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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Well it has been a pretty good week. And today will be son is coming home. Now he's coming home to get his wisdom teeth out. And if you have older kids maybe you can relate to this. We don't wish our kids to be sick or hurting...but honestly deep down I do enjoy that time. And this is why...he hasn't needed me for a long time. In fact most of the time he doesn't even really want to talk to me. But if he is sick and hurting, he will need his mommy to take care of him and I can't wait!! Plus as some of you know, I have been terribly worried about him. He in turn has pretty much just stopped answering my calls. He texts me daily so I know he's alive, but we have had very little converstation time this month and it is driving me insane. Last week I was so anxious regarding him I didn't sleep good all week. I am trying to let go some of my worry and let him deal with his school ect...but sometimes it is hard. So you see...i'm looking forward to this visit immensley!!!

My one issue with him coming home is he starts taking up all my space where I work out. He takes over the living room, usually even sleeps there. So I have to get home tonight and get some cardio in before he gets home. Then warn him that at 6 am I am out there to do yoga. We'll see if he sleeps on the couch tonight...LOL! He'll throw my whole schedule out of whack, but I'll love having him home for a few days!!!

On another note...I have been really stressing about not losing anything lately. I'm done stressing about it. I know I am looking better, I am losing inches, I have more energy and I feel great. I'm not going to double up my workout schedule and over work myself to try to get over this hump. It will come. I want to continue to do stuff that I know I can keep up for a long time and things that I enjoy. I'm afraid if I do super heavy workouts for a bit, yea I might get over the plateau, but I'll also not enjoy it so much. I am changing my life...and it is a long term change, not just a few months until I lose the weight. So I am going to keep on doing what I am, eating healthy, getting some movement in daily and see what happens. I'm sure eventually that evil scale will work it's way down...and I'm ok with that!!! And if it doesn't...I'm not going to start eating unhealthy or stop working out. I love the new life I am finding...ain't no going back now!!! You all have an amazing day!!!
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    Aw! Enjoy your time with your "baby". They are always going to be out babies, you know. I saw you lost 2lbs. Congrats!
    3350 days ago
    Well, Terri, you could always tell him that if he's on the couch at 6 a.m., you'll be waking him up to do yoga with you. *LOL* (right!)

    I'm glad you're not stressing the immovable scale and realizing that you're making life changes rather than focusing on a number. It also occurs to me that the added stress you're under with worrying can also cause some changes. (?)

    Keep on keepin' on!

    Gentle hugs,
    3351 days ago
    Congrats on your efforts! Hope you and your son have a good visit!
    3351 days ago
    I remember when my daughter went to school in Santa Barbara and came home for a week every 7 weeks. I hated the 7, but the 1 with her home was great!
    3351 days ago
    Glad you are feeling good, and YAY that you son is coming to visit you. He won't be "all there" after the surgery, though. I had all 4 of my WT out at once and I was a mess for a week. So expect that. Serve up the soft food! Smoothies are great - for you and for him!!

    And don't stress about the plateau - I am on one now, weightwise, although I am firming up visibly. In my case it is because I am lifting heavy and replacing fat with muscle. As long as we are honest with ourselves and know we are staying on track, the numbers on the scale are just that, numbers.

    If it continues, though, you could try some stuff to bust through, you know, like eating a bit more, especially more protein and really kicking it hard 5-6 days a week for 1-2 weeks. Bodybuilders do that sometimes.

    Best to you sweetie, and have a great visit with your boy!!
    3351 days ago
    I sure can relate to having our "older" kids needing us. My youngest son (he is 18) came home from his dad's when he got his wisdom teeth out to have me "look after" him. My 26 and 24 year old son's always call for advice. Being a mom is incredibly hard on the nerves but the BEST feeling in the world.
    Enjoy your time with him!
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    3351 days ago
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