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Anybody know where my DRIVE & MOTIVATION went?

Friday, May 28, 2010

I'm really hanging by the skin of my teeth!
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    I tried to keep myself motivated by giving myself a ton of goals. I think I had like 20 goals for a 90 lb loss. Some goals were only a lb apart, but they gave me a motivation to continue because I was never far away from one goal, even if I just made one. So, that gave me strength to keep going.

    And those people who eat all kinds of stuff without caring, well, they may be caring more in about 20 years when they can't breathe when they walk up a flight of stairs, or when their hearts are giving out.

    Also, PLEASE let the hubby know that food is not a gift! Ice cream is NOT something to give you as a celebration present. It's important that he knows that. Tell him that you might like it then and there, but it will make you feel badly later. I cannot tell you how hard this is to accomplish, but it's so so so important. My family built a life out of the "reward/celebration/party = food" method of life. Where did that get me? It got me drinking and eating to the tune of obesity. FOOD IS NOT A PRESENT!!!

    McDonald's is NOT the place to go for food. I haven't been in a McDonald's/Burger king/Wendy's in over 14 months. Why? Because I don't want to be tempted and I sure would going in there. Even if I was to order a salad, the whole damn restaurant smells like burgers and fries, right? Who's gonna want to sit down with a poorly made salad from Micky D's when there's so many yummy fried options????

    There's much better places to eat. There's Charlie Brown's with a full sized serve yourself salad bar. There's Panera Bread with their soup and side salad. There's even the local pizzeria that's much better then those other fast food places. Hon, those places should be like poison to you because they are poison to your body.

    You are not Babygirl and Xmommy. They are different people from you. The exercise and food planing that they do, is not the exercise and food planning that you should do. Looking at someone else and saying ... Why can't I do that? .... will just cause you to get down on yourself and make you feel weaker. That's what happens when you see others doing something that you feel you should be doing. But that's just wrong. What you should be doing is what you can do. Don't look at what others have done and compare that to you. You are not them and they are not you. Do what you can in your own time and more will come eventually. Do what's right for YOU.

    Good luck this weekend and if it doesn't go as planned, well let it go and do better this week. You will get there. Don't worry and don't forget to forgive yourself. That's more important then anything.

    Have a great weekend!

    PS - NO, your cheeks don't look more puffy! emoticon
    2886 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/30/2010 2:12:44 AM
    I hear you.
    I also go through my "motivation emotional roller coaster".
    I can be at a high for a month and come down for a week and back up for another month. Its a vicious cycle that needs to be broken. And like you, I have noticed a pattern. So I've been looking over my food and nutrition trackers and found a pattern.

    I'm starting to think that is a goal setting issue (at lest for me). Once I finish a goal, it takes me a while to follow it up with another. It seems to me that
    I have to set up a goal a week or two before my current goal is met. Maybe this will help me stay motivated and committed.

    You can start all over again for the month of June.
    2887 days ago
  • SUNNY1432
    First thing I have to say is that YOUR ARE emoticon !
    I have the same problems that you have about becoming unmotivated and wishing that I didn't have to care about everything that I eat. I find myself saying that I little dessert is ok or that I'll just have one piece of candy and the next thing I know I have had killed my calorie intake for the day. If I'm thinking positive, I figure that I'll just try to do better tomorrow, which is harder to do if I'm not feeling so positive.
    I guess what I'm trying to say is that you can't get down on yourself for the little mess ups. They happen and we MUST move on. You can do, I know you will find your motivation! I won't worry about it this weekend, just enjoy the weekend and the time with your family and start fresh on Tuesday!
    The best advice I can give you is to find a time for YOU and use that to exercise. That's what I do. I get up earlier than the kids and get my workout in, and if I'm lucky I can et a double in in the afternoon, doesn't always happen. Find Time For You and you will succeed.
    Stay positive, BELIEVE and you will ACHIEVE! emoticon emoticon
    2887 days ago
    eating and not caring is how i got to where i am now. when you get going a little bit you will be able to recognize good-for-you foods and you'll already know that you will be making good decisions.

    i have been the same way, that endless cycle of getting super motivated and excited and then 4 or 5 days later I'm back to eating bad food and making bad choices. one day i hope it clicks with both of us, but just know that you are very beautiful and you are absolutely normal. i feel the same way! we'll get through this together! emoticon
    2888 days ago
    I am going through it too! I haven't gone to the gym since before my knee got hurt. I really don't have any reason to not move. I am stuck on 205. My plan was to get a fitting next week and have lost those last 5lbs so I can be under 200. I am being so lazy. Just be strong and get your groove back! I promise I will do the same. emoticon emoticon emoticon Step away from the temptations!
    2888 days ago
    You know... I get jealous of people who have hours in the day to exercise.. But I work, and you are a full time MOmmy... Instead of getting so down on yourself.. take your kids to the park, and run around with them.. Remember that it takes one little small deed at a time to make a lifetime of change.

    I have a lot of weight to lose... and sometimes that gets me down.. especially since I have been only dropping one, or two pounds at a time.. I was eating too few calories because I was obsessing over my intake of food.. I learned I was hurting myself... and keeping myself from losing.. You have to live your life, and you have to do what works for you. Don't start comparing yourself with others.. it will only bring you down. You are stronger than you think you are.
    2888 days ago
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