Failing to plan... is planning to fail! (And other realizations..)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

I've heard that said by fellow Sparklers, and I LOVE IT. I need to post it everywhere.

I got so thrown off of my routine last week when my dear friend Kaitlyn came to Boulder. But I had a blast!

We went on a tour of Celestial Seasonings (BEST TOUR EVERR - got so much free tea!)...

Apparently I make innocent things, like the Celestial Seasonings bear, look scandalous...

We went for a hike...

We hung out on Pearl Street.... (That's a dispensary we're in front of, lol)

I realized that I could sit on the BFs shoulders without breaking him...

But I didn't realize her visit would make me fall off track. That girl has a zooming metabolism, and I guess mine is just not up to par just yet! We were having so much fun and.. well.. the calories added up! A chocolate milkshake here, a cookie there, overindulging at TWO buffets, overdosing on peanut butter brownies... you get the picture.

What can I say? I love food. But I also love my body, my health, my mind. And I KNOW that when I go off track in terms of nutrition and fitness, I start to feel depressed. It really hit me hard today... especially when I saw that the scale says I gained a few pounds.

I could mope around. I could say screw going to the gym. I could eat whatever the hell I want and not care what happens because I feel it's my destiny to be overweight.

But that's what I did for years. This time is DIFFERENT. I'm not letting my past control me. I'm not letting my fears control me. I'm not letting my depression control me. I'm not letting food control me. I'M in control. And if I lose control, that's when I get off track. That's when I spiral downward. That's NOT going to happen again!

So I've got to set a few things straight with myself...

If I don't feel like workout out, I am going to force myself too (unless of course I need a rest day). Because I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS feel a zillion times better afterward.

I will plan my meals the night before! No more sneaking into the breadbag throughout the day!! No, no, no! (GOD, those carby carbs kill me!)

I will indulge in chocolatey treats once per week. Maybe twice, as long as I don't go overboard with it!

I will have alternative exercise ideas available in case I am unable to do my planned workout for the day!

I will stay within my calorie range!!

Anywho... I hope that all of YOU are doing well! Is there anything in particular you do in order to stay on track? What do you find difficult about it? What do you do in order to get back on track when you start to fall out of your routine? I'd love to hear your ideas!

We must always remember our goals. They must be at the forefront of our minds at all times. We OWE it to ourselves! So many of us have struggled for years, and becoming healthy ~ mind, body, & spirit ~ is the greatest gift we could ever give to ourselves!

So when you're feeling like you're falling apart, or you feel like things will never change, or you lose hope.. remember.. YOU have control, and YOU are worth it...

To fitness, happiness & health,
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Congrats! That is an awesome attitude!! Keep it up! You look happy, healthy and beautiful already!

    I keep dark or milk chocolate kisses at my desk at work. One is only 15-20 calories and I am good with 1 or 2 after my lunch and sometimes skip them all together and that seems. I don't dare keep any at home or I'd devour the entire bag, but at work I can keep myself from eating more than a few and it keeps me away from the vending machines and coworker 'treats'.

    Thanks for the inspiration!
    4089 days ago
    Woot woot! Great job on jumping right back in...I think that is a BIG part of finding balance is being ok w/ gaining 5 pounds while we enjoy life but always coming back to our balance point and being healthy. Keep up the great work! Ps I'm sooo jealous of the celestial seasonings tour...I love love love their tea! I'm drinking some ginseng energy right now!
    4090 days ago
    I fail to plan many times - look at me - been on here since 07 or 08 - I am not a success story, but you know what, I don't give up. Good for you....make those plans and stick to them.
    4090 days ago
    I need to do this as I am feeling quite out of control. But my problem is two-fold really.
    1) I don't have a routine. No job. No where to be. Too much time to do nothing. But eat.
    2) I need to stay put to job hunt. Which adds up to a massive amount of time (well spent, of course) job hunting and applying.

    I've just been here a few weeks and I'm still trying to get all my ducks in a row...but I need to stay positive too. Not quite sure how to get there. And by there, I mean to a point where you see a problem AND see a solution. Right now, the solution is hiding.

    *is off to find one*
    4090 days ago
    Sounds like good planning. Good luck! emoticon
    4090 days ago
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