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My son & school - prayers needed!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's been a while since I've updated about my son and his schooling.

A lot of last week, Josiah was home sick, stomach flu & then strep on top of that.

Josiah has open house this coming Thursday.

Due to all the changes in his class, with so many teachers, first his teacher Mrs. Tucker (now retired), then the teacher Mr. Douty, who was the sub from Oct till Feb for while Mrs. Tucker was on Medical leave, then retired while he was in her class, he told the school he was willing to stay on throughout the whole school yr. Then just before Valentines Day, they tell Mr. Douty that he's no longer going to be the teacher for the class, he had told them that he was going to take a small family vacation which they do every yr around that time, he was going to have them get a sub for him while he was gone... but just before Valentine's day they tell him, nope you're not going to be in this class anymore. So that was a Wed. his last day was a Thurs. So they had a sub for the Friday which was a Valentine's party (kids get pumped FULL of sugar, geez!). The following week, on Wed when school was back in session, they had a new teacher... Mrs. Mackenzie, instantly I loved her and Josiah loved her. She loved the kids and you could just TELL her love for them flowed out of the room into the homes of those kids. I soon found out that she is a Christian, so no wonder I had an instant love and connection to her, we quickly became friends. Josiah was doing AWESOME in class, getting all of his work done, listening to her, etc. BUT, it wasn't to last till the end of the year, for some reason she was no longer in the class, probably because of her Christianity or something, who knows. The school is so secretive, they don't want teachers & subs to have contact outside the school, they have to go through the office with messages to each other. Parents are not to have contact with the teachers outside of the school either. So Josiah and his class went through 2-3 weeks of constant changes of SUBS, A new sub each day. Josiah starts acting up in class, the teacher helper let me know a few times that he was not doing his work in the groups, he was either playing around with a pencil or just sitting there not doing a thing. Some days depending on the type of sub, he would get his school work all done, but other days... not. Then 2 weeks ago, Mr. Douty is back in the class, supposedly to stay till the end of the yr. Josiah did ok with Mr Douty before, but not AWESOME like with Mrs. Mackenzie. Josiah likes Mr. Douty, but for some reason he will not listen to him this time around, where as the time before, Mr. Douty didn't have to tell Josiah more than once to stop doing something he shouldn't be doing. But this time around, he won't listen, he's always talking, playing around, etc, Mr. Douty tells him to stop talking or playing around, turns his back to do something else and Josiah is back to doing what he was. He's not been doing his work, been getting his name put on the "fence" where he is in trouble & he misses recess. So starting today, if Josiah doesn't start doing his work in class, then that work comes home for homework every day of the week, until he gets it through his head that he has to do all of his work or at least TRY, which right now he's not even TRYING.
The last week of school his class is going to have a pizza party, but there will only be certain kids that will be allowed to join in on the pizza party, kids that are doing all their work, listening, etc will be invited to participate in the pizza party. Kids that aren't will go to another class to do work, etc while his class are enjoying their pizza, etc.

It's so hard to know what to do, especially when we go through it some of the time here at home. I haven't the foggiest why he keeps doing what he is doing at school, he won't hardly talk about it, if asked why he does, and asked to talk about it, he doesn't want to. Just IDK, which I know for a fact he can tell what he's thinking, what's going on in that little head of his. BUT...

EDITING TO ADD: Josiah is 5 yrs old and in Kindergarten, it's amazing how much homework these kids get each week! His teacher Mr. Douty says that it's not that Josiah is defiant or talking back. But he's very distracted & slow in his work. The slowness is fine, as long as he gets his work done. But in group settings he's very distracted, starts talking and playing and like I said before, he'll get told to stop, but as soon as he is told he's back to doing what he was told not to do. If he's put in a corner alone, he does his work & does it very well, even though slow. But as soon as he hears someone talking in another area of the room that has nothing to do with him, it's like he has antenna's for ears and has to turn his head to listen and see who's talking. Thankfully he's only got 2 weeks left of school, but I hope this doesn't keep on.

