No, I AM NOT Wearing a Biggest Loser Shirt!

Monday, May 17, 2010

I used to work out at the "Y" several days a week. The physical director was on my case about my smoking. I went the Mother's Morning Out programs, with the wish to look good and be slim and trim. Health? That was incidental. Appearance was much to me at that point of life. I was young enough to think that serious health problems happened to older people, and I didn't worry that anything serious would happen to me.

The director said to me, "You are an athlete. Smoking is harmful to your performance and health."

I thought, "I'm not an athlete, those people are in a special category, like Olympians." But then, I figured, maybe I will think of myself as an athlete. Athletes have very nice looking bodies" I started to think of myself as an athlete. Then I started to act more like a real athlete. I stopped smoking. I started considered more than calories when I ate, and looked for more healthy food.

I started feeling better, got into competitive running, and lost weight.

The names we call ourselves affect our behavior. A shirt with "The Biggest Loser" on it is a negative name, in my opinion. I want to change the word from loser to winner. Oh, I know it's a catchy name for a TV show, but I think it's demeaning. Reality TV is not reality, I know. Let's think of positive ways to think of ourselves, and then positive behavior may follow.
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