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Lowering BF%? Where Do I Go From Here?

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Here I am sitting at my goal weight, and I feel like there is still work to be done. I see the areas of my body that I would like to tone, and I want to see more definition than I currently have. I suppose it is all for vanity at this point, but so what? I want to feel and look even better. I am at about 119-120 lbs, and (according to online calculators) at roughly 24% BF. I'd like to see what 20% looks like on me.

So, I have no idea what to do to make that happen. This is what I have been doing.

I have been eating really well lately. Very little processed food. I am staying in my ranges, which are: Cals- 1,200 - 1,409 Carbs- 120 - 140 Fat- 40 - 46 Protein- 90 - 105

I strength train 2x's a week. Here is the routine I created. It will be time to change it up probably in June or so.
Sets Reps Weight
Core Exercises
Single leg lifts on ball 2 15
Crunches with Ball 2 25
Bicycle Crunches 1 50
Lying Straight Leg Raises 3 15
Reverse Crunch with Ball 3 15
Plank 2 24
Side Plank 2 8
Mermaid 2 6
Extend & Hug 1 30
Side Balancing Boat 2 15

Upper Body
Seated Dumbbell Concentration Curls 3 15 15
One-Arm Dumbbell Rows 2 30 15
Dumbbell Chest Flys on Ball 3 15 8
Dumbbell Chest Press on Ball 3 15 16
Dumbbell Triceps Extensions on Ball 3 15 5
Dumbbell Reverse Flys Lying on Ball 3 15 5
Pushups 2 12

Lower Body
Skater Squats 3 15
Squats 3 30
Front kick 3 15
Side Kick 3 15
Fire Hydrant Sequence 1 5

I am training for a 1/2 marathon on 8/1, so my cardio is one long run 12+ miles a week, one 3 mile interval run a week, and a 5-7 mile run with some interval thrown in. I do yoga when I can, but I teach three yoga classes a week. I bike a bit here and there, always with my daughter in tow in a trailer. We never do less than about 4 miles at a time.

Anyway, I would love to lose a bit more body fat, and be able to see how strong the muscles are getting underneath it all. Just not sure how to fine tune. Maybe the key is to just keep chugging along, but I thought I would give a shout out and get any words of wisdom from my SP friends!

Happy Wednesday to you all! And thanks in advance for your help!
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    Wow! Incredible! You already look amazing to me!! But I know, we're our worst critics. I'd love to be at 24% like you know, but I can understand you wanting to better yourself, for you - just to prove you can do it and to see how much MORE incredible you'll look!

    Sounds like the increase in protein has two votes so far as the major first step. I like RACHEL_MAC's advice about bumping up the poundage on the weights. I need to do this, myself to be rid of my flabby triceps. Whatever you do, I know you'll be careful. Don't deprive too much, you need to be ship-shape for that HM coming up on 8/1. Of all people, I know you will cherish your body every step of the way and will be sure you take it as easy as possible while pushing to the max (sounds crazy but I know you "get" it). How in the heck are you finding time to train and teach? ONCE AGAIN, MY SHE-RO!!

    Take care of you!!
    2939 days ago
    Increase protein and lift heavy. While I agree with Rachel with the rest also - if you're training for a marathon you really don't want to cut the carbs.

    Increase your sets, do some supersets, etc. Research research research. It doesn't look like you need to lose any weight - you just need to make an exchange.
    2946 days ago
    (1) Increase protein and decrease carbs
    (2) Kick up the weights you're lifting. Gotta lift HEAVY to burn fat
    (3) Cut back on steady-state cardio, do more intervals, but when you do steady-state cardio, lift first.
    (4) ... give up alcohol and sugar. This is a toughie, but I can never get below 17% without doing it, and body fat comes off sooooo slowly if you want to actually see a difference before you go crazy you're going to have to do it.
    2946 days ago
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