Psyche Out The Weight Gain!!!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

People (sigh)

I have gained back four, almost five hard lost pounds. uuuuuUGH!!!! How? Why?!!? ---- Who? What? When? lol... I don't know! (hands up)
My goal was to lose three more pounds last week, but instead I gained. I was 195.4 aiming for 192 last week...But I ended up back at 197. Now this week I'm back registered on the scale at 199.8. So the difference is 7 almost 8 pounds for my goal last week. And missing that particular mini goal was like the sky was falling... forgive my dramatics. Now, this week, looking at 199 again, I'm just like, ugh.

I am just SICK of the 190's, you know? And here I am, back looking at 199 AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN.

I just don't get it. I've been working out religiously... last week I worked out every day for a solid week. Calorie counting, strength training, cardio, 64 oz of water every day --- all in. Besides that, my eating is on point. So what in the world?
emoticon emoticon
Part of me just feels like throwing my hands up and grabbing some cheese-its and chips ahoy cookies (my beloved "i give up" foods).

Instead of wallowing, I sparked it. Posted it up on my feed --- "why in the world, when I've been so good, is my scale going back up???" No one responded.

Then, in comes MSILVER94 to save the day. She said three words on my feed--- "might be muscle!!"

People, let me tell you... that was like a breath of fresh air partnered with the biggest sigh of relief ever. Seriously! Might be muscle. Why hadn't I thought of that??
Overall, I have been working too hard, for too long to let this little set back kick me out of whack. So even if it IS indeed fat gain of some sort, isn't it better to just psyche myself out and dream that it "might be muscle"???? I choose the latter. Because that's the choiced thought that keeps me going rather than be discouraged. I hope that all makes sense...

So MSILVA94. You were like superwoman, flying in to save the day. Thank you...!

And to everyone else. Got a little weight gain on the scale? Hey. It might be muscle. Keep that in your frontal lobe and don't let it kill your drive. Just keep on moving and grooving and reading your goals. And I shall take my own advice on this as well....! (lol)

(sigh) I feel better now. Good decision. emoticon

Meantime, what in the world do I do know?!??...(lol)... Wish me luck.

emoticon...for reading. Leave me a note... I love that! emoticon

"If at first you don't succeed... try, try again."

With man, this is possible. With GOD, ALL things are possible.
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  • no profile photo CD6096849
    I can totally relate. I gained a lb last week. I was very down about it as I was standing on the scale but then my wellness coach told me that since my water was 98% my muscle was up and my fat was down. So I was excited. Don't get discouraged. You're doing an awesome job and you'll say bye bye to the 190s before you know it. I bet you'll have a big weight loss next week. You just watch and see!
    3724 days ago
    Wow up until the "might be muscle" part, I thought you were talking about me! You should read my last blog. I basically said the SAME thing. Except I know mine isn't muscle. I just gave up for a week. I have tried and tried and tried since Feb and have never left the 170s. How discouraging!!! Anyway, although I'm so completely disgusted, and discouraged, and kind of depressed, I'm not giving up. I'm just throwing myself back in there. What else am I going to do, you know? I'm at 178 now and swore up and down I'd never go into the 180s again. I was at 173 just 2 weeks ago hoping for 170 but whatever. It's in the past and it's done. We just have to continue to move on. But, we MUST remember how we feel NOW in order to keep going forward. No more looking back. No more gaining weight (well, fat...muscle is good!). We have to be committed to never getting this depressed again! Here's to us gaining muscle, and lots of it!
    3724 days ago
    Yes it definitely is...I'm in the same boat with you girl. My personal trainer has finally convinced me to emoticon . I am gonna just stash it in my fiance's trunk. It's crazy that we let that little machine determine how we feel. You may also try taking a week off to give your body time to catch up. I actually lost 2lbs the one week I took off.
    3724 days ago
    Hi Doll,

    first let me give you a big hug for knowing the importance of wellness, its the very best thing that you could ever do for yourself, in the coming years, you will see just how much love you have added to your life, and as far as the weight gain, there could be a myriad of reasons, all of our bodies are different, but truth be told(and no, I am not trying to rain on your parade...lol), but the muscle gain myth is just that, a myth, muscle and fat weigh the same amount, 5 pounds of fat equals 5 pounds of muscle, the ''HUGE'' difference is that given the same amount of fat and muscle, muscle takes up about 1/3 less the space than fat does, which is why you may experience more room in your clothes, but you might not experience a corresponding drop in weight, in other words, you are building lean muscle mass, which in theory makes you look slimmer, as I have prayed that everyone stop being a SLAVE to your scales, you will never experience true happiness on this journey if the numbers on the scale is all that matters, WE MUST learn to value non scale victories, leaner muscle mass, toned arms, toned glutes, a flat tummy, INVEST in a tape measure, so on those days when your demon scale is not moving, you can measure specific points on your body to insure that those inches are coming down, go to bodybuilding.com and marvel at the sheer magnificence of those bodies, according to the weight and height model that we use, some of them will be considered overweight, but they have a very low percentage of bodyfat, thus adding credence to my point, but I think that they are fit, hope that I helped you on your journey, and NEVER, EVER GIVE UP
    3724 days ago
    "It might be muscle,"...I'll have to remember that too. Thanks for this blog. I've been getting frustrated with my scale, but this is a great reminder.
    3724 days ago
  • MELANIE19877
    I agree with everyone else. It's probably muscle! You mentioned tracking your food. Are you tracking it on Spark? Are you tracking your calorie burn on spark also? If so it will tell you if you are not eating enough. I say that because I was on the low end of my calories for quite some time and doing cardio everyday. (And I wasn't tracking calories on SP) I went up on my calories for a few days and dropped several pounds. Just something to keep in mind. Also keep track of your inches instead of depending on the scale.
    Good luck! You're doing great!
    3724 days ago
    yea i agree with MSilva...it is definitely probably muscle. I had the same issue...my scale wasn't moving and when I measured myself..i had gone down in inches. You should try measuring your stomach, hips, thighs, and the next time the scale is unkind, go measure! It is really nice to see that scale moving but as long as I see some sorta progress I"M GOOD....

    Good luck this week!!! :)
    3724 days ago
    You both are the sweetest sparkers out there... Thx so much for the support! emoticon emoticon
    3724 days ago
    : ) : ) : ) awwwwwwww That makes my day knowing that meant so much to you!!! : ) Wow, that really is awesome!!! You never know what role God is giving you in someone else's life!!!!!!! What a lesson learned, thank you so much for expressing that. I am thankful I had the right words to say to you at the right time. I am thankful it helped you. I know sometimes that scale just doesn't make sense, and if we are doing everything were supposed to do, it's NO way fat!!! and if you are strength training and working out good, you're body is re-adjusting it's composition!! to muscle!!!
    3724 days ago
    Its true hun.. there is no way you gained that much in a week, I'm telling you! And you may be surprised next week.. for some reason every time I've "gained" then I get a great drop shortly after. Strange huh? lol
    3724 days ago
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