Great new place to run!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Makes me wish I had taken this advice looonnngg before I have only like a month left to enjoy it.

Hit up the local University's Arboretum today - and it was AWESOME. Tons of paved paths criss crossing all over that place. Pretty plantlife, water... lots of people with there big sweet doggies. :) haha. Ok not LOTS of people, but seriously the only people I saw there had dogs. Oh except one man who was running into the entrance as I was leaving -- he was clearly a Runner. Yes, Runner with a capital R! little split shorts and singlet, he was serious. And not a young man either! I wanted to be like WOOHOO GO RUNNER DUDE! But if it were me running I'd feel very awkward about that... are they mocking me? haha. So I always hold those things in.

I ran about 54 min, which would be a really slow 4 miles for me so I just tracked it as 4 miles to be on the conservative side. My HR average was 152!!!!!!!!!! ONE FIFTY TWO, people! :D hahahaha. My last run I think my average was in the 150's as well. I'm starting to get excited about actually improving in that area. WOOT. I'm 100% positive the cooler temperatures and the shade from trees at times contributed to that today, but I've been noticing a downward trend in the HR numbers recently anyway so that is very cool.

I then went grocery shopping, got gas, came home -- unloaded and put everything away. Ate. Watched a couple episodes of Bones on Netflix Instant (love that). Showered and then was slipping into bed to try to get a powernap when I started thinking about the lovely greek yogurt w/ chocolate on the bottom I got to try and HOLY CRAP I DON'T REMEMBER PUTTING THAT IN THE FRIDGE!

I went down to the car and there was a bag hiddin under the massive block of toilet paper I had also purchased today and left in the car since I couldn't carry it up AND all the groceries. :P Well -- everything was still nice and cool to the touch so I'm calling it ok. I ate one of the yogurts and it was fine so... *shrug* just glad I didn't forget it COMPLETELY.

But of course now with more time passed and that jolt I definitely am not getting a nap and while I feel ok right NOW I'm hoping not to crash and burn too horribly later. At least I shouldn't have any problems getting to bed early enough to wake up for rowing tomorrow not totally exhausted.

In other news the scale jumped up dramatically this morning, but that was somewhat expected as I had little sleep and when I don't sleep enough that is what happens. :P So no worries - I am liking getting back into daily weighing because it really helps me to be comfortable and know where those fluctuations come from and know if it's a serious trend one way or the other or just a blip. I know it is negative for some people, but I always liked it and I'm glad I'm reinstating it! :)

So! Here's to a great rest of the day - I hope. :P I counted the days left of work and I have like 15/16 actual work days left. I might use some more time off even... haha. WOOT.
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    Woo hoo way to go on an awesome run!!!
    3484 days ago
    DH and I did that a couple of times but mostly walk the va track next door. fewer bugs and way less dogy doo.
    3485 days ago
    Welcome to the slow runners' society! You did great - and you are right - the heat and humidity take a toll on you. Keep it slow and you will do better and go longer and faster!
    3485 days ago

    emoticon on finding a new running place and on the increased fitness level indicated by the lower HR! You're doing great!

    Keep up the good work!

    - Karen
    3485 days ago
    Sounds like a beautiful run! And even though you only have it for another month, maybe it will inspire you to find something similar in your new hood! Shade is KEY!

    Glad you remembered the yogurt! My boss was telling us that for the longest time, there was this horrid smell everytime they got into his wife's minivan. Turns out, there was a gallon of milk back there for like, weeks!
    3485 days ago
    The arboretum sounds awesome for a run, Dana. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Serious high fives to you on the HR dropping. You're just rocking it!
    3485 days ago
    Sounds like a great place to run for sure! I'm all for weighing every day as well - just like you said - it really helps keep things in perspective for me!!
    3485 days ago
    Congrats on the lower heart rate while running--seriously, that's a huge achievement. :-)
    3485 days ago
    Mmm, greek yogurt... *drool*

    Yay for Bones :) I watch it on Hulu.
    3485 days ago
    Yogurt and chocolate never really appealed to me... and somehow still don't... yogurt and fruit is definite YES, though. It's great that greek yogurt is super popular and that they are making it in all kinds of flavors, brands and sizes...
    There is some kind of Arboretum on the Eastside that we have never made it to... but I know they have a 5K there.. it's out of the way and we just keep forgetting about it, but I know I'll probably be feeling like I should have visited years ago-LOL. Glad you got 1 whole month to enjoy it still....

    The scale seems to have the same reaction to sleep deprivation on my end...

    And I think you might be onto something regarding the lower HR... sweet!
    3485 days ago
  • KARVY09
    Oooh, what brand was the Greek yogurt? That sounds amazing! Haven't seen that before!

    So cool that you found a great new place to run!
    3485 days ago
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