first) which promissed rich fudgey brownies from ingredients that could all be found in my kitchen...and rich in fibres and protein.

Now a lot of people will go 'ewwwwww, bean and chocolate', and an equal amount will tell me that the recipe has been around for years. Guess what, it's new to me so I can have my happy dance! Also, I don't think mixing a packet of cake mix and a can of bean counts as cooking...sorry!

I did wonder as to whether it would be a big waste of ingredients, but my brain pulled a Joey on me (see Friends episode where Cottage pie and Trifle collide....chocolate...goood..
..beans....good...what's not to like....??) and I decided to give it a go.

I soaked and cooked some black beans, and used a standard bean tin to measure the equivalent to a tin of commercial beans. I measured everything as per the recipe, kept in mind the tip of adding baking powder and to mix the chocolate chips in the batter after blitzing to a soft mush rather than sprinkled on top.

And then the batter was really runny, so I tweaked...I added about 2 tbsp of flour....why could I not trust the process?

The result? Instead of the expected fudgey gooey-ness, after the recommended 40 min I had a slightly dry chocolate cake (ie fully set in the middle).

Can you taste the beans? Frankly...NOPE!

Will I make it again? Absolutely! And I will use the Spark recipe, complete with walnuts for that true brownie feel and I WILL NOT fiddle with the recipe.

What's the catch? There is can have your cake and eat it, as according to the recipe each portion packs a modest 93 cals. Even with my idea of a 'portion', that's my brownie craving fullfilled for under 200cals...

Don't believe me? Try it yourself:
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