I'm so sad. :(

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Our neighbors are moving. :(

This is the young family with two small boys who live behind us. They moved in two weeks after us in April, 2008.

I know it sounds really stupid to be so sad over neighbors moving.

We've become really close with them. Surviving a two-foot snowstorm with no mail/no UPS/no garbage for 3 weeks the first winter. The boys staying over with us for a few nights while the parents were out of town on business. Having dinners together and laughing into the evening in the summer. Sending containers of soup and salsa and yummies back and forth. Picking up the boys from daycare or school. 4th of July Parties.

We knew Dad was looking and interviewing. The company they both work for has been really awful to them. They've made Mom travel almost nonstop since the beginning of January.

When they told me tonight I burst into tears. :(

I'm going to miss those little cushy, kissy cheeks, and getting out my crayons and the newly-printed-out coloring pages. I bought seeds today for 'snake gourds' that I hoped we would all paint together.

The parents are roughly my kids' ages, and both my kids have told me they're never having kids. That's okay, they have to make their own life choices.

I never thought I would WANT to have grandchildren - I wasn't too sure about having children, except they just SHOWED UP. :) Maybe it's the medication, eh? I do like these kids. No, I LOVE these kids. And THEIR kids.

They have to do what is best for their family, but my goodness, I'm going to miss them. :( Of course we'll visit and see each other again, but Dog, I like having them next door to me.

So for those of you who want to live next door to Auntie Ruby, I know of a house that's going on the market.

My husband is equally distraught. He says this is the first time he lived in a neighborhood where anyone cared about anyone else. He didn't think that even HAPPENED.

Thank you for listening.

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    That is so sad. I have moved around so many times that I am sooo pleased I now have face book to keep in touch with everyone. I have 31 years of moving, and now have moved out of the country!

    Keep in touch and the children will just love it!

    Thanks for sharing you're sad time with us.

    3235 days ago
    There are always plenty of kids and potential grandkids who need "grandparents/parents" may you soon have new loves in your lives as you keep your old loves close too. emoticon
    3235 days ago
    Can the kids come back and visit Auntie Roo for Summer break? Then mum & da could have a little vacay, too. :)
    3236 days ago
    To heck with the sympathy - I'll just come move in. You can dote on me. I'm willing to sacrifice for you! :)
    3237 days ago
    I'm sorry :( I understand how close you can get to people like that.
    3237 days ago
    Wow, what an awesome neighbor YOU are!!!
    3237 days ago
    Oh, that stinks. Hopefully you will be able to stay in close touch, and your new neighbors, while not replacements, will be also fun and wonderful!
    3237 days ago
    I'm jealous that you are able to have such a good relationship with your neighbors! I have 2 sets of neighbors that every time that they feel they have to talk to me, they bring their bible with them (for protection I assume)! I think that these people are afraid of getting the gay from my partner and I.

    I feel for you in that your friends and their kids are moving, but that doesn't mean they have to leave your lives! You can still be good friends!

    3237 days ago
    :( Sorry to hear that - we're pretty close to a neighbour of ours and she loves Rosie too - she's quite an elderly lady and we're happy to help her out with anything too - I can appreciate what it's like to be close to someone who may not be a 'blood relative' but can be as good as (if not better than) family.

    Good thing though - now we've got the www and email etc. surely you can keep in touch?

    Not the same I know, but better than the old postal system eh?
    3237 days ago
    Aaaaw! That sucks.
    3237 days ago
    Life is a lesson in loss.

    The kids will remember you throughout their lives and will be better people for having had you in them.
    3237 days ago
  • CRIS76
    Hmmm what state do you live in and how many bedrooms/baths? Basement? *smiles*
    3237 days ago
    Awww, I'd be sad too if I was losing such close friends! It's not silly at all - my sister is really great friends with her neighbors too. Makes me jealous; everyone on my block just keeps to themselves, except for the one guy who will talk your ear off :)

    Better to have loved and lost and all that. Who knows, maybe your new neighbors will be full of awesome too!
    3237 days ago
    I'm saddened that you're losing your "grandchildren". That's too bad. It's a part of life of course, but that doesn't make it enjoyable.

    At least you've had the fun of knowing them and you probably made a strong positive impression on their young lives. I encourage you to visit them after the move.
    3237 days ago
    It is nice to have a relationship with the people in your neighborhood. Make sure to stay in touch and maybe the neighbors that move in will be just as wonderful so you will have even more people to care for and care for you!!!!
    3238 days ago
    Funny ho life changes the things that we don't like changed.
    3238 days ago
    Aww.I hope you guys stay in touch:)
    3238 days ago
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