Live Like You Were Dying

Saturday, May 22, 2010

o/` "He said: "I was in my early forties,
"With a lot of life before me,
"An' a moment came that stopped me on a dime.
"I spent most of the next days,
"Looking at the x-rays,
"An' talking 'bout the options an' talkin’ ‘bout sweet time."
I asked him when it sank in,
That this might really be the real end?
How’s it hit you when you get that kind of news?
Man whatcha do?

"An' he said: "I went sky diving, I went rocky mountain climbing,
"I went two point seven seconds on a bull named Fu Man Chu.
"And I loved deeper and I spoke sweeter,
"And I gave forgiveness I'd been denying."
An' he said: "Some day, I hope you get the chance,
"To live like you were dyin'." " o/`

-- "Live Like You Were Dying" performed by Tim McGraw

I just spent a five day stay in the hospital. A few weeks ago I banged my hip on a counter top. With a normal person this wouldn't matter but with someone who has Ehlers-Danlos, it's potentially dangerous. The bruise went into the deep tissues and festered, causing an abscess. When I went to the doctor, he gave me an antibiotic and told me to ice it for the pain. When it wasn't better in a week, I got sent to my dermatologist. He changed the antibiotic and told me to keep icing it.

A day later it finally burst but I knew something was wrong. The discharge didn't look right and didn't smell right. I made an appointment with my regular physician, who sent me directly to the ER. The ER turfed us to the hallways with the drunks and the drug addicts, deeming the problem non life threatening.

They were wrong. I had a necrotizing fascitis.

The next day I had surgery to remove the affected tissue. I now have a 4x2x3cm hole in my side which will take a long time to heal. The IV antibiotics saved my life and luckily this particular form of bacteria is one which is sensitive to oral antibiotics. It's a variant of staph which the infectious disease specialist had never seen before so I have to have a follow-up with him.

Now I'm finally home and recovering. I wonder how long I've been sick because my appetite is back. I can't eat many things --- soft squishy foods and clear liquids --- because the antibiotics really screw things up, but I'm hungry.

They also discovered a protein deficiency. There are some foods I just can't eat. There are others which are beneficial even though they 'ought' to be off limits. I'm losing a ton of water weight, having altered my diet to accommodate the deficiency. When I go in next, I'm to be checked for a B deficiency too.

Maybe things are finally getting back on track.

Additionally, my girlfriend is ready to leave her abusive husband. We're driving down to Cajun Country Memorial Day weekend to get her and bringing her back here to live. She'll help take care of the pets, the house...and me. Otherwise, I'd have been headed for a hospice and we'd have had to get rid of most of the pets an close up parts of the house. This is mutually beneficial to us all; she'll gain her freedom and her privacy and we'll gain a helpmate.

Her brother will be coming with us as well. He's a profiler, a good one, for a federal agency and they transferred him. He can either work from Tallahassee or from Jacksonville but hasn't decided out of which office he wants to work. Currently he's on medical leave so there's no rush.

All of my family...together in one place...and a possible solution to my weight issues.

Middle Eastern cuisine evidently agrees with me, which is how we discovered the protein deficiency. Eating Middle Eastern fixed a lot of my problems; I started feeling better and had a lot more energy.

This works, it does!
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Oh my goodness, I'm fighting happy tears! I am so glad that things are finally turning around for you - just knowing what the problem is can be half the battle! Yay for having an appetite! Yay for Middle Eastern cuisine! Yay for your friend getting away from the abuse, and being able to come take care of you! So many blessings, I am so happy and relieved for you.

    big hugs,
    2893 days ago
    You have been through so much. What courage you have. I am relieved that your friend is moving in with you to care for pets, house and you. It is so beneficial for her also. Take care of yourself and keep us posted on how you are doing.

    2894 days ago
    Wow! YOU are a courageous woman. Keep in touch because I want to keep you in my prayers. Maria
    2894 days ago
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