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Thursday, May 27, 2010

What happens when you are asked "how are you losing all that weight??" I have been asked this quite a bit lately and expect to be asked it again over the weekend when we see a lot of people we haven't seen for awhile. I tell people the truth. I have cut out most bad fats, cheesy foods, fried foods. Eating mostly fresh veggies, fruit, chicken and fish. And I've been getting off my butt and exercising, usually something every day. I tell them about Sparkpeople and how logging my food and exercise and the support from other's has been a great help. How I feel better then I ever have and am super happy. How my goal is to be healthy not just skinny. But the responses back have been really interesting.

I think most people are hoping you will tell them you are doing it with a magic pill. That it isn't taking a lot of hard work and dedication to a new lifetstyle. They want to hear that you can still eat the wrong unhealthy food, and sit on your butt all day and magically the weight will start to come off. Cause most of what I am hearing is just one excuse after another. I hear about how they love ice cream, how their back is bad, their knees are bad, they hate fruit/veggies...and on and on and on. I try to say well if you start small...just a small change will make a difference and then you go from there. I feel like I am arguing with people on being healthy. I want to scream at them, well if you start doing something and losing a few pounds here or there, your back would feel better, your knees would feel will feel better. I mean, I had all the same issues, I couldn't walk up stairs, I was like O'Neil, one leg up the stairs at a time. Now I can. But they don't want to hear it!!!

But I think it is a statement about our society these days. People don't want to work for anything let alone their health. How sad is that. How sad I was one of those people 5 months ago. If it were easy, wouldn't we all be skinny and healthy??? If there was a magic pill wouldn't we all want it???? It is so hard to spread the spark when people aren't ready to hear about it even if they do ask!!!

ok, that is my soapbox for the day!! I am feeling much better today. Still have some lingering anxiety floating around that I can't figure out how to get rid of right now. But it's not horrible so I'm just ignoring it or trying too! Getting ready for the big birthday bash on Saturday. It is sooooo hot here already too! But hopefully it will be fun!! Well you all have a great day!!! Thank you for being supportive of me during this journey!!! I love sparkpeople!!
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  • TNEWS333
    You know TKaySmiles, right now, it is the "working for it" that I'm enjoying most! I've done many, many things in my life where I gave it a half effort or held something back. Primarily out of fear of failing after all I didn't give it my best shot, did I? And I've spent untold numbers of hours wishing things were different in terms of my weight, health, job, life. But today, if I were offered a magic pill but told I couldn't cook the foods I've been cooking or walk on the treadmill while watching outrageous TV or heaven forbid, not be able to go to yoga class?!! I'd turn it down.

    Now, if I'd seen you at a Memorial Day barbecue a year ago and had this conversation with you, it would have been different. But now that I'm in it? Working every day toward my vision of a healthier me? And working, really working, to take care of me? No way would I give it up.

    Thanks for helping me see that today!
    Have a fun weekend "explaining" to others that there is no magic to it. Just good old fashion hard work.
    3335 days ago
  • no profile photo TRABOLD8567
    Great blog!

    Thanks again for all the support and acknowledgement you provide to us. I know you have to put in more SP time because you're our team leader, but it really helps all of us.

    You make a difference!!

    3335 days ago
    Great Blog Terri. I think we all can relate to what you say here. My insight is how so many seem to want me to fail. Or should I say instead, they want to see if I will fold. I have one friend, who will continue to ask me to try something, knowing I am not eating cake, candy, cookies, or anything filled with sugar.
    Then there are well meaning people, like an old gentleman, who is my DIL's grand father. Yesterday he stopped at her house, and had WW goodies he got for me:-) He is so sweet, but I had to tell him I could not take them, since they were filled with sugar.
    Like you, Terri, I am feeling so much better, and a lot happier I am finally on track with loosing weight and living a healthy life style.
    3335 days ago
    You are soooooo favorite excuse is, "I'm too busy..." Well, if they did half of what I am expected to do I'd be surprised. I was busy and fat too. Then one day I decided I didn't want to be like that anymore. That is what is missing with these people, the drive to get it done.

    It's funny how people glaze over when you tell them what you "did" to get where you are today. They don't want to "do" anything - they just want to be thin. Well, I'm afraid life doesn't work that way!

    Now I really have the drive to get to my goals and more importantly to stay there. Let's hope others can find that same "spark" within themselves!
    3336 days ago
    Great Blog!! You're absolutely right about the excuses. That is just other people's baggage coming up. I have a friend who lost weight and then got enormous and she blames it on her antidepressants. I've been on those same pills and they didn't have that effect on me! They are so sure that you have magically found the right potion or whatever and are just refusing to share it with the world. People are so ridiculous! Ignore them and focus on the goal- which is you getting healthy.
    3336 days ago
  • RONIE11
    I know what you mean I ran into this last weekend on one hand I was thrilled that they were noticing but then the excuses started.. Hello!!!!!!!!! I had everyone of those excuses. What made the difference is this community. You don't hold me accountable you just are here for me when I fail and when I succeed that makes all the difference in the world.
    All we can do it tell them it takes time and commitment. No quick fixes here but the results are well worth it.
    Maybe there are some articles on this.. hmmmm I'll have to look into this..
    Have a great weekend and enjoy the party maybe when they see you can still have a great time and still be healthy they will re think there ideas of what they can and cannot do..
    3336 days ago
    How about the people that say "I'm on my feet all day" Like that counts as exercise! You gotta get your heart rate up - even better sweat a little! Guess some people just don't wanna hear it. But at least they are noticing your hard work. Congrats. emoticon
    3336 days ago
    Yep, its hard to hear so many excuses when you just want to spread the spark. I guess no one will change unless they are ready too.

    What I also really hate is when people tell me about there unhealthy "diets". Like my MIL who eats one spoonful of peanut butter for breakfast and then nothing else until dinner.. Whooaahhh, what do you say to that?

    I am SO glad we have such a great community here on sparkpeople, I can't think of a more motivated, practical, FUN group of people then on this site. And I second what JustDuckie said, I am glad you are getting compliments. Cause you deserve them girl!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3336 days ago
    Your right.... When I was losing weight (alot faster) on SouthBeach I got the same reactions.... Oh, I can't just eat SALAD for 2wks.... WHAT?! No Bread??? etc, etc.... With SP, it's a little less noticeable right now (which, many times, is very disappointing), so I'm not yet getting those questions. I just get a point where I tell everyone that I was basically in their shoes in one way or another and realized if you want it bad enough, when you're ready, you'll find a way. Because isn't that the real issue, outside of all the excuses?! They just don't want it bad enough (as bad as we do)!!!

    I'm glad that you are getting SO much acknowledgement.... emoticon And keep on Sparkin! emoticon
    3336 days ago
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