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Two steps forward, one step back... but try not to put any weight on that foot while you're steppin

Thursday, May 20, 2010

I saw the surgeon yesterday for my 4 week (post cast) checkup. The last couple of days my foot has been aching where my bones were broken so I was glad that I was getting a checkup. The last time I was there I got my hard cast cut off and starting wearing my walking cast (my "boot") and using crutches. I was told at that appointment to start putting weight on my foot, up to my tolerance, while using the crutches. I saw this as progress and had hoped that yesterday's appt. would mean the start of PT for me!

Alas, that was not to be. In my sincerest attempts to be a model patient, I have been gradually increasing the amount of weight I bear on my foot while walking, even walking without my crutches from time to time at home, such as around my kitchen or in my bathroom. When I arrived yesterday the Doctor's asst. asked me how I'm doing and I told her that my foot had been aching the past two days, but otherwise I'm progressing. She checks the chart and says "You're only putting weight on it while standing, right?" Quick mental rewind to my last appointment, where I got physically ill from the pain of trying to walk right after having the cast cut off... at that time she told me just put weight on it while standing... but my mental replay definitely included walking with weight on it, to my tolerance (Uber Doc even demonstrated how to do that with crutches!)... so I answer "No, I'm walking on it with my crutches".
OOPS! I guess that was a no-no, and now she says I might have re-broken it? emoticon

Off to Xray I go, and luckily all appears well in spite of not being totally healed yet. Apparently I've been doing too much and the increased swelling is interfering with my healing, so I've got to go back to toes-above-nose for awhile, at least intermittently during the day. No PT orders yet, and back for a recheck in 2 weeks. If the swelling isn't under control by this next visit, its back to the hard cast emoticon

I'm obviously highly motivated to get the swelling down but I no longer have a bed downstairs, in front of the TV and next to my laptop, so lying around is sort of a punishment rather than a respite in my day...

I was really upset yesterday but today I'm optimistic again. I just need to keep putting my recovery first - ahead of my job, my family, my housework, even my weight loss plans. Health first, then everything else.

Time for the next step forward...
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    Decided it was time for my Tammy check :) sounds like you're doing great girl! So glad you got back to the Doc in time to get this info & slow down so you can ultimately heal faster!! I love your attitude & know everything is going to fall into place in the right time; you truly wouldn't want it any other way as with the right timing, you're going to be better & stronger in the end (which will be the beginning of another beautiful chapter)!!

    Stay focused on your mission Tammy! You're going to achieve fabulous results!! One careful step at a time, continue your journey...

    2925 days ago
  • NAVYMOM133
    Very glad to hear there's no break! That's really the main thing out of this crossed signals on the post-visit instructions. Do what you need to do - let the rest go!! You went to the best surgeon, do exactly what he says to do during recovery and sounds like that means double-checking everything they advise before you leave.
    The wonderful end will justify these days of some restriction.
    2947 days ago
    Tammy - think of this as a great time to work on your arms. Keep some light dumbbells around and work the bi's, tri's, chest and back. Your legs will catch up quick when you are healed. You can do it and remember it is most important to follow the doctor's orders!
    2956 days ago
    Keep moving forward...with no weight of course. You are right, it is health first.

    I am sorry that you didn't get the report that you wanted but you have better direction now and will be a model patient.

    Keep your chin up!
    2956 days ago
    Oh no, Tammy! I'm so sorry! We are running into some of the same thing with my son...I tried to write everything down the doctor said, but sometimes what it means to him and what it means to me are two entirely different things!

    I agree that you definitely need to put your healing first. First things first and everything else can wait or will be fine.

    Take care of yourself! I hope the swelling will cooperate and go down quickly!
    2956 days ago
    Take care and heal fast!
    2956 days ago
    Oh maaaaannn. I'm sorry. Sheesh. Yes tho-Recovery first! emoticon
    2957 days ago
    i am very sorry Tammy --- i have no doubt that you have heard this news and will take it and really put the pedal to the medal.. its really like training.. training to heal... and you are one of the most serious people i know when you are shooting for a goal.. you will do this !!! xoxoxo--Jen
    2957 days ago
    Tammy, I am SO sorry! That news must have been so heart breaking and I know it's not what you wanted or expected. I am very glad it wasn't broken but I'm a little peeved that the doc and staff aren't on the same page in terms of your rehab. But I suppose Uber doc means you had the best surgery possible and in the end, that's what matters. Your title is so apt: two steps forward and one step back. It sucks but it's still progress (even if it's frustrating and you want to yell at the doc and staff. I know I do!)

    So now you have a new goal - get rid of swelling. And you have a time limit. Two weeks is doable. Will you be able to do that with your crazy work schedule? I sure hope so. In fact, I know you will figure it out. You are good at taking difficult situations and figuring out the best way to navigate.

    Maybe it's time to get in lots of anti-inflammatory foods - fish, lemon, blue berries, etc. Or maybe take fish oil at the very least. I have no idea if that would help but it's just a hunch.

    In any event, I am SO SO SO sorry! I do love your attitude because after all - what can you do? Follow the doc's orders, that's what you can do. I know you followed them the last time which is perhaps what caused this little setback but I bet this time you made sure they told you the right thing so there are no setbacks on the next round.

    Hang in there and know I am sending you lots of warm thoughts! (Cast-free ones where you are in the midst of PT.)
    2957 days ago
  • AUNTIE65
    I am so sorry Tammy!! I hate it when they give you instructions, just to find out that it was not really what they want! I'm praying for the swelling to go down quickly!!

    You are very right - your first order of business is healing up!

    Hang in there my firend....
    2957 days ago
  • CTUCKER225
    I am soo sorry that this is happening. I hope that toes above nose helps. Good luck
    2957 days ago
    I am so sorry for the minor set back. Now remember no more walking on it. Just when standing and start at the beginning of pressure again and don't increase it til the swelling is down. We want you healthy and in 1 pieces.

    Rest up is your job almost done,so you can really elevate the foot through out the day?

    I know you are disappointed, but you will get there - I betcha in 2 weeks it will be ready for PT.

    Please keep in touch - I miss hearing from you.
    2957 days ago
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