5 Mile Nature Walk

Thursday, May 20, 2010

There is this place near here that has a "walking circle" that is a little more than a mile long and I have gone on only a few times the past several years after I moved back to MS. Since starting this journey I would have been going there quite often because I take my kids to the playground which is right beside it. However for the longest time now they have been doing construction and you can't really use the circle for walking right now. I got really tired of always having to exercise inside at home and noticed people walking dogs or riding bikes going on this area beside the road so I figured I would check that out one day last week. half a mile - 3/4 of a mile down I found this walking trail to go on, so we ended up taking it. It is full of crazy long and steep hills and is killer for a chick nearly 300 lbs, especially when having to push a stroller because that kind of walk is just too much for a 2 year old boy, lol

I know in the past I wouldn't want to do outside walking or exercise in front of people because I would have felt embarrased by my weight. During our walk yesterday I noticed that even my outlook on myself has changed over the past few months. These good looking fit people would walk by me and I would smile and say hello. I never see any big people on this trail but I didn't feel like I didn't belong. I used to think people would look at a big girl walking like that or kind of out of breathe at some points and laugh or just think negative things inside. Yesterday though, I realized.. hey, i'm a nearly 300 lb chick walking 5 miles up and down hills, while pushing a stroller.. that's impressive.. and what people would see is that this fat chick is doing something about it and teaching her kids to get out and be active too. I am proud of myself for that.. now on to some pictures. :)

I kept telling Mateo he needed an off road stroller, lol .. 5 miles is just too much for his little legs so I have to push him in it, he gets out and walks sometimes but that's when Isabella who weighs even more gets to sit in the stroller and rest of her legs some.

They have these strength training areas set up along the walking trail, which is really cool to be able to get in my strength training along the way. I can't do some of them but I do plan to continue giving it my best shot until I can.

There wasn't a 5 mile marker up for some reason, it was there last time. Something must have torn it down. The 4 mile marker is my favorite anyway, I know there is only 1 mile left. I remember when I went on this walk last week when I seen 2.5 miles I already felt like I was going to die and had to push myself so much to get through the last 2.5 miles. However, this time I was still doing up to mile 3.5, then I did start feeling it but it was not nearly as bad as last week. I do plan to do this walk at least once a week with my kids.

At 2.5 miles we sat down at had a little picnic. I noticed the picnic tables last time we went on the trail so I thought it would be nice to just sit and have a little picnic, it's so beautiful out there...and it gives us a little fuel for the next 2.5 miles. :)

Feeding the ducks picnic leftovers after we had completed the walk. That little duck was so funny, he swam all the way over where we were from another part of the lake, got on the ground and ran as fast as it could adn around the picnic table to us and just looked at me with that pitiful little, feed me, face. lol .. luckily Mateo had some bread in his hand because I thought we were out and felt so bad.

........then, the kids got the play on the playground for a while. A fantastic family day and we only had to drive to once place to have it all. :)

Oh yeah, another cool thing about this place is that once the 5 miles gets easy, which will be a loooooooooong time from now. They have other trails that go off from that trail and back that adds miles.
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    Your kids are beautiful. don`t worry,you will be able to do all that stuff after a while. What a nice place!
    3525 days ago
    Thanks for sharing! Good for you! Looks like a nice hike.
    3535 days ago
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