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My day + Food blog for wednesday (kinda long)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

well I wrote a really long blog about what happened yesterday and then I went to post it and it said that I included profanity somewhere in my post. I went back to change it and the entire thing that I spent like 45 minutes writing got errased. I was so mad I had to just shut my computer down and get off. So Im gonna try this again... lol.

Yesterday went pretty good as far as eating goes and I had a really good day activity wise too. I woke up with my husband at 6:30am because I had to make him lunch to take to work... then I desided to just stay up and make him breakfast and maybe get a little housework done before the kids woke up.

I split my breakfast into two meals because when I eat around 7am I get super hungry a few hours before lunch. I think it worked out pretty well.

I went through my day as usual and then around 4pm when my husband got home me and my sister (javagrl) left to go skating. We wanted to go on wednesday because we figured that it would be not too busy. We got there at around 5pm and relized that they dident even open untill 6:30pm. ::sigh::

So we left and went to subway. We split a bag of sunchips and a foot long orchard chicken salad sub.... I know I have been doing the vegetarian thing but what can I say.. Im weak. I love meat too much to be completely vegetarian. Anyway, it really ended up sucking... It was the first time I have tried a new sub at subway in like 10 years (I normaly get the oven roasted chicken breast) and it sucked.... oh well.

So we leave there and we still have like an hour untill the skating rink opens so we go to lane bryant and look around because my sister really needs some new clothes. When she moved in with me a year ago she weighed around 260 pounds and now she is down to 218! She is still wearing all the shirts she wore at 260 though and She is wearing my hand me down jeans. I told her she dident have to go to layne bryant anymore, that she could prob find something at a regular store but I think mentaly she still thinks she is 250 pounds.

Anyway we were shopping around and It turns out that I am way to small to fit anything there... shopping isent much fun when nothing fits.... but really even the smallest sizes were too big for her, even though she refused to see that. I kept making comments to her about the clothes and how they would looked much bigger than the size on the tag and we are always joking around about being fat in general so we make comments. On my way out of the store I thought that maybe I should not make so many comments about being fat because maybe someone that dident know I use to be real big would be offended and think Im trying to be a jerk. I thought about the comments I was making about the clothes and how a fat girl would look horrible in them and figured that it would sound really bad comming from a thin person... and Im getting to the point where I would be considered more a thin person rather than a fat person.... or at least an average size person. Somthing for me to watch I geuss.

anyway then we went to the rink.... I was so scared of falling down that I did really really bad.... I think alot of it had to do with that it was really really busy there.... turns out that the last wednesday of every month is 1 dollar admission night. It was freakin packed in there... there were wild little kids skating the wrong way on the track, skating accross the track, laying in the middle of the track. I was so nervous that I was going to slam in to a 8 year old and take him out. lol. after about an hour though I desided that I wasnet giving myself a chance and I needed to be less afraid and just do it... I got alot better after that. I did fall twice, once on my hand and my elbow (got a pretty nice buise from that) and another time I fell forward and in an attempt to not hit my knees or my face I did sort of a belly flop on the ground and then slid about 5 or 10 feet. Im sure it was quite amussing to watch lol. Me slip and slidding down the roller rink.

We left there after an hour and a half because the rental skates they gave my sister were really bad and were hurting her feet.

So it was only around 8:00 and we dident want to go home yet so we went to the park to walk around... park closes at 8 though so we drove up to the middle of our town because they have a really nice main street to walk down... lots of lighting and cute shops and really old victorian homes. We walked for about 10 minutes and came to this one building... I asked my sister if she had ever been in it before and she said no... its a little indoor mall with shops all on the inside. Everything in there was closed but as we got to the back of the building we noticed a stairway leading down and a big banner over the door that said "tanning" .... my sister asked what was down there and I told her that I thought it was a gym.... she was like OOoo lets go see how much they charge because I want to join a gym..

So we go down and there is this 60 year old man at the counter who looks like he has never worked out a day in his life.... and he ends up being one of those old guys that likes to bullsh*t with younger women and joke around. So he is going through pricing with her and aking her her age and all this other stuff. I asked if we could look around and we do and its a pretty crappy little gym... a few treadmills and ellipticals, some weight equipment and a very small little aerobics room.

The guy from the front desk spots us and says, hey I have something to show you and then motions to the little aerobics room where two other women are walking in. So here we are in this tiny little room with 4 exercise balls... if there was more than the 5 of us then it would have been really uncomfortable.... he tells the the two other girls have been comming here for 5 weeks and he gives them stuff to do every day... one of the girls said she had gone down 3 sizes or something. Then he tells us to grab a ball. Im thinking "Ooo k we are going to workout now?" but I pick up a ball because WTH I needed a workout anyway, I would play along.

The old guy starts leading us through all these exercises, like ball push ups and sit ups and planks ect.... and we did that for about 20 minutes and I have to say I never realized that you could get such a great workout from an exercise ball.... I was litterily pouring sweat by the time we stopped. It was kinda strange, the whole situation but kinda fun too.

Then by that time it was like 9pm and we needed to get home.

Was a very interesting day... and I think my sisters interested in going to the gym now so I geuss that guys little demonstration worked in some way. lol. I myself cant afford a gym but if I could I would go to the YMCA... I love to swim.

