Glutton Fests

Friday, May 28, 2010

Working in a corporate setting is stressful. From dealing with belligerent clients with unreasonable demands to working closely with people who demonstrate tidbits of insanity, many wonder and revel at folks such as yours truly for maintaining some level of sanity. ROFLMAO
Lately, it’s been difficult to maintain sanity and control over temptations…Seems like every damn week there is a brunch, luncheon, birthday celebration, baby shower, congrats on (insert whatever here), etc! lol Or someone makes brownies or other scrumptious goodies (yes, I am referring to my former crush and his wonderful domestic demonstration of baking goodies,DAMN HIM LOL) to share with the team. What is a person on a weight loss journey to do? My participation has decreased dramatically, but it’s so hard to resist…
Especially when the buffet is set up RIGHT BEHIND YOU! Sheesh! I’m hit with various delicious aromas, the constant badgering “How come you’re not participating?” question, followed by the awkward “Ahhhh” response and the slink away hovering over their calorie-laden plates that they have to demonstrate SUPERHUMAN strength to carry because its piled so damn high with artery-clogged foods when I explain that I am changing my lifestyle and trying to better myself. And the traffic…lol I have to wait patiently for the grazers to meander through after they’ve touched everything after licking their damn fingers so I can proceed to my destination. SMH SMH SMH! LMAO
Today, I participated in the latest glutton fest (lol) today because one of my buddies is leaving the company after 2 years of being a Temp. It’s a bittersweet parting because the team she’s leaving desperately needs her since they’re understaffed…Two weeks ago another person resigned, which in my opinion the heffa should have been fired LONG AGO LOL! So, it’s difficult to watch an already struggling team take more hits. I told the Section Manager of said team that I am willing to learn their process to help with their ever increasing workload and she wants to take me up on my offer….but MY Manager hit the roof! LOL it’s a LONNNNNNNGGGGGGGG G story that entails accusations of employee stealing, favoritism, and various misunderstandings.
I truly want to help because..if I may be honest without sounding arrogant: I know my job like the back of my hand. I’ve been in the department the longest and I am the only one trained on all systems we utilize, so while I am a vital part of my current team, I am capable of working for both departments with little to no ease or interruption of my daily responsibilities.
Why isn’t my fellow team mates trained on everything as well? LOL…Moving on!
Back to today’s glutton fest: I admit that I indulged. I am afraid of tallying my actual calories ate today! LOL Plus, I have a girls' night out scheduled at the Cheesecake Factory, one of my favorite places! I was so looking forward to a Kobe Burger, but I seriously doubt I will be eating anything tonight. I feel like a stuffed pig, all that is missing is the apple in my mouth. LOL knowing me, I would eat the damn apple.
Regardless of my plans for tonight, I’m going to the gym. Hell, it’s a must right about now! A Saturday visit may be in order as well. Since my gym is 24/7, I’m there at the wee hours of the morning, and I got to know the cleaning crew since I’m usually the last person exercising like an idiot at 2am, knowing damn well I have to get up in a few hours for work. SMH sad, sad, sad! However, I like the early morning exercising. I shower at the gym after my sessions. Once I walk in the door, put away my items, I’m asleep before my head hits the pillow! I have to do something…lol I have to shed the glutton fests of the past somehow.
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    Girl, I totally agree! People are always bringing candy and cakes and pizzas to my office! It's crazy (and so tempting)...once in a while, I give in, but I try to keep the portion manageable....we can do this, though!
    2392 days ago
  • FITKAT2010
    I truly feel for you hon. As an ex-EE'r I myself have chugged down more crap than a toilet and woke up from my stupor starting it all over again.

    I get that you are highly intelligent and incredibly effective in the job that you do. I also know what can happen in a collective that isn't running well at all. Last but not least I can also understand the power of grief. I feel that was the emotion that you were stuffing today at the glutton fest. Your friend is leaving, you can't understand why oh why that the office is not efficient and run properly. I agree.

    The weight loss, health, and fitness journey is one of eating healthier, working out, sufficient hydration and proper rest. The part that is mostly not addressed is the internal part. The feelings, the thoughts that make us do what makes us overweight and unhealthy and very unhappy.

    I truly want for you the best. I know that you are totally capable. I also want some healing for you. You have an incredible heart. I can feel it.



    2914 days ago
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