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Monday, May 24, 2010

Why does exercise have to be fun? I am not inferring that it can not be fun but in general that is where active recreation fits into the equation. Those who play a musical instrument have fun doing it only after the “drudgery” of practicing. The perfect tennis forehand or perfect gold swing is the result of practice. Is brushing your teeth fun, is taking a daily shower fun? There are many things we do daily which are to our benefit which do not fall into the fun category. We should consider our workouts as the practice time we put in to be better at everything we do. We are practicing to become healthier when we are working out; it is about looking better in our clothes or out of them and doing our daily activities with less effort.

If we take the time to concentrate on our workouts and add sufficient intensity we can minimize the time spent doing them and maximize the benefits. Far too many substitute duration for quality and presume more is better. The false hope that cardio is the answer to all weight or exercise problems leads people to the abyss of frustration. Boredom is the enemy so watching TV, reading or listening to tunes is added to the workout to create a diversion taking away from the quality of the workout. Is strength work boring? Only if you allow it to be, the multiplicity of variations on the ways to do total body exercises are such that you can go a long time without repeating any given exercise. The book “You Are Your Own Gym” by Mark Lauren lists 111 different bodyweight exercises. If you can use the book to create a three or four exercise Tabata Protocol workout you can complete in four minutes where is the time to be bored?

Will James said two things which I think apply here. He said “the energy you send out is the energy which returns” and also “to be act as if”. The key to integrating exercise into our daily lives is reprogram our mental attitude to assign to it the value it deserves as a critical part of our lives. The better we are at doing things with our bodies the more fun we have doing physical things..

Thus endeth the lesson.
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    There are now four of them on F.I.T. Check out Kick Ass Workouts I - IV

    3256 days ago
    Hey there! I have never left comment on your posts (never till now, obviously) but let me just say I follow your work and your effort in educating folks is highly appreciated. It is because of you that I changed my exercising routines and no matter how I tried to "switch it up" I always end up getting bored because a slow boring cardio with same moves is just that-slow boring cardio! I've been doing your bodyweight circuit training for quite some time and I NEVER get bored!A) because it's done in thirty short minutes B)because it's three times a week- meaning you don't get to be bored to death plus it's effective. Bottom line-if you want to have fun I'm sure you have something better in mind than jumping in place for forty five mins five times a week, BUT if you want to exercise- exercise, no joke, so once again I agree. Now, I'm not sure if it's a good idea to ask it here but I would really appreciate if you could find some time to post an example of tabata exercise perhaps on F.I.T. teem? Thanks for everything, anyway emoticon
    3256 days ago
  • NWFL59
    Enjoyed the blog and decided to give it a go before commenting. Loved creating and using a short Tabata Protocol. Thanks!
    3256 days ago
    Yes, I am finding this out through the back door. I started doing "real" workouts along with the yoga I practice. Not that the yoga is real fun (it once had been), but it is funner than the pushups, full situps, and the leg lifts.

    However, I am now finding that the yoga practice has taken on dimensions. There are poses that I can now do (and hold for five breaths for the first time) that I couldn't do before.

    Thank you, "real" workouts.

    And thank you, Sergeantmajor. Best blog post I have read.

    3256 days ago
    Now that is a way to start a Monday with great thinking.
    3256 days ago
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