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Can it really only be 9 weeks post-op??

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I feel like I have been recovering from this surgery for-EVER!. I find it hard to believe that its only been 3 weeks since my hard cast came off, because I feel like I'm moving at full speed even though I'm on crutches. Problem is, I don't mean that in a good way...

I'm definitely making progress, and for that I'm grateful. What I'm most frustrated by is the fact that I'm well enough to go to work, to drive a car, to go to the store (although I need someone to push my grocery cart or get my stuff for me), but I'm not well enough to go to the gym, to ride a bike, to walk across the room using my foot normally. I've admitted it before, patience isn't my strong suit, and I've been working on that. I patiently counted off the days of bed rest and cast changes. I've been following my doctor's orders and using my crutches and my boot, even sleeping in it for 2 weeks. But now my patience is wearing thin. I want to start PT, I want to see my toes move again, I want to be able to put weight on my forefoot like a normal person. I want to do cardio so that I can lose some weight again! I had resolved to drop more weight before my birthday in August and I find myself stagnating yet again.

I'm full of excuses - I can't stand for long periods of time in the kitchen cooking, cutting, mixing, etc., I'm tired from working so I'll just grab what's handy, I have a headache from using the crutches so I deserve wheat thins... - like I said, excuses. What I need is a plan that I can live with until my status changes again. What I need is more energy, and more hours in the day so that I can come here and get the support that keeps me on track. What I need is patience, because I'm powerless over so many things right now...

I really miss being online; I've gone from lying in bed with my laptop next to me to barely being able to boot it up once a day. That has been tough! I know my friends are still out there, I know I'm not forsaken -- but I also know that I NEED to be here to be successful.

Once again, time's up and I have to go. At least I've put this out there, and can try to stop stewing over it now...
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    For what it's worth, I think patience IS your strongpoint. Nine weeks (now ten) is a very long time especially when your whole life has been upended. And it's not just the surgery, it's everything else that comes with it. Simple things like grocery store trips, cleaning and making meals require a whole new way of navigating. It's frustrating because it WAS easy and now it isn't. And you're in pain and nothing feels right. So, I hope you give yourself a break here and realize you ARE VERY PATIENT.

    Not many people could go through what you've been through with the grace that you have. Life has gone on for you. You picked up a new job! You are preparing your son for college! You've continued to be a source of support and inspiration for so many people on this site! On top of that you've continued to run your household. I think that calls for a celebration. You are THRIVING in a pretty crappy situation. Who does that?! YOU do!

    As for developing a lifestyle that fits with your temporary post-surgery self, you are already doing that. I think you are keeping yourself in check in terms of food. Sure, you indulge but you are mindful of it. It would be different if you gave yourself complete license all day long. You're not. I define that as success, especially given your injured status. Also, you know that stress makes us hang onto weight. Enough said.

    In terms of exercise, you are getting a workout by trying to get around with an injured foot. That requires muscles you don't normally use. PT will be here before you know it. You were an extremely active person prior to your surgery - biking, half and full marathons, your first tri. Your body is not going to let you down. In fact, it's all that prior activity that is allowing you to rehab and get through these 10 weeks. Just think what this process would be like if you didn't have that base! Yikes!

    As for Spark, it will always be here and your sparkbuds will always be thinking of you even if you can't get online. I know I am here less and less and I feel out of sorts if I miss a day of checking in and tracking. But I know Spark will always be here. You've got to do what you've got to do, so just rest assured knowing that Spark will always be here and your friends will be too!
    2894 days ago
  • CTUCKER225
    Good luck with everything. I hope that it starts getting better and that you find some patience. I feel your pain with that part. Just know that we are all out here.
    2896 days ago
    I'm sure this much inactivity must be driving you bonkers! But this too shall pass. Just hang in there. emoticon
    2897 days ago
    Look how far you've come, Tammy! I totally feel your restlessness're feeling better (and mostly pain free, I hope) and so, now of course, you're going to want to look forward and start MOVING. The wait is going to make the PT so sweet. I love that you're thinking in terms of making a plan. You know me...always breaking things down into plans of attack. That's the one way you can gain control over a mostly out of control situation....plan, plan, plan.

    You've had some good advice here...focus on a nutrition plan first. It sounds like that's one area you can start to control. Do you have a day off where you can have the guys help you stock grab & go foods?

    You'll find your way through this. Its really only been a couple of weeks since you started working right? It took me nearly a month or more to get myself organized....and I wasn't sporting a rehab boot and crutches!

    I'm going to be thinking about you alot this next week...stay tough, friend.
    2898 days ago
  • LW8843
    Tammy~ I would be having a hard time if I were you as well. I can't imagine how hard this is for you. But in time you will be better and walking and eating right. I just know it. It feels slow now but one day you'll look back and say wow that was so long ago and it went by so fast. I know that frozen meals aren't the best for you but maye you should check those out so you only have to pop them in the microwave and then you have something a little healthier? I recently tried the Michelina's lean meals and really like some of them. Just a thought.
    2898 days ago
    Oh, Tammy, hang in there on the PT and don't rush things too much. I did with foot surgery and my impatience to walk on it meant I had to do another surgery for the scar tissue. Us runners always think we know better than the docs and PT but they are good so trust them.

    Try to look back and say "one week ago, I couldn't..." and "a month ago, I couldn't..." and realize that now you can do that. Sometimes taking the long view back is the only was I see progress when I'm in rehab (foot surgery 2x, knee surgery 1x, hysterectomy 1x, (OK, that last one was OBVIOUSLY 1x but maybe it made you laugh :-)
    2898 days ago
  • DONZO64
    Oh Tammy, I'm so sorry you're going thru all of this. 9 weeks is a long time. It has to be so difficult for someone as active as you. You are being so smart listening to the doctor...You dont want to injure yourself.

    I echo the nutrition goals. Work with what you can work with. Even if I can stand and chop....I dont - so I have go-to grab and go foods that work for my goals. Greek Yogurt, Kashi, peanut butter on a slice of whole wheat.

    We can tweak ideas to fit you life. We'll figure it out.

    You are going to lose that weight by August! You will. You will. You will!
    2898 days ago
    We sure miss having you around more too! I know it must be so hard and frustrating to not be able to do the things you want to do...yet have to do all these things that aren't so great. I'm sorry! Hang in there - this too shall pass. Be sure to take care of yourself so that you are ready for the hard work of PT when you get there!
    2898 days ago
    Hi Tammy, I'm so sorry that you're going through all this! But like a few of your friends have said, I will echo by saying that this is indeed just going to be a small "blip' in your life and before you know it you'll be up and running again. The important thing is your foot healing properly! And I'm glad that you put how you're feeling out there because that is so very important! Hang in there....can't wait to meet you one day! emoticon Dawn
    2898 days ago
    Okay, don't know why I can't navigate away from this page and my comments just keep re-posting. Sorry Tammy!
    2898 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/12/2010 4:51:39 PM
    Ugh...comments, go away!
    2898 days ago

    Comment edited on: 5/12/2010 4:51:58 PM
    Well you are right, your friends are here for you!

    I am sorry you are having such a hard time with everything. Please, be patient. You want to heal properly. You want to be able to run and walk for many years in the future. This is really just a short blip in time. You will be back to hitting the gym, losing weight and being able to get on line and get the support you need in good time.
    2898 days ago
  • AUNTIE65
    Oh sweet friend - please know we are here for you whenever you can get here to cheer, vent or whatever! For such an active person to be down this long must be hard, but you CAN do it!

    Someone else suggested focusing on nutrition - I echo that! If you can have a path with the food - you'll be all set when the dr gives you the go ahead for some cardio!

    Hang in there!

    2898 days ago
    I know what you mean about needing to be here.. it was a huge adjustment when my time was cut and i couldnt be here as much.. AND i really found out how much i need to be checking in and stay accountable.. we will not let you fall through the cracks.. NEVER!!!
    9 weeks post op??? that is a REALLY long time even though i am sure recovery-wise its not long at all.. i think you have demonstrated lots of patience-- anyone would be frustrated with that type of inactivity.. i would focus on one particular healthy habit.. and work on that.. i hate tracking but its become a habit again and it took about 2 months for it to come back and in the beginning of my SP time it was the first thing that helped me lose weight.. i was 6 weeks post-- birth of Grace and in the dead of winter with no exercise base.. all i really did was focus on nutrition but it helped me get with the program.. YOU CAN DO THIS!! emoticon
    2898 days ago
    Aww, Tammy, I can only imagine how frustrated you must be. I hope that you listen to yourself, especially that last part. It's out there now let go. These things take time (I know, you know that already, lol). Praying for you, for patience, speedy recovery and peace.

    2898 days ago

    You know the deal, you don't have to be a cardio machine to be healthy-minded.

    Are you getting your water? watching your nutrition? stretching in ways you are allowed?

    Back to basics never hurt anyone and by the time you are back at 100% you will be DYING to make up for lost time!!!

    2898 days ago
    WOW I have missed hearing from you. You sound like this job is keeping you hopping. When does PT actually start? I know it is so frustrating, but take it from me - don't push it - foot surgery all of them are a bugger to come back from. It isn't like an arm or shoulder...where you can not use it 100% of the time, when you are using your foot it is being used big time. pressure on the foot is to difficult to judge - you can actually do more damage if you aren't careful. Call your doctor ask if PT can be pushed up, because you are feeling really well - aren't there some simple things you can do to start moving and utilizing that foot more. Please though listen to the doctor - believe it or not, he has more experience than you or I put together. It will be about 4 months from surgery from me when I try to first run 1 minute - it will be slow and steady to be sure.

    emoticon know that I am here for you.
    2898 days ago
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