My muscles are sore, but my heart is uplifted!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

So - this morning I had what is likely to be my last row with the Black Warrior Rowing Club. :( I am confident I will be able to join another rowing club someday in the future, but not sure when that day will be and we are almost certainly not returning HERE so that's that! Maybe I can row on a visit sometime or something!

The girl who is currently the amazing scheduling coordinator is also leaving - either about the same time or shortly after I am. The club is going to take a hard hit this summer! I really hope it survives - at the same time I'm glad I don't have to help it work through that and that I don't have to depend on this particular local rowing club for my future rowing possibilities. I love the people and the rowing, but the organization is hard to keep moving in a positive direction as I've experienced on the Board. Maybe true for other organizations as well -- I don't think I'll be volunteering to do much more than be a very active and supportive participant in something like this for a LONG TIME. :) hehe.

This morning's row was REALLY GOOD. It was tough -- but good. We had a very brief warmup - only did pick and reverse pick drills. Then it was on to rotating through 6's, then rotating between 8's and 6's. Then we spun the boat and rowed all 8's the entire way back, doing pressure pieces (intervals) on the way. I have all these great new rowing blisters that will not be hardened into useful rowing calluses anymore. I also got a new rowing wound -- when getting out of the boat one of the exposed bolts on the outside of the shell that hold the oar riggers on the boat dug into and scraped along my arm. YEAH. I was pretty much trapped against it until I could get up. So I have a nice... cm long? ... gouge in my arm that has a bruise under/around it. FABULOUS! haha.

I also had only about 4 hrs of sleep last night (not surprising) and my quads were definitely sore from yesterday's hilly arboretum adventure! I started running and then decided to take a different turn after covering 3/4 of a mile of my usual route -- I found aNOTHER great new place to run (as long as it's not too sunny/hot cause there's NO shade) along the river on the road that leads to the dam and a landing dock. Totally flat and great view! :) Not even any camber to the road and zero traffic. So... wonderful. :) Unfortunately it's about 1.83 miles out and back added to the trail I was originally started on, so I came short of my 4 miles goal today (totalled 3.33 when I mapped it). I knew I hadn't gone 4 miles - given how I was feeling and the duration - but considering how I felt when I got back to my car I was happy with my run and called it a day.

TRYING SO HARD NOT TO BE INJURED!!!!! I went home and entered my workout, took a shower, ate and then did some foam rolling while watching Bones. And then back to bed to try to get some sleep before time to get ready for work.

I have a BIG weekend coming up! :) Friday night is a concert of a local band my DH and I LOVE (Baak Gwai), Saturday night is the rowing club's send off party for our assistant coach AND ME which is SO NICE! He's graduated w/ his Master's in Engineering but actually got a job as a Rowing Coach in... New Hampshire? Someplace in that general area of the country. haha. So I'm very excited for him. So since we're both leaving they kinda combined it -- I guess no one knew about Scheduling Girl leaving when they planned the party yet... although I think she plans to row and schedule until she leaves so maybe they'll do something separately for her. Then SUNDAY night a good friend of ours (LAFTERSFREE *AHEM*) is putting together a little going away party for us as well! :)

And to top it all off - I get Monday off from work! We haven't been closed on Memorial Day like... since I started working here 4 years ago. So that is nice. Next week will be a short and sweet 3 day workweek for me. Sister's coming next weekend to visit! :D

Anyway -- about my heart being uplifted. I've felt very positive lately about my healthy actions and all. BTW the scale was back down this morning. haha. But that's not really it -- I really love the mindset I'm getting into about everything and I hope it is not just a transient thing. I hope if my mind lets any negativity seep in I'm able to recognize it, acknowledge it, and debunk it and kick it OUT.

I'm probably going to change my little SparkStatus soon -- it's been reading Women Food and God for ages now. But really, that book helped flip some important switches in my brain I think. She gets a little loopy on the God part in my opinion -- as someone who is religious in a Christian faith, reading her talking about how God is inside us or any of her other little statements about what she thinks God is (which totally doesn't jive with my faith) I have to kinda roll my eyes a bit, but really when I think about the principles of what she was saying - how we can connect to God through loving ourselves or whatever the heck... it really makes sense. I believe that we are children of God and that we have a divine nature in our being. Our bodies have been called temples. By treating ourselves well, we are treating our temples well and opening ourselves to spiritual growth and realizing our divine nature. It's really beautiful!

Yes - I do get a little eye-rolly at the kind of open ended generic spiritualism the way it's talked about in that book - but that's really the only part I wasn't into. There's a great section in there called "It's not about the weight, but it IS about the weight, too." Or something like that. Basically covering the fact that while the deep down issues we are correcting in trying to turn to a healthy relationship with food and our bodies is NOT about losing weight. BUT - if we continue to gain weight and degrade our physical health, we will not be able to live to enjoy a healthy relationship with our bodies. We become trapped in the excess weight. But losing weight is simply focusing on a symptom and not the source.

ANYWAY! Enough of that. I will try not to ramble about that book too much more because I swear, I'm not getting paid to advertise it. ;) HAHAHA!
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    Hope you had a SUPER weekend!

    3476 days ago
    Have you read other books that talk about health and fitness in a Christian context? I'd be curious to learn more about that. I know there are teams here for Christian women and I wonder what they find in scripture to support their Spark journeys.

    3477 days ago
    That gouge on your arm is just a sign that you're seriously Hardcore.
    3480 days ago
    This blog is really uplifting! Enjoy all the parties and events and that feeling of being healthy- soooo awesome!
    3480 days ago
    Congratulations on your positive success, Dana. You continue to be an inspiration to the rest of us.

    Enjoy your special weekend!

    3481 days ago
    Enjoy your weekend!
    3481 days ago
    emoticon on the rowing and running! It's too bad that you had to get a rowing injury, but just think -- if it scars, you'll have a "last day of rowing with the Black Warrior Rowing Club" scar to tell people about! emoticon

    I'm glad to hear that you're feeling positive about your healthy lifestyle changes! I've been struggling with my attitude and motivation for a while, and it's good for me to read about someone's success with attitude change. I'm also glad you're enjoying the book Women Food and God. I might try reading it sometime but it's hard to say when since my "to-read" list is so long!

    Keep up the good work!

    - Karen
    3481 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/27/2010 7:15:16 PM
    Farewell, Black Warriors! It sounds like you have a really nice weekend planned. Enjoy it! I don't know how you get by on 4 hours of sleep. That's a nap for me!
    3481 days ago
    Enjoy your weekend! Sounds fabulous! And ouch on the rowing injury!
    3481 days ago
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