PLEASE keep Josiah & I in your thoughts & prayers! Pray that he will able to focus in his schooling for the rest of the school year and not get his name put on the "fence".
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    Sorry about all the trouble your son is having in school. It's hard on those kids having so many different teachers. I can't believe they don't want you to have any contact with the teachers outside of school. I wouldn't want my child going to a school like that. That doesn't even make sense. My grandaughters kindergarten teacher does things with the kids just to give us a chance to interact with them. Like today will be her day to read a book in front of the class and we have been told that we can come to the class and watch her or film her while she is reading. Last week they had a walk-a-thon and we were all invited to go and walk with them, then we had healthy snacks afterward. I have prayed for you and your son and hopefully next year he will get a teacher he will like and things will be better for him. Hugs
    3226 days ago
    Boys have such a hard time concentrating in school anyway - especially @ 5 years old! I can't believe that they would have so many teachers for kindergarten in one year!!! No wonder he is having trouble in class and especially @ the end of the year. My niece is a kindergarten teacher and for the last 2 weeks she is just showing movies, etc. because as she says the kids are done learning, anyway! Why are they having homework? That is ridiculous! I certainly hopes he gets a good 1st grade teacher! My grandson had problems in kindergarten and he had 4 teachers and I think that made it very hard for him too. In first grade, he has just had 1 teacher and it has made a big difference!

    So hang in there and I believe that next year will be better. It is amazing how much children can mature over the summer. I will pray for you both but don't be too concerned bout your son. Also, if he can't be @ the pizza party, keep him home!
    That sounds mean to not include everyone!!! I don't agree with that AT ALL!!!
    I don't like that school's philosophy that they would even do something like that!

    Know that I am praying for you.
    Love, your sister in Christ,
    Amy L
    3226 days ago
  • SUNNY2010
    So sorry about going through so many SUBs in your son's class. My daughter is in kindergarten too, and we started rough also because of the layoffs. Her teacher in September was laid off. These changes are hard on kids (and parents).

    It's only 2 weeks left of school. My prayers are with you!
    3226 days ago
    Wow, I can't believe this is kindergarten you are talking about!! This doesn't sound like a very good school. Is there no Christian school he could attend? Or are you allowed that? Its bad when such a young mind is not given continuity in teaching. How can they expect them to want to learn with constant changes??
    So sorry he has to go through all this :((
    I hope it improves with grade school..
    3227 days ago
    Everything will work out. McKenzie went through the sam ething it seemed like she had a new sub all the time since before Christmas because her teacher had pneumonia. It was horrible nd I felt really bad for Kenzie but she seemed to adjust pretty well. Kindergarten these days is not 'MILK AND COOKIES' it is what first grade used to be. I know for kenzie at least they have cut recess and her homework is what my sons was in first grade. no wonder they want to push kindergarten back until they are 6!!
    3227 days ago
    Kris, I know school is almost out but do you ever volunteer in his classroom? I've had parents come in to volunteer when their child has trouble and it works wonders. Either the kid is SO embarrassed (probably not in kinder though) that they shape up OR they will behave and follow directions while the parent is there. It's worth a shot at this point.

    When is his birthday? Did he start school at 4? Maybe he just needs some time mature.

    How is he doing in reading? Does he go all day or 1/2 day? Our kinders go all day and it's pretty rough on some of them.

    I know it's hard but keep on trying!

    BTW that's weird that the staff can't have contact with the parents outside of school. I give my home #, cell #, school email, and personal email to my parents if they want it. Not once have I had any of them abuse it. I have one mom that texts me everyday to check on her child. The parents support me at home and that's what makes the difference for those kids. I know you'll back up the teacher but you can't too much if you don't know enough about it without more contact. That's why I think volunteering might be a good idea.

    One more thing, have any of the teachers/subs made a behavior contract with him? They could just do a smiley/sad face or sticker or whatever for each hour or 1/2 hour or station, etc. I have a lot of success with behavior contracts in my classroom.

    Hang in there, this too shall pass!
    3227 days ago
    I'm so sorry to hear about this. How frustrating! I prayed for you and your son; I hope you find the wisdom to know what to do. Thankfully, it's the end of the year and not the beginning.
    3227 days ago
    Praying for Josiah and you, too!
    3227 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/19/2010 9:22:36 PM
    You are such a caring mom. I thinks it's great how you are involved in his school and know how he's doing on a daily basis .School is a difficult atmosphere for him..under the conditions you described I can see why. No consistency with the teaching staff. I have no advice on that but goodness he's going to grow into a very confident young man when it dawns on him how unconditionally you care about his well being. Hats off to you. You sound tired..hang in's almost out. A child can mature a lot through the 3 months of summer. Who knows, maybe next year will be more predictable and enjoyable. Prayers from Washington
    3227 days ago
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