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Learning to skate

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I read in an artical a little back that most people never learn anything new above the age of 20! wow... I thought that was really sad and I dont want to be that way. I have desided that I am going to take this new body of mine and I am going to live. I want to do all of the things I never thought I could do before or never had the courage or confidence to do before because I was fat.

I have wanted to learn how to skate for a long time. I never learned when I was a kid. I went to the skating rink a few times but never had the courage to get off of the carpet and actually on to the rink. I was always afraid to fall down. I atempted skating one other time outside and ended up falling on my face and chipping my right front tooth... It gives me character lol, if you look hard you can see it on my pictures with a big toothy grin.

But anyway, long story short that was when I was 12 and thats the last time I was on a pair of skates. I really have wanted to learn though and I have frequent dreams where Im skating really fast and Im good at it and it feels really great.

I had been trying to get my husband to take me to a local skating rink so I could give it a try again and he never wants to go so we never had. This past week I desided that I would just go without him then so I asked my two sisters who live with me what they were doing sunday and asked them if they wanted to go to the skating rink with me.

Today all three of us went down there and I laced up my skates and desided to give it a go. I was scared but also really excited. I was a bit torn on weather or not to get inline skates or regular skates and desided on the regular because I think they look really cute.... funny reason. I have tried both in the past and always thought inline seemed a little easier for the breife time I was up on them before. I went with what I thought was harder though because they looked cuter and because I knew it would be a bigger acomplishment for me if I tackled what was harder right off the bat.

I laced them up and rolled around on the carpet for 5 or 10 minutes and I was very wobbly but got a little steadier as time went on. My sisters quickly caught back on and looked way better than me because they had both skated as kids and were pretty good at it. Then I desided to go out on the rink. Scary! I had never been on the rink before and wow it was really slick. You push off and you just keep going, unlike the carpet.

I had problems turning and was really unsteady but after about 10 minutes I had got around the track a few times and had not fallen. I dident keep that up unfortunatly though. I skated for 2 hours and fell about 5 good times.... a few other little falls but 5 that really got me good. I hurt my a** really good (still hurts), I got a huge bruse on my right knee, I fell on my hand a few times and it really hurts too.... but each time I fell I got right back up and kept going.

The times I was up skating more than made up for the falling. Even though I was slightly unsteady and I had hurt myself sevral times I couldent keep the smile off of my face because I was doing something that I had never had the courage to do before.... It felt really good and I got a taste of what I felt like in all the dreams I had of skating. I really really enjoyed myself and can see this becoming something that I do regurally.

My sisters both really had alot of fun too and we are planning on going back next sunday if we arent busy. Im going to seriously look into getting knee pads and wrist gaurds though even if I look like a dork. I really messed myself up out there. It was such a great workout though. It dident seem like I was really exerting myself because I wasent even going that fast at any given time but by the time 2 hours was up I was drenched in sweat and all my muscles in my body hurt. It was a great feeling... well besides the actual pain in my butt and knee.

If anyone is afraid of trying something new then they should just deside that you know what, we only live once and being afraid to do something new is a big mistake. You might find out that you really love something or you could be really great at something. I think that I am really going to love skating and Im going to get good at it.... Just like I might really like running one day (another thing that I could never do, because of obeasity and weak ankles, which are surprisingly not weak now that I lost weight :-) ) and I might be good at it.... maybe... I definatly have alot fonder feelings about skating right now. lol.

~ Jess emoticon

UPDATE: Wow!!! 2 hours of skating burns 1210 calories!!! Thats freakin awesome!
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  • CHRISS77
    Nothing new after age 20? Wow. I failed that spectacularly.

    So glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself. I love skating and wish we had more opportunity to do that in our area.
    2958 days ago
    haha... no I will never roller derby.... It would be cool but I am not aggressive enough and I want to get to wear Im not falling down... not wear Im contantly falling down. lol. I watched a documentary on netflix instant play/roku a few weeks ago on the rat city roller girls and They went down the list of all the injuries they have gotten... now thats scary.

    I just want to skate... not beat girls up .... hehe
    2958 days ago
    Skating = Scary! *lol* Good for you, though for giving it a go and realizing you really enjoy it! Get that protective gear and give it a go again! Who knows, maybe you'll become a roller derby girl!
    2959 days ago
    you really should get those wrist protectors so you don't break your wirsts. Way to go. this is such a great thing to be proud of.
    2959 days ago
    I adore skating! You brought me back some good flashbacks of back in the day when I was MUCH younger on my 4 wheel skates emoticon I used to float around the neighborhood with ease...I got some inline skates ages ago (prob about 8 yrs ago or more) and found its SOO much harder!!! I fell a couple times and every time I would go on a surface that wasn't totally smooth and had even the most teeny amount of gravel or little rocks, I'd FREAK!!! And forget going up and down curbs. LOL!

    Good for you for trying out something new - who says we're ever too old (or young) to learn to do something different!!

    Love this blog!!
    2959 days ago
    Oh my gosh I wish we lived closer. I adore skating and I haven't been in forever!
    2959 days ago
    Thanks :-) It was nice having you there to try and keep me upright lol... I cant wait to go with you again next weekend :-)
    2959 days ago
    you got allot better after about an hour, very proud of you. pokes knee. emoticon
    2960 days ago
    I love to skate!!! I just love rolling around the neighborhood! And it is a FANTASTIC workout! I am learning something new myself! I'm starting a new class on Wednesday! YAY! Good Luck with everything!
    2960 days ago
    As scary as it is I think the regular skates are easier than the inline ones at least for me, I have HORRIBLE balance on the inline skates! :) Good for you for trying something new and I hope your bruised parts improve quickly! emoticon
    2960 days ago
    I'm so glad you got to take steps to do what you really want to do. I didn't take up skiing until I was in my late 30s, and I hate to think about what I might have missed had I not taken the opportunity. Yes, get the protective gear -- those injuries to joints can be a real bummer. So have fun!
    2960 days ago
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