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sitting the fence

Friday, May 28, 2010

has every body heard the term " sitting the fence " well that is what I am doing and I don't like it, I want to eat vegetarian but I also love seafood and eggs, I am not eating as much sea food as I was because we aren't going out as much but still it isn't vegetarian. I am not eliminating egg because vegan is not a goal at this time. Another problem are is dairy. I have teat to fry an egg with something other than butter, that is all that seems to work. When I do mashed potatoes I have to use milk and butter, those are my only dairy issues unless my wife makes something with milk in it
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    I know that I'm really late responding to this, but I just happened to read your blogs. First, I have been a vegetarian since before it was "cool" and when there was only vegetarians, who didn't eat meat, period. I do eat cheese, I prefer fat free, it melts better. I eat eggs, I do make sure they are cage free & try to get local, but I eat eggs. Have you tried grapeseed oil to fry your eggs? Why do you not want to use butter? Again, it depends on your reasons. If you don't want to eat animal products (vegan) use margarine, if health reasons, butter (I wouldn't use margarine for all the $ in the world, it's not natural, just my opinion.)
    But, the bottom line is, do what is right for you, don't let anyone tell you what you should or shouldn't eat. Even trying to loose weight, if you have a list of things you CANT have, you will fail! Have a list of things you limit, that are special. Then, only eat the best of those things, make them a real treat!
    2861 days ago
    Thanks for your information and encouragement, you have answered a question I asked earlier about trying to do to much at once, I think I am
    2882 days ago
  • SUNNYH99
    Hi Mike, good to see your blog. I've managed to be a vegan for about 15 months now, and here's how I'm doing it. I stopped thinking seafood was appealing, partly by changing how I think about the shrimps and lobsters. If you want details, SparkMail me. Don't want to provide TMI. Eggs always kind of grossed me out, so I haven't missed them. (Disclosure: last month I got a tickbite and was under the weather, and we went out for lunch where brunch was still being served and had pancakes that had egg, but I didn't add any butter; progress, not perfection!) If I wanted to skip butter to fry an egg, I'd give the stick form of Earth Balance a try. That's what I bake with when a recipe calls for butter. To me, the flavor is exquisite. Milk? Who needs it besides baby cows? PETA cured me of thinking it was delicious. I will use soy milk, almond milk, rice milk or hemp milk. I use Silk Soy Creamer in place of cream unless a little sweetness jars in the recipe. Mashed potatoes with stick Earth Balance margarine and a full-fat non-dairy milk or creamer and a little salt and pepper is awesome. Methinks you need a taste test, kiddo! Best of luck, and please let me know how you're doing. You can do this!
    emoticon Sunny
    2882 days ago

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    Well I'm not a veggie of any kind. I do like eggs and cheese. I rarely make mashed potatoes because they're high glycemic, but when I do make them it's with butter and some of the boiled potato water instead of milk, because I don't like milk.

    I fry or brown in oil very rarely - almost not at all. I much prefer boiled eggs to cooked, etc. But when I do need oil, I use olive oil in the pan instead of butter. Every one says you can't. I don't understand why everyone says that because I do just fine with olive oil; no problem. I used to use Canola oil until I found out there is a toxin in it. So I just buy olive. I don't worry about all the different grades of olive oil, I just buy EVOO so that I can use one bottle for everything, as I make my own salad dressing. Works great. Doesn't give eggs a bad or weird etc taste, it's just fine at least to my taste buds.

    I think if you want to change further to something else later that's fine; I've heard other veggies say it's easier to do it by degrees. But eating healthy as a lifestyle change is the point, and if you're doing that then you're fine. You're right about what's in milk; I'm glad I don't like it.
    2882 days ago
  • DS9KIE
    well you just might be a fishtarian...lol, but seriously here is some info on this.



    As far as the dairy and the eggs go it doesn't sound like you eat alot so maybe don't worry about right now and focus on other foods. Well its just a thought.

    I eat a little dairy but there are sooo many other things to inprove on that I'm not worried about the dairy.

    2883 days ago

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    Hi I am a member of the flexitarian team, but know what is in milk I don't wan to use it, I also want to eat as clean as possible. Don't get bored when you don't see results they will come
    2883 days ago
  • FIT_BY_2012
    Dairy is okay for vegetarians, however if you want to cut it out there are a ton of soy products (like soy milk).
    Flexitarian (part-time vegetarian) may work for you. I think I saw a Spark Team about it on someone's spark page, you may want to check that out.
    2883 days ago

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