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What am I doing wrong? Help please.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

I am not a happy bunny. I've been doing this whole diet/healthy lifestyle thing for over a month now and I haven't actually lost any weight at all!!! What I don't get is why or the fact that I've lost inches of my waist and hips but no actual weight. To me this just makes no sense at all. Anyone out there got any suggestion??
I could really use some help at this point because I feel like giving up, I'm working really hard to change myself, eating right, exercising more now than ever before but it doesn't seem to be working and I really miss my cheese on toast in the mornings, lol.
Any suggestions or help anyone can give would be very much appreciated. xx
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    Muscle weighs more than fat. While you've been burning fat, you've also been building muscle. Since you're losing inches, you are making progress even though it's hard to see that on the scale. Hang in there. The scale will start to catch up soon.
    3313 days ago
    It's not always easy to remember what the main purpose of this journey is all about...to establish healthy habits and a healthy lifestyle that is for a lifetime...the weight loss is just a wonderful byproduct of the lifestyle change you are making...your main focus should be on the changes...the results will come in time...sometimes longer than we would like...but, be assured, if you are making healthy changes, the weight will come off. For now, measure your progress by the inches you are losing...try on a tight pair of pants and then watch how they become less and less tight! Also, notice how you are feeling...are you more energized? There are lots of benefits to this healthy lifestyle change...so notice ALL of them, and try not to be too focused on the weight...it can often times frustrate you...and remember that this is not a race...this lifestyle change takes time...so PATIENCE is needed (something I definitely struggled with)...and PERSEVERANCE!

    I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS...Hang in there...it WILL happen...the scale will go down...but remember to embrace all the other wonderful benefits of this healthier lifestyle, too!

    As always,
    Stay Strong!!
    3313 days ago
    Try to be patient with your body and know that there are times when your body will change dramatically and then times it won't. I try to look at my diet and exercise as a lifestyle which makes me feel good and also happens to have the side effect of weight loss...(I have fallen into the numbers trap in the past and been really stressed out by it.). Keep going!
    3313 days ago
    have you increased you rexercise a lot since you started? If you are losing inches and not weight that might indicate fat turning to muscle (more dense therefore less inches!) If it is the reason then this is really great progress. Once your body is accustomed to the diet and the exercise the weight will start to move I promise! emoticon
    3313 days ago
    Thank you bothe for the encouragement, I think perhaps I focus on numbers too much. xx
    3313 days ago
    There are others indicators that you are losing weight, such as what you have noticed already, that your shape is changing. Perhaps putting the scale away for a wee bit and focus on some of those other indicators may help you to understand your journey with your body a bit better. Good luck...you look great!
    3313 days ago
    Keep at it -- your body is changing and eventually the weight will come off.
    3313 days ago
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