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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ahhh...this is going to be kind of a hodgepodge of thoughts, so since I'm kind of anal, I'm just going to make it into a numbered list.

1) If you read my last blog entry, I wanted to clear up a few things (I'm not the best storyteller). It wasn't exactly a prayer the guy was saying. If he had used the word "God" or used any Christian references, I probably would have been more touched, even if I couldn't understand what exactly he was trying to say. While I know the guy did have some sort of good intention (whatever it was), I'm pretty sure he was under the influence of drugs. I couldn't even understand some of the words he was saying. It kind of reminded me of when I had first gotten to Spain to study there for a semester, and my Spanish wasn't very good. When someone would talk to me, I'd think I understood the gist of what they were saying at first just by picking up on a couple words, but then they'd go on to say more and I'd realize I had no idea. Yeah, it was like he was speaking a language I barely understood! SO weird. The other part that kind of annoyed me about it (and maybe I shouldn't have been annoyed, but I'm PMSing) was the fact that he expected me to smile at him. The reason I didn't smile when we greeted each other wasn't just my less-than-stellar mood; it was also the fact that I got the feeling right from the start that he was going to hit on me, so I didn't want to give this guy any sort of indication that I would enjoy that. LOL. Know what I mean?

2) Holy cow. In case you read my blog before the last one, "Day One of a New Chapter," ummmm, can I just scratch most of that? For some reason I thought I was going to have more free time for the next few weeks, but it turns out I'm busier than I was during the school year, now that I'm studying for boards! It's ridiculous! The only reason I even have time to blog right now is because I'm too tired and mentally clouded to study for the next hour. My original plan was to study Mon-Fri 8-5 with a break from 12-1. Well, that plan turned into that PLUS 3 more hours in the evening. And then that turned into that PLUS weekends too. I could probably study less if I wanted to and still pass, but I don't want to just pass. I want to do well so I can get the residency of my choice. Despite all this stress, I'm doing my best to keep a positive attitude and enjoy the little things, like #3 below.

3) I was scared to check my final grades for a while, but I finally forced myself to, and I got straight B+'s for the semester. Not bad, considering I made a New Year's resolution to get straight A's for the semester but soon realized that was going to be impossible. I almost did it anyway! And I needed that confidence boost for this upcoming HUGE test.

4) I've started working out twice a day (bad timing; see #2 above). 20-30 min cardio in the mornings and an hour or so of weights after my 8-5 studying. I used to be really impressed when people would say they work out twice a day, but I've joined the club now! The old me would have just combined this into one longer workout (one workout=one shower instead of two), but I realize now that it makes more sense to split it up. That way, you can give each workout your all. But I'll admit, I've been REALLY fatigued during my workouts anyway. That's probably just due to a lack of sleep though.

Oh man, I know there's more to blog about, but I'm too tired.
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