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Day 2 - In the pit....

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

It's so dark in here! lol
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    You need gum to gnaw on so you can chew, plus it creates more saliva for digestion. It sounds like you're going to things because you're making it so taboo. Try not to look at it as bad things so you won't do the opposite.

    What happen to your frozen smoothie habit? Those are better than DQ! And you can make them at home and get yummy nutrients!

    And yes, I am proud of you!

    /end poe.
    2953 days ago
    skinny cow ice cream sandwiches!!!!!!!!! 140 calories, and so good!!!

    Put the pedal to the medal right past McDonalds!!! It's the anti christ of fast food..

    Remember, you CAN do this, and you'll feel better after each time you say no to a craving.
    2953 days ago
    I'm sorry to hear that you are struggling.

    Don't try to change too many things at once. Don't try to jump to the top of the pit. Climb out slowly. Focus on what you want to add Whole grains/lean protein/fiber/etc..

    I used to eat the same McDonald's breakfast every morning (And dinner 3 nights a week). I know. I've been there.

    Try varying the places that you go to. Try ordering different items. Vary the condiments that you get on the sandwiches. put pepper on some of the items (or not if you already do.)

    Fast food is extremely consistent in its taste. You get the same thing every time. Your body starts to really treat it as the go to for calories. If you start rotating the restaurant and/or the items, it can weaken the craving stronghold. It has for me.

    2953 days ago
    Poe rules. I used to be major addicted to fast food. (triple whoppers at burger king. mmm...) I hope to go the whole year like you did. That's pretty inspiring to me and if you did it once. You can do it again. I think you need to cut it out completely. I make grass fed burgers at home. They're bigger, juicier, tastier and healthier.

    I also smoked for 12 years (i'm 26) and only beat it by going cold turkey and putting a number on my calendar for everyday I stayed away. I'm doing that now for my binge eating issues. I'm off the bad stuff but sometime I go nuts on the good stuff!! But every night I dont binge I put that number in (today is day 3, goal of 30) and it feels so good. You might be surprised how much easier it is to manage the cravings because of how bad you want to put that next number up on that calendar.

    Feel good that at first you didnt want it. Thats a first step. Also, I'm in awe of your attitude on a bad day. You're laughing and smiling, cracking jokes about yourself, I think that's so awesome because when I binge or have a bad day (which is more often than I'd like) I destroy myself emotionally. I gonna think about you the next time I'm about to beat myself up and just laugh it off and get on with it. Hats off to you. Keep fighting!!
    2953 days ago
    You need to be calling me when you want to go to these places!! I bought gum to chew when I get hungry! I got a sweet one and a mint one so I can choose which will help me get through the hunger.

    I always found it easy to cook during the weekend to help me prep for the week ahead!

    You know I am here when it comes to cooking!
    2953 days ago
    I just kinda restarted too, and i did the same thing with the mcdonalds. I didn't want it but i got it and then ate only half lol. You just gotta keep trying and not worry about it taking time to get back into stuff. After all, you did improve your water and that's a step in the right direction. I had a really good breakfast today which was my step, then it all fell apart at lunch and dinner. and no, I don't know the reference lol. I'm sure you'll do better tomorrow ^_^ even if only a bit.
    2953 days ago
    its easier to say yes then to walk away.However when you walk away you feel a sense of accomplishment. you can do this i know you can because i struggle with the same issue every day i start tomorrow good luck dont give in take control think about 1 year from now how great you will feel. WE CAN DO IT!!!!!!
    2953 days ago
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