Little Michaela is now 6 weeks old!

Monday, May 17, 2010

My little girl turned 6 weeks old yesterday! It is hard to believe. She is doing really well. This weekend she slept like a dream. Friday night she slept just over 10.5 hours with only ONE feeding! We were shocked! Saturday evening was hard however. At around 5:30 pm she started getting VERY fussy and cried for about 30 mins, then would fall asleep, then cry out again, then fall asleep again. This continued for 2 hours. Then she fed, and fed and fed and finally went to sleep around 9:30 and slept 11 hours with only a couple of feedings. Last night was another great one! She slept from 9:45 - 4:20 am straight with no feedings! She is obviously going through a big growth spurt as her crying has started again just as it did when she was 3 week old. The good news is that it only last a couple of days so today I am hoping for a restful night.

I will say that I owe so much of our sleeping success to MANY prayers answered, the sound sheep from Pottery Barn, Baby Bliss Gripe Water, Soothing Sanctuary CD and our ever so awesome swing!!! Hopefully these wonderful sleep trends will continue. I feel blessed that she is doing so well. Yes, there are tough times where she cries and cries but they are few and far between. I am learning so much each week about what it truly means to be a Mom. It is so rewarding, in ways I never knew.

Here are some recent pictures of my girl!!

This was taken this morning while on the phone with my Mom. She wanted to see a picture of her grandbaby girl enjoying a morning swing!

This was taken yesterday morning after her bathtime with Mommy and Daddy

Here I am giving her a baby massage with lotion, she loves this!

She is sound sleep after a good feeding and now it is time for Mommy to get on my treadmill and do as many miles as I can before she wakes up!!! Maybe I will be lucky and I can get in some ST too!

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