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Perplexed but not discouraged

Thursday, May 20, 2010

The last week has been a challenge. Up too this point, I had been following the Nutrition Tracker as displayed as closely as I could every day. Just a few changes here and there mostly based on things I can't eat due to allergies. Also skipped tofu and a few other things I just can't get into at this point.

Last Friday I went through the Nutrition Tracker for this week, day by day, and made changes every day trying to set up the whole week changing out meals for others on the tracker choices. By Tuesday it was apparent I had no idea what I was doing! I never went over in calories per day, in fact the closest I got was still 121 under my max calories for the day. Everyday though I have had to adjust what my snack was because I was way under on protein, carbohydrates, or fiber everyday. Today I just didn't meet carbs and fiber to get as close to my minimum as possible.

Thursday is my weigh in day, I gained 1.5 pounds this week....uggghhh. Ok so being a somewhat logical person I went straight to the reports. Based on my BMR I need 13,195 calories a week just to maintain my body. I took in 1411 calories per day (average) so that is a total of 9877 calories for the week. A deficit of 3318 calories, almost a pound of loss. Add to this my 3079 calories burned via exercise and that should be almost a two pound loss...not a 1.5 pound gain.

I know losing the weight is not a definite science but come on. I worked hard this week, a little appreciation from the scale would have been nice. On the plus side I started strength training on May 3rd and have been sticking with 3 days per week. I was able to get into a size smaller pair of jeans yahoooo!!! And I can see the start of muscle definition in my calves and the top of my stomach area. So all in all I feel better, I am seeing some results, now I just need the scale to acknowledge these changes.

I definitely know going forward I need to look at each day of the Nutrition Tracker as a whole versus going through and changing all the breakfasts, lunches, and dinners at once. I need to make sure I get in the calorie range I want without stressing every night about what I have to eat for snack to even out my day. One night I had to have a chicken breast for snack because I was so low on protein...not exactly what I wanted to eat that night!

It is a journey .. I remind myself of that daily. I am making much better choices in my food options, and I am exercising so much more than I was. Both of these are things I know I can keep doing. I will see results on that darn scale!
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    I use the nutrition tracker in a slightly different way.
    I know that I have to be on a certain diet and how much fat that I can consume with out consequences. I do look at the suggestions for the day, but then I use the tracker to keep track of what I have eaten and how much I can still have. This gives me more freedom , like to eat at MickyD's with the kids, etc.

    It also allows me to try so many of the different recipes that they have here on Spark People.

    One of the things that I really do love about this program is that I am free to adjust it to my needs.

    So far, I have lost really slow, but if I can loose 5 lbs by August, I will have lost 60 lbs and maintained the loosing for 2 years. I have tried lots of other diets, but they always went by the wayside and the lbs came back with a few friends to add.

    You can use this to your benefit. emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3196 days ago

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    Hi Missy,
    Congrats on your new jeans! Don't worry about the scale. it sounds like you are working really hard and are really focused. As it says in the sparks book the scale can be your worst enemy. Keep it up! Your doing great!!!!!

    And thanks for your comment. It was so nice hearing from you.
    3205 days ago
    Yes, it's tough getting in all those nutrient requirements. Sounds like you are learning much as you go along and doing well. If you are eating healthy and you are showing more definition in your body with regards to fitting into a smaller pair of jeans, that is excellent! They say that muscle weighs more than fat. It is hard to find a balance between wanting to have a great body shape or a big weight loss. The dynamics of: eating healthy, exercising, drinking plenty of water, and getting enough sleep all factor into being healthy & losing weight. But there comes a time as one loses weight, then the metabolism slows down thus making it harder to lose the weight. And then if you up the workouts then upping calories is important too because otherwise if your body think it is starving, the weight will not come off. That is one reason why quick weight loss diets do not work. And they always tell you that it is important that if you want to continue losing weight or even maintain the weight loss, it will only happen if you lose the weight gradually. That way the metabolism is still steadily burnig the calories. Another important thing is to mix up your exercising routine. Otherwise, if you do the same thing over and over again your body gets stuck in a rut and you just maintain your weight if you are eating healthy & calorie wise; unless you start eating more then you will put on the weight again. If you can do a variety of exercising thoughout the week such as bike riding, roller blading, the elliptical, or treadmill then your body will continue to burn the calories. Even with strength training, it is important to do those exercises like every other day and so the time inbetween that will give your body the chance to repair the tears in the muscles and rebuild them again and make them more shapely. But if you do them every day, then the body can't do the repairs that it needs to do. When doing strength training make sure that you eat protein and all the veggies to help build a strong body. I find that for me, I need to eat throughout the day. I try and not wait until I am so hungry that I eat like 500 calories in one sitting. So I eat enough to keep me going and I eat when I am hungry. I find that Dr. Oz recommends 3 meals plus snacks in between, generally some sort of protein and a piece of fruit. South Beach recommends the same thing. That way you will have the chance to burn off the calories and they won't store as fat. Also, drinking more water or eating fruits with high water content helps metabolize the foods better. I hope this will encourage you. So keep up the good work, and continue to read the articles on the spark message boards. There is a lot of good info and tips to help you succeed, and I know you will! Happy Sparking and have a great Memorial Weekend! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3218 days ago
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