I did great eating all day too and stepped on the scale this morning and had gone down another pound :-) happy me.... Here is a rundown of what I ate yesterday

Breakfast - 7:00pm .... 1 slice double fiber toast, 1 tbls jam, zero cal butter spray, 1/2 cup canned pineapple........ 9:00pm .... 1 caramel rice cake, 1 tbls peanut butter - 325

Snack - dark chocolate square - 38

Lunch: veggie melt w/ 1/2 pumpernickle roll, sauteed mushrooms and onions, 1/8 cup mozzarella, 1 tbls honey mustard dressing, roasted red peppers..... 1/2 can progresso tomato soup..... pickled veggie mix - 442

Snack: 1 cup caramel delight fiber one, 1/2 cup 1% milk - 235

Snack: Yoplait light coconut yogurt -100

Dinner: 1/2 orchard chicken subway sub on 9 grain honey oat w/ lettuce, tomato, onions & salt & pepper.... 1/2 bag harvest cheddar sunchips - 482

Total Calories for the day ~ 1622
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Cool blog as usual. I have multiple workout balls and actually use one to sit on at the computer. It makes me sit up straight. I like to lay on it backwards and stretch my back out.

    If you get one use some of Coach Nicole's videos on the healthy lifestyles tab. She has some great ab ones on there with the ball.

    I hate when you go out and spend money and then the food isn't good. Too bad on that.

    Have a great weekend!
    2913 days ago
    ha-ha.. yeah If I could have only had the cameras rolling on the belly flop... AFV here I come. I wouldn't say I was as graceful as a ballerina... it was more like when you watch the learning channel and see the sea lions whooshing down the ice. haha..

    Yeah the dude at the gym was a bit weird... and I'm sure was a perv... but I figured there were other people there so I was ok. Believe me I'm very cautious so I usually don't get myself into bad situations.

    About the profanities... It was when I said bull-sh*ting I think.... except no *. It also flags the word B*tch and I'm sure the F bomb is not allowed either but I have never been flagged for that one. I cuss quite a bit when I talk (trying to watch myself when I'm around the kids though) and would cuss more in my blogs but I try not to because I don't want to offend any of my spark friends that are maybe more on the conservative side.

    I'm so happy about the 1 pound this week. It feels so great that the weight seems to just be falling off now. I know I am most likely headed towards some sort of stand still because things have been going good for a while now but I'm gonna enjoy it while I can. I'm almost in the 170's now!!! OMG I have never been that small... not counting when I was a little kid. Its so exciting.

    ~ Jess

    2913 days ago

    I just adore ya! OK, now that said....lol

    First of all, NO MORE LANE BRYANT!!!!!! Hells yeah...great job to you AND sissy too! What an accomplishment! I remember that feeling - it's so incredibly liberating, isn't it? Like a monkey (or Lane) off your back, right? WOOHOO!!

    Second, the rink. LMFAO over the falling stuff. And a belly flop??? Sorry - promise laughing WITH you not AT ya! heehee
    emoticon Bet ya looked like a clutzy ballerina...but I'm sure you fell - with STYLE! You should post a pic of the bruise - now THAT'S what I call EFFORT!! heehee...glad you didn't get hurt too bad though.

    What type of profanities did you put??? haha I've never seen that message.

    Next, about the old guy at the gym place. OK, sorry to break this one to ya. Sounds like an undercover perv. LOL. I mean, he brought you both in and let you work out for free...hmmm...(bet you feel like you need a shower now huh). JK I'm sure it was fine.

    LAST, but NOT least: CONGRATS ON YET ANOTHER LB LOST! Have a great weekend girl and keep it up!

    pan> emoticon
    emoticon emoticon
    2913 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/28/2010 2:07:17 PM
    Jess emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon for being too small for lane bryant.....victoria secret here you come/;///ahahahahl. I'm with you about the gym, I can't afford one myself, so I do mine in the yard and down the road.....have a great new day and keep up the food blogs i love your ideas.
    2914 days ago
    Censorship Nazis make me angry. :-P Kudos to you for being dedicated enough to write it out again! I would have.... used more profanities... ;-)
    2914 days ago
    You're not the first person i heard that is disappointed with that subway sub. one of my other SparkFriends was complaining to someone yesterday about it. I personally hate subway, how can you like a sandwich shop that microwaves your food for you. yuck.
    2914 days ago
    yes, It was very strange lol.
    2914 days ago
    What a bizarre experience you had at that little gym. Ha ha! At least you got a decent workout AND a story out of it!
    2914 days ago
  • RACHELLY0724
    Ahhhhh I dream about the day that I can say goodbye to Lane Bryant! Their clothes are WAY too expensive, and poorly made - buttons are always falling off, or seams splitting in the most random places!

    I'm struggling with sodium intake - it's too high, and has got to be causing me to hold onto water - I'll be scouring for lunch recipes!
    2914 days ago
    Spark is weird about profanity for sure. The other day it took me 10 minutes to figure out that it thinks that the "heart" shortcut of "the greater/less than sign open to the right" with this "3" is a profanity. Maybe it stands for something else I'm not aware of... ;)
    2915 days ago
    I love your food presentation! You make a simple sandwich look so fancy!

    WTG for you and your sister! ADIOS LANE BRYANT! emoticon
    2915 days ago
  • SUGIRL06
    Haha I like your story about the gym! And good point about making comments in the store. People who don't know you might be offended. At least you realize it now and can make sure next time! Have a great day!
    2915 days ago
  • KEX820
    Your veggie melt you had for lunch looks awesome! I also try to do the vegetarian thing, but I can't be full on either. I try to only eat meat once or twice a week and I try to keep it lean. I haven't gone skating in forever but I was the one who always fell and busted her butt.
    2915 days ago
    Sounds like you had an eventful day!! Your food looks delicious!! Great job keep up the good work!! you are doing awesome!!
    2915 days ago
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