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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Hello everyone!!! I can't thank you enough for all the well wishes we have received from our Sparkpeople family here!! I definitely FEEL THE LOVE!!! It is times like these that make me so grateful for finding this very special community. The thing that makes it so special are the people that form it...and you all are some of the nicest people a person could ever have. Even though not many of us have met I still feel so very close with all of you. We have a special and very personal bond through this community and I truly think of all of you as my extended family! God bless all of you for the support and the prayers I have received over the past trying few months. Without you life's path would have been much tougher and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!! I love all of you so very much!!

Well Grandma was shooting more shots and as you can tell I didn't give up my camera much for any pictures of me with the baby so sorry I am not in any of these. I will try to get some from the other cameras with Coleton & me together. Everything is going very well on the second day after the C section...although my daughter being stubborn as she is....where did she every get that???? Hmmmm! emoticon was overdoing it and getting in a hurry to get better so she can come home and enjoy her new son in the privacy of her home. She got pretty worn out and sore yesterday so she is relaxing a little more. Coleton is doing great. His vitals are very strong and has dropped very little weight after birth. He is so much tinier then Jon was but poor MaMa was so sick throughout this whole pregnancy. The poor girl was even vomiting the morning we were heading to the hospital on surgery day. It is such a relief to get this over with because things got so hairy the last 6 weeks of her pregnancy.
I had so much tension in my body that today I feel like I have been hit with a Mac truck and man do I ever sleep when I come home from the hospital! Talk about knocked out!!! WOW!

Here are a few more pics that I took yesterday...I have bragging rights dontcha know!
Our tiniest Angel

PaPa checking out his precious name sake.

There is nothing like a Mothers Love...this picture says it all

Here is the first family portrait of our new extended family together

You can expect more pics in the future!! So now I am off to get ready for another day of Grandmahood at the hospital. I will keep you updated on the progress and hopefully my daughter and my new grandson will be able to come home Monday. God bless all my friends and all of my family who have shown so much love and support! You all make life worth living!